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Day 6 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview Some

Exclusive Interview Some FacTS aBouT ThomSon The Thomson brand has been established for 120 years with a reputation for landmark contributions to the world of consumer electronics. a leading world-wide brand, Thomson is wellknown for innovative, high quality products manufactured with the latest technology. Strong, a specialist of TV-centric products, is licencee of the Thomson brand for digital set-top boxes distributed through retail in europe and central asia. Fashionable products with attitude, a variety of comfortable standard features, a stylish ergonomic remote control and an infrared sensor for the freedom of placement, characterise the range of products for different reception systems, markets and embedded conditional access Systems. By leveraging the power of the Thomson brand and Strong’s extensive experience and know-how, Strong is also distributing a comprehensive range of Thomson TV’s, aV products, as well as tablet Pcs and DecT phones in certain european countries. as technology continues to rapidly advance, the Thomson brand remains at the forefront of providing superior products and services for consumers. Thomson MoFing tablet Licensing: a Business in Itself Technicolor – a perfect case at hand By Richard Barnes At IFA 2011, there has been a huge amount of talk about branding. Technicolor is a perfect case at hand with a whole portfolio of brands, one of which in particular, Thomson, is making a big comeback. The visitors at IFA have seen two stands with the brand Thomson. So what’s the story? TCL is using the Thomson brand in Europe as a licensee, but the Thomson brand, just like RCA, HMV or Saba, still firmly belong to Technicolor. Thomson, the mythical French company, purchased Technicolor in 2002. Around 2005, Thomson stopped making consumer products, and was concentrating on broadcast and other professional activities. In 2010, Thomson was renamed Technicolor (as it already held the rights to the name), and in turn, continued to license the name Thomson to TCL for TVs and other licenses for other products. By the same token, other brands, like RCA, are also licensed out, but to other companies. Numerous different companies license the name Thomson. The most recent example is the Thomson MoFing Tablet, launched at IFA 2011, produced (through outsourcing) and marketed by Hevea-Admea. Some of these companies, like TCL, have their own production facilities, while others, like Hevea-Admea, have simple licensing agreements. Doug DeLor, Director Global Branding at Technicolor, has been present at IFA, underlining Thomson’s brand value: “Like many highly successful brands, we have put very strict standards in place. We have a new set of standards for user interface and product ID. We also started several market research projects to find out what the brand stands for … what it means to consumer.” Technicolor formulated a new overall brand strategy for the Thomson brand based on their findings, and worked on strategies as to “where they wanted to take the brand”. “We’re in phase one of a three-phase strategy and part one is all about consistency,” says DeLor, who adds “…great brands are consistent brands.” The strategy, according to DeLor, involves talking to all the licensees, making sure that “everything looks the same, from the logo to the packaging”. Technicolor’s presence at IFA is a milestone, because it is the first time that the company had all its licensees together on the same booth. Almost, in any case, because TCL has its own booth as they are “so huge that they would have dwarfed everyone else”. The two booths are however side-by-side. Doug DeLor Director Global Branding, Technicolor What is the next phase? Technicolor has put in place what it calls the Extreme Design team. Shortly, they will be working with their licensees on user interfaces and industrial design, in order to assure more and more consistency based on research and a competitive mind-set. This phase is likely to start in about a year and half, says DeLor. Phase three will involve delving into highly advanced technologies that “make sense for the brand”. So what does the Thomson brand really mean to people? According to DeLor, “It is known as a family brand, famous for extremely robust but simpleto-operate products that last for years. People tend to hang on their Thomson TVs, so there’s some magic behind the screen. Clearly, a brand that is known for simplicity has to maintain that user-friendly edge.”. “Thomson is known as a family brand, famous for extremely robust but simple-tooperate products that last for years” Hall 21.E Stand 101 16

