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Day 6 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview DELL

Exclusive Interview DELL AT IFA “One of the big trends that we’re currently seeing is customer demand for thin and portable laptops that don’t compromise on performance,” Aongus Hegarty says. “Dell’s expanding line-up of its thin and powerful portfolio is on display, including the Inspiron 14z laptop, launched at IFA for EMEA. “Customers are also telling us that they want to understand and learn about how to organise, share, and synchronise their content across devices. We’re demonstrating the Dell Stage software with the Stage Remote application and SyncUP powered by Nero, to show customers how they can set up their own digital home and easily access, share and synchronise the content that they care about most.” DELL AND MOBILE “Dell’s mobile strategy is based purely around our customers. We don’t just create products because we can. They are designed with our customers in mind to create great experiences and to enable them to stay connected at all times,” Aongus Hegarty said. “Success for Dell in mobility is dependent on how well Dell can solve customer problems created by the ever-expanding need for information. This is why we are taking a solutions approach, focused on securing and managing hardware software and data.” New Business as Usual Dell has ushered in a new wave of strategic thinking Dell has changed and adapted its business model over the past two years and this strategy seems to be paying off. Here, Aongus Hegarty, Vice-President and General Manager, Dell EMEA Consumer, Small & Medium Business, discusses the company’s new sales model… Interview by Richard Barnes This is a very exciting time for us. As you may know, we’re in the process of a company evolution, welcoming in a new wave of strategic thinking and planning to fit the needs of our customers and the changing technology industry. We’ve made strategic acquisitions in cloud computing, data storage, services and security, and we will continue to grow both organically and through M&A in this new era. The changes we made are paying off. Dell had a record .4bn cash flow last quarter and a 71% growth in earnings per share. A significant sign of the times, in terms of where we stand as a company, lies in the fact that only one-third of our profit comes from PCs. The other two-thirds come from enterprise solutions. In our consumer and small and medium business unit, we’ve adopted a multi-channel strategy where we’re reaching more customers in more places – distribution, retail, and on – so that customers have a choice in how they shop with Dell. We’re changing “business as usual” at Dell and we’re doing so to make sure that our home customers and businesses can use technology to the fullest, in order to do more in their everyday lives. Tell us more about your European operations. How are you working with retailers and channels today? Dell’s multi-channel strategy gives customers the choice of where and how they buy Dell products. We work closely with our retail and distribution partners, and view agreements with them as strategic partnerships to align customer sets with the right technology solution. We’re not interested in having overstock of product on stores’ shelves, but having the right system there and the ability to manage customer demand. We’re always looking for opportunities where we see a good fit. Aongus Hegarty Vice-President and General Manager, Dell EMEA Consumer, Small & Medium Business Which countries are you primarily looking to develop in? Dell currently has a presence in over 170 countries. We are always looking for opportunities for growth, both in regions where we currently do business, and also in other countries where there is an opportunity to do so. While Dell is primarily turning a profit in professional fields, the business is harder in B2C. How are you addressing this? Times are undoubtedly tough in the consumer market at the moment but what this means for consumers is that there has never been a better time to buy, with some amazing prices that allow a lot more technology for your money. However, Dell’s strategy in this market isn’t simply to offer the lowest prices. We are firmly focused on giving customers exactly what they want, the right technology for the right price, not old technology that has already been surpassed. Our current consumer portfolio is the strongest it has ever been and we are able to offer powerful, reliable and design-led solutions to families, students, gamers and professionals alike. Our dedication to providing those products that our customers are demanding has led to success, with our latest financial results showing an increased profitability in our consumer business. What are the main aims of your presence at IFA? We want visitors to the Dell booth to experience Dell products as they are meant to be used, and enjoyed. We want customers to spend some time in our interactive zones and ultimately to leave with smiles on their faces. Hall 13 Stand 100 “Dell’s multichannel strategy gives customers the choice of where and how they buy Dell products” 18

