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Day 6 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview The path to a greener, healthier life LG Home Appliance Company introduces new technologies that bring style and savings into the home The LG Home Appliance Company is launching new technologies this year in Berlin. IFA International asked President and CEO Young-ha Lee, about these innovations. LG Home Appliance Company will unveil our exclusive four-core technologies at IFA 2010: the inverter direct drive for washing machines; the linear compressor for refrigerators; lightwave technology for cooking appliances; and kompressor technology for vacuum cleaners. With these unique and innovative technologies, we create greener, healthier and smarter lifestyles for our consumers and ultimately enhance their everyday lives. “LG built-in appliances provide a total package that makes our consumer’s lives more convenient, creative and stylish.” What would you say are the key trends this year in terms of design, look and feel? LG has been decorating its products with stylish colors and patterns since 2000. In doing so, it has helped transform home appliances – traditionally seen as purely utilitarian devices into stylish objects that brighten the home and with which customers can make an emotional connection. As the overwhelmingly positive feedback has indicated, this has been a popular move among our customers. Having already done so much to help make our goods more attractive, we are also now developing Smart Experiences, which combine convenient use with our outstanding design to create the ultimate in integrated home appliances. LG will keep working towards leading our consumers to Smart Experiences over the next couple of years. Also, LG’s detailed analysis of how consumers do their laundry has led us to plan a total solution that goes beyond excellent washing to provide a complete range of drying functions, including drying, refreshing and sanitising. With this, we deliver Smart Experiences to consumers, inspiring them with an entirely new approach to washing, while simultaneously upgrading their living environment. In January, LG announced that at the Maison & Objet 2010 show in Paris, it would be showcasing its commitment to an “eco-chic” lifestyle that revitalizes kitchens as green havens. Could you please tell us more about this concept or philosophy? At LG, we are always looking to bring an eco-chic lifestyle to our consumers. Far from being mutually exclusive, we believe that style and eco-friendliness should reinforce each other, giving customers the technology to ensure their kitchen has a minimal environmental impact, and the stylish design they can connect to on an emotional level. LG’s green products offer not just economic benefits through energy savings, but also major improvements in functionality and lifestyle. By offering appliances that are at once eco-friendly, sophisticated and chic, we are positioning ourselves as a purveyor of top-quality, sustainable home goods, and a company committed to environmentally friendly growth. LG’s latest refrigerator, which is also on show at IFA, clearly demonstrates the Eco-chic concept. Thanks to the Linear Compressor, a proprietary green technology from LG, we have cut energy consumption while reducing noise levels. Built-in appliances are becoming increasingly popular. How is LG following this trend? The kitchen has evolved from being just a place where meals are prepared to serving as the centre of family life. At LG, we are contributing to this shift with our outstanding builtin kitchen appliances, which now come with LG Home Appliance’s core technologies. With these, LG built-in appliances provide a total package that makes our consumer’s lives more convenient, creative and stylish. In addition, LG believes that focusing on technology should not be limited to functionality, but should also take into account making kitchens greener, thereby helping our consumers feel proud of saving energy for future generations. With a stylishly designed, eco-friendly built-in kitchen package, LG makes your home stand out, and gives your kitchen new life. How is LG innovating when it comes to reducing energy consumption? In terms of energy efficiency, we have a range of products whose core technologies make them some of the most eco-friendly on the market. Firstly, the Inverter Direct Drive and Steam Technology in our washing machines cuts energy use by up to 30% compared with other A-rated washing machines. Though offering the largest capacity of any bottom freezer refrigerator, Young-ha Lee: President & CEO, LG Home Appliance Company the new model with Linear Compressor boasts an energy rating of A++, with energy savings of up to 28% compared with LG’s A+ rated refrigerators. These savings are down to LG’s ingenious Linear Compressor, which boosts the fridge’s energy efficiency. By efficiently controlling cooling power and reducing internal points of friction, the Linear Compressor reduces CO 2 emissions by up to 63kg a year – the equivalent of planting 16 new pine trees. LG’s new Charcoal Oven, fitted with the company’s new generation of Lightwave Technology, also slashes energy use by up to 30% compared with conventional ovens. It achieves this thanks to its breakthrough Charcoal Griller and Naturalflow Convection that strengthens the oven’s heating system. Thanks to our Kompressor Technology, LG’s new vacuum cleaners help consumers pay less in electricity bills through enhanced energy efficiency. The Kompressor’s highly-effective motor and other mechanical improvements – including an impeller, silicon steel and copper planting brushes – ensure that LG’s vacuum cleaners use less energy. 14