Exclusive Interview HIgH perForMance With best possible performance, measured by optimum cleaning and drying results, Bosch’s 45cm-wide activeWater features the VarioFlex tray (easy-loading with the 3-way rackmatic), the Variorack (space for up to 10 sets of dishes), brushless ecoSilence drive technology (minimal electricity consumption and frictionless, non-wear motor), Duopower (double spray arm in top tray distributes water more uniformly). activeWater appliances consume an average of eight to nine litres of water and 0.78 or 0.75 kWh of electricity for each wash cycle. LaunDry care Bosch expands into premium laundry care by adding washing machines and dryers to its Homeprofessional product line. The premium washing machine starts off with two models meeting the new eu labelling: one model rates a+++ energy efficiency and the other model out-performs the best energy efficiency a+++ once again by 30% — that’s why it’s called "world champion in energy savings”. The dryers also come in two special energy saving models. VarIeTy oF coLorgLaSS reFrIgeraTorS FroM BoScH The secret of Bosch’s colorglass edition is in the detail: the colourful, highgloss, safety glass fronts are painted on the back in red, black, white, quartz or stainless-steel-behindglass and are fabricated with such precision they don't need a frame – and still don't lack durability. The elegant stainlesssteel-behind-glass version fuses sheets of glass and metal in a complex manufacturing process. Sustainability Is Key For Bosch, sustainability is central to design as well as technology Michael Bohn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Bosch talks with IFA International about the key product innovations being highlighted at the show… Bosch has come to IFA 2011 loaded with innovations. One definite highlight is our new Home Professional laundry care series, where rock-solid construction and heavy-duty stainremoval capability meet ingenious convenience. It is amazing to see a washing machine automatically detect not only how much laundry you load into it, but also the type of fabric, and how soiled it is. Our HomeProfessional combines extremely low energy and water consumption with outstanding cleaning performance. Top innovations in dishwashers include a flexible third loading rack, allowing even cups and bulky cookware to be loaded in the third level, and the ActiveWater 45 series with DuoPower double spray arm for superior cleaning of up to 10 full standard sets in only 45cm width. In cooling, at IFA we offer no less than 20 models in A+++, the highest energy efficiency class. We will no longer offer any cooling appliances lower than A+. What are the key design and technology trends in the HA sector generally? Sustainability is the name of the game – in design as well as technology. Rising energy cost and climate change drive innovation in energy efficiency. Another key trend: home appliances take over more and more tasks consumers previously performed themselves, such as cleaning a dryer’s condenser or dosing detergent. believe in the prime importance of driving sustainability while delivering reliable top performance at the same time. One without the other just won’t do. With our Green Technology inside programme, we have set one world record in energy efficiency after another, and we continue to do so at IFA, showcasing no less than six world-best awards in energy and watersaving, with a whopping nine Stiftung Warentest winners on display, as well as Europe’s broadest portfolio of appliances in energy efficiency class A+++. The second key trend is automation/ convenience. examples: the first dryer that cleans itself thanks to our patented SelfCleaning Condenser; and the i-DOS automatic d o s i n g system. Fill it once and wash up to 20 times, worry-free Two every time. On design, ColorGlass lets style-conscious consumers customise their kitchen. To h e l p decide on the right colour, we provide an Augmented Reality app for iPad that lets you take a picture of any kitchen and virtually place Bosch ColorGlass appliances inside to visualise the result. What differentiales Bosch on the market? We emphasise the values at the heart of Bosch: quality, trustworthiness and taking responsibility. There is substance to everything Bosch does – even in areas the marketing spotlight does not shine on. In a world of increasing superficiality and transience, people appreciate a reliable partner that thinks in the long term, not in quick profits. People long for substance – and Bosch delivers this. As one concrete example, we know from our retailers that consumers react very positively to our Green Technology inside programme. This programme is unique to Bosch, and emphasises our recognition of consumers’ desire to receive open, straightforward and factual information about the resource efficiency and sustainability aspects of different products. We make ourselves and our products transparent. Concerned consumers also appreciate that the Green Technology programme extends beyond products to the way in which we source, design, manufacture and operate. Michael Bohn Director of Marketing and Communications, Bosch Hall 3.1 Stand 101 What are the key design and technology trends at Bosch this year? We wholeheartedly IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2011 17

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