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Day 6 - IFA International

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News Get Smart at

News Get Smart at TecWatch The smart home is here at last, Hecker says IFA TecWatch (Hall 11.1) is the place to exchange ideas for new and future markets, featuring a world of wideranging applications. "This INTELLIGENT CLOTHING Flexible displays incorporated in textiles are not just decorative fashion accessories, but function as visual entertainment and RocketHome is showcasing a raft of smart home products in the TecWatch hall including the innovative Genius-Assistant to control home technology. It is an 'Stop searching, start finding' is the strap line of Pixolution, a new way to find images on the web, a computer and large databases. "We have released a beta version with a free desktop app for finding images," said Sebastian year there is probably no other place where the term 'smart' will appear more often than at IFA," says Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of communication interfaces — the concept is known as Wearable Technology. Sensors worn close to the body can measure physical SMART HOME INNOVATIONS INTUITIVE PICTURE SEARCH independent self-learning system that works in the background with control suggestions based on the automatic analysis of the user's behavior. The Muller, Senior Developer, Pixolution. "Instead of relying on just key words, we have developed algorithms to get more relevant results quicker based on contextual and visual similarities." Sebastian Muller, Senior Developer, Pixolution the Supervisory Board of gfu. "The Smart Home, once a synonym for futuristic home technology, has now firmly arrived. Smart technology is parameters for telemedical applications, or simply help us with our sports and training requirements. Wearable Technologies is the system discreetly integrates functions into the user's daily routine. However, overall control remains in the hands of the user. taking over in our cars and our clothes are becoming smart too with Wearable Technology. Smart TV broadcasting solutions are name of the industry body representing companies, large or small, which operate in this sector. Hall 11.1 Wearable Technologies on show at TecWatch just around the corner too." TecWatch visitors are also able to experience a range of fascinating papers, inspiring ideas for future technologies. Taking It to the Streets Jabra debuts durable speakers to share anywhere With more and more people using smartphones for music, Jabra has responded to the need for performance speakers that are transportable. Music lovers can now enjoy the freedom of big sound wherever they are with the Jabra Solemate, a fun, portable Bluetooth speaker that connects to any music device. With strong, deep bass from an integrated subwoofer and rich, vibrant acoustics from dual tweeters, the Solemate comes with a durable removable rubber ‘sole’ Jabra’s Solemate speakers: big sound on the move that cushions the sound and protects the product in diverse environments. “The Solemate has a superb design and a range of new features that have not been seen before — and it allows the user to take music and calls anywhere,” said Michael Migain, Jabra’s Sales Director. The Jabra Solemate will be available in retail stores from this month. Hall 9 Stand 112 Two Korean Associations Present at IFA We would like to clarify the fact that there are in fact two organisations present at IFA representing and assisting Korean companies in their international promotion. In addition to the KEA, on which we reported in our Monday edition, the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), a public organisation supporting small and-medium-size businesses, is hosting the Seoul/Korea Pavilion at IFA, which comprises nine innovative companies from Seoul. IFA International • Wednesday 5 th September 2012 9

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