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Day 6 - IFA International

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Market & Technology News

Market & Technology News Back to the future IFA visitors get a glimpse of the CE world of tomorrow TecWatch is a shining example of all that is innovative in the industry If the 50 th anniversary of IFA reflected on the past then this page takes a look at the future, with comments from some of the leading lights in the industry. TecWatch has been a shining example of all that is innovative in the industry, from riveting 3D images to the very latest in cloud computing technology… Outstanding ‘glasses-free’ images in 3D, interactive digital TV, smart and ultra energy-efficient domestic appliances, easy-to-use cloud services. Are these simply the visions of a faroff future? No, IFA TecWatch has been showcasing these developments at IFA 2010, casting light on the real-life technological potential of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances industries. “We deliberately decided on Hall 8.1 as the new location for IFA TecWatch in order to make innovative themes a more integral part of the visitor's tour of the show,” said Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu. “That way, IFA TecWatch will become an even greater public attraction. The spatial elements dividing up the 2,500sq metre large display area and guiding the visitor along the stands winds its way effortlessly through the hall and gives the trade fair’s innovation centre a distinctive appeal that is both elegant and futuristic.” The IFA TecWatch hall features screens capable of showing 3D videos – no glasses needed – and new application concepts for an interactive TV of the future, which consign the divisions between broadcasting and the internet to the past. The next-generation DVB standard demonstrates much greater efficiency in the use of existing frequency bands. Other features at TecWatch include the E-Haus, a comprehensive prototype of the networked home. Energy efficiency is the main focus here. A washing machine automatically switches on when, via an intelligent network, the local grid indicates electricity prices are lowest. Mobility is also among the E-Haus topics, spectacularly highlighted by the electrically operated Tesla roadster. “IFA TecWatch is a melting pot of technology at IFA“, is how Dr Hecker characterises this highlight of the show. “For journalists, technical experts, industry decisionmakers and the retail trade a visit to the TecWatch Hall is a must on their tour of IFA.” Dr Rainer Hecker - Chairman of the Board of Directors - GFU “The Consumer Electronics industry will be driven by digitalisation, by the merging of broadcast and broadband. We will have all applications available across all platforms and devices, whether they be in the home or portable. In the home, the TV or mobile phone or PC will tend to merge. You will have different content via different channels with different user interface like portals, like favourite lists, like direct access via remote control in the living room to the Internet. This will continue and will speed up in the next years and create new applications and benefits for the consumer, because it is a precondition of consumers paying more money for additional new applications.” Industry visionary Dr Woo Paik, President & Chief Technical Officer of LG Electronics “We expect TV features to continue to evolve. One example is 3D TV. Although it currently requires glasses to use, it is inevitable that glasses-free versions will arrive in the near future. But changes will come not only in what you see on the screen, but in how the TV operates. We expect that user interfaces designed to respond to physical movement – such as LG’s Magic Motion Remote Controller – will become commonplace for TVs, and will take on an ever-growing range of roles, such as helping with online research and gaming. Increasingly smart connectivity means that more and more viewers will have TVs connected directly to other digital devices inside, or even outside, their home. This means that photos on a mobile phone or videos on a computer can be wirelessly transmitted to the TV, and watched on the big screen. Ultimately, the TV will also be connected to a smart grid, further reducing electricity bills and cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. Robert Smits, Philips’ General Manager of Television and Executive Vice President Consumer Lifestyle “Technology is advancing so rapidly that it is hard to predict what TVs will be like in 20 years. But I think they will still be playing an integral role in the lives of consumers. Internet via TV will make the television a central hub in the homes of consumers, connecting people, providing a window to the conveniences of the Internet, and making the lives of our consumers simpler. One thing is certain, and that is that Philips will be there enhancing the lives of our consumers with TVs that address their needs. IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 11

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