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Day 6 - IFA International

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46" 9000 LED Series

46" 9000 LED Series There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one, on Europe’s best LCD TV of the year!* Once again, the EISA experts have debated and deliberated. And this year, they gave their prestigious ‘‘LCD TV of the Year 2010-2011’’award to our 46" 9000 LED series for having the best performance and picture quality. This makes it the 10th consecutive year that we’ve won. See you here again next year? *46PFL9705 – was voted the EISA European LCD TV of the year 2010-2011

News Google champions age of ubiquity CEO Dr Eric Schmidt chooses IFA to announce three new Android-driven products Taking the stage to announce a “new golden age of augmented reality” Dr Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, used his keynote speech at IFA to unveil a suite of new products, which will enable the search engine to move into home TV while consolidating its grip on the smartphone market. After speaking of his pleasure in returning to the “gorgeous city” of Berlin, Dr Schmidt reaffirmed Google’s aim of enabling people to be “more productive” in their lives while making the world “a better place”, a strategy which will be powered by the search engine’s Android operating system. “We are trying very hard to get you something, and get it fast. Speed matters because your time matters,” he said. Wireless networks, cloud computing and smartphones have together given the mass population “super computers”, which according to Dr Schmidt could provide mobile users with an inexhaustible source of new information. Mobile searches had increased by 50% in the first quarter of 2010, with Google now