Exclusive Interview Young-Ha Lee Young-Ha Lee is the President and Ceo of the Home appliance Company at Lg electronics. He joined in 1979, and held positions including head of the air Conditioning Compressor Division, head of the Refrigeration Division, Managing Director and executive Vice-President, on his way to the top. He also worked at Lg’s Tokyo office from 1986 to 1990. In 1993, the electronic Industries association of Korea recognised Mr Lee with a commendation for his role in the development of the Korean electronics industry. geT SMaRT This IFa 2011 sees the european debut of Lg’s new range of smart home appliances. The company is displaying a smart refrigerator, which includes a Smart eco Door along with functions that the company expects will change how customers manage their food. Lg separates its smart appliances into two sets of technologies which are the Inverter Direct Drive, Linear Compressor, KoMPReSSoR and Lightwave technology and then the Smart ThinQ technologies which are defined as Smart Diagnosis, Smart Manager, Smart adapt, Smart grid and Smart access. according to Lg the customers will be able to use the LCD panel of the fridge or most importantly their smartphones to find out what food is inside, what needs to be bought and when will it be expiring. LG 6Motion SteamWasher Being Smart Saves Money Taking care of the inside and the outside Young-Ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company, outlines the company’s key product innovations at IFA 2011 … Interview by Richard Barnes LG opens new doors to 'smart', unveiling innovative appliances that offer clear benefits to the customer in 'smart savings' and 'smart convenience'. Our goal is to help reduce electricity bills inside the home and preserve the environment outside. We also aim to help customers take more control of their appliances and their homes. LG’s smart appliances – our smart fridge, smart washing machine and smart oven – are underpinned by our four Core Technologies and Smart ThinQ technology, which have enabled big gains in overall performance and efficiency with exciting connectivity options. LG is also presenting highly energy-efficient products such as its bottom freezer, which has achieved an outstanding A+++ energy rating even with its extralarge inner capacity, and the 6 Motion Direct Drive, a 12kg front load washing machine with 20% more energy efficiency than standard A+++ washing machines. What do you feel are the key design and technology trends in the HA sector? There are two big trends that are interconnected: Smart connectivity and sustaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. LG was a pioneer in smart connectivity. Back in 2000, we were the first company to release an Internet refrigerator. Our customers want to be able to oversee appliance functions by using their smartphones and other devices. By lifestyle changes, I am referring to an ever-increasing shift towards healthier and more environmentally-responsible lifestyles. We’ve seen a growing demand for healthrelated products, and LG has responded by putting more emphasis on innovations that protect health and enhance the quality of life. We’ve also seen a push for appliances that use less electricity and water. What differentiates LG in the Home Appliance market? Performance differentiates LG. The company is committed to developing technologies that save energy and time, reduce noise and increase durability. Our Linear Compressor brings efficiency in energy and space through its simplified yet effective structure, while increasing durability and decreasing the level of noise. The Inverter Direct Drive provides superior durability and performance in washing machines and dishwashers, and enables efficient energy “Our goal is to help reduce electricity bills inside the home and preserve the environment outside” usage, larger capacity, and less noise and vibration. What is changing in the way people buy home appliances today? Today’s customers are focusing more and more on energy consumption and convenience. They also want to be connected so they can better control their household chores from outside the home. Also, as populations around the world start to age, health-related features are becoming more popular. How does Europe fit into your marketing plans? European customers are very environmentally conscious, so LG sees the European market as an ideal location for launching our green technologies. We are also approaching Europe with an emphasis on our premium products. We plan to focus on fulfilling the demands of the most discerning customers by developing and marketing unique and innovative products like the LG Styler, an entirely new clothes management system. How does IFA fit into your marketing plans, and why is it important for you? LG is a relatively new brand in the European Home Appliance market, so IFA is a perfect bridgehead for us to show how our smart appliances can make lives more convenient and more sustainable. IFA also provides LG with crucial feedback from representatives of the media, appliance dealers and customers, which we’ll incorporate into our business strategy for the remainder of 2011 and beyond. Young-Ha Lee President & CEO of LG Home Appliance Company " LG was a pioneer in smart connectivity" Hall 1.1 Stand 103 IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2011 19

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