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Day 6 - IFA International

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News Sounds Like a

News Sounds Like a Breakthrough… First-time exhibitor Sontia is premiering the SilverBack modular sound system at IFA 2011. Integrating audio, DSP and microcontroller functions in one device, SilverBack is an inexpensive, compact, hardware module with SPT on-board. “We have come to Berlin because we have what we consider to be a groundbreaking technology that can be applied to any active speaker system,” said John Plumtree, Business While Sharp’s 8K x 4K display, developed in association with NHK, is on show at its stand, where it is causing amazement in passers-by, it is in fact a prototype. ‘Backstage’, however, is the real thing: a 4K x 2K TV that Sharp has confided it will begin to sell next year in Europe, probably around this time next year. A side-by-side demo shows a 60-inch Full HD screen on the right, a 60-inch 4K TV with upscaling on the left and a 60-inch ICC-4K Development Manager of UK-based Sontia. “And the work that we’ve been doing in the last six months since we launched is starting to pay off, because we are now in negotiation with several top-tier TV manufacturers, who are well aware that truly great sound can be a powerful product differentiator.” The main difference between SilverBack and other sound systems is that Sontia’s engineers have managed to eradicate all phase distortion — the conflict between individual speakers — by AQUOS in the centre. The upscaling is powered by a special processor that has been developed exclusively for Sharp. Under the banner Experience Beyond Reality, the demonstration underlines the pivotal role played by the Integrated Cognitive Creation chip by I-Cubed. Through new algorithms, the processor creates the true-to-life lighting expression of objects, enabling cognition of perspective, harmonisation and atmosphere, while stimulating the viewers’ developing a stable linear phase. “Michael Price, who edited the music on Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings, heard a five-minute section of the soundtrack played back using SilverBack and admitted that it was exactly how he had always wanted the music to sound,” Plumtree said. “What you hear with SilverBack is the sound that the musicians really made, as opposed to a processed version of it.” Hall 1.2 Stand 137 The Wow Factor Sharp to introduce 4K x 2K TV in Europe next year senses. The light and texture are reproduced in the same fashion as the brain would interpret them, creating an eerie sense of ultra reality, much like looking through a window at a 3D image. The resulting image provoked several “wows” from the select audience of trade visitors. A Sharp spokesman said that, while some other makers are bringing out 4K TVs, this is the only one to feature the ICC processor. Hall 18 Stand 102 Sharp’s 4K x 2K TV (centre): ultra reality Quality Meets Value in Funai’s Blu-ray Devices Funai’s range of Blu-ray devices epitomises the Japanese company’s ability to create highend products at low cost. "We offer our customers quality Japanese technology at affordable prices,” said Mariusz Zbiciak, Sales and Marketing Manager for Funai Europe. “Our new 3D Blu-ray (BD) player is an example of our stylish design that stands out from the crowd." Funai is also showcasing the flexible and functional BH2-M200 Blu-ray recorder, which can record and play back from many types of media, such as SD cards, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs and BDs. A 500GB hard drive records up to 870 hours and a picture upscaling feature increases resolution Sontia’s SilverBack explained to improve recording quality. Recordings can be edited and divided into chapters with easy-to-use onboard software. Internet connectivity allows the downloading of additional content for playback. Two built-in tuners make it possible to record two TV programmes simultaneously, while material from HD cameras can be ripped to the hard drive, BD or ordinary DVD. Hall 3.2 Stand 132 Funai’s new Blu-ray 3D recorder IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2011 13

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