Exclusive Interview Eco Bubble and digital leadership Samsung takes eco friendly washing one step further and paves the way towards digital leadership With his extensive background in the TV sphere, Chang Wan Hong is well placed to assess the future development of digital products. Now, in his current role as Executive Vice President Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics, he is determined to make digital home appliances really mean something. Chang Wan Hong, Executive Vice President Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics By Richard Barnes In Europe, the competition in the Home Appliance market is very tough, with very strong local players. So what is Samsung doing to counter that? Europe is a very complex market, because it’s many countries that are all different. We face competition not only from the traditional local players, but also companies such as LG and Panasonic. We try to understand each market, the local industry and the local demand of consumers. However, regardless of the competition in each market, we are committed to the European region through continuous innovation, our product marketing strategies and communication. This year, we acquired the Polandbased refrigerator and washing machine manufacturing facilities from Amica, the Polish home appliance manufacturer. The acquisition includes Amica’s Poznan city factory and its assembly line for refrigerators and washing machines. The establishment of a manufacturing base in Poland marks the seventh country around the world in which Samsung is producing home appliances. This acquisition provides Samsung with the assets it needs to reach the top of Europe’s home appliance market, due to the synergy generated by Samsung’s technology and excellent human resources in Poland. What are some of the other key products that will be on show at IFA? We introduced a brand new washing machine this year, the Eco Bubble machine, which offers a unique blend of advanced design and technology, achieving top class energy consumption. It also allows for cold water washing while still delivering a great wash performance, saving on heat and offering gentle fabric care for delicates. We also have a plan to implement ‘a touch of digital’ throughout all our products. So every key component in the refrigerator and washing machine is controlled by digital signalling and a digital processor. Just like a digital TV. For example, in the case of a refrigerator, we use a digital inverter to control the compression accurately, and in the case of the washing machine, we already adopted the digital inverter motor. The application of these digital features will make products smarter, and will increase their ease of use, as well as making them more ecofriendly. What are the major groundswell trends in the Home Appliance industry at the moment? The major trends are energy efficiency, design innovation, capacity evolution and new future driven by consumer lifestyle. In the case of new features driven by consumer lifestyle, we use many high tech sensors for smarter cooking. It helps to plan and monitor the cooking process. The LCD display in our premium refrigerator means you can leave a lovely message for your family. It’s a kind of communication centre for the kitchen. Have you seen our robot vacuum cleaner, the Navibot? It has a visionary mapping system with a built-in camera, so it very accurately cleans the floor. We first launched this in Italy in January, and more recently we launched in Austria, where we have made a big promotional campaign for consumers. Energy saving is a major trend. But what are the other main environmental issues that are being addressed by Samsung in this respect? Samsung takes environmental issues seriously. We underlined our commitment to the environment last year when we announced our year 2013 initiative. As well as committing to reducing CO 2 emissions from manufacturing and product use, we also plan to expand our portfolio of eco-friendly products in the market. When we develop eco-friendly products, we not only consider how these products can save energy, but we also look at how we can minimise the environmental impact across the whole life cycle of the product. Energy-efficiency is an important macro-trend, and we design technologies and products with that in mind. For example, our washing machines are about 70% more efficient and our refrigerators are up to 40% more efficient than other A-rated products. We have developed eco-motors in our vacuum cleaners that are much more energy efficient, and our twin convection oven is AAA-rated. Thanks to a special separator that can be inserted into the oven, it’s possible to save 25% more energy. It’s a simple, but very strong USP for the customer. How important is IFA as part of Samsung’s strategic promotion in Europe for Home Appliances? Very important… especially in the case of digital appliances! It will be the first year we participate in the main Appliance Hall – 5.1. We are very proud to be displaying our new products and new concepts at IFA. It’s a great showcase, and we believe it will be even more successful than the previous edition! IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 15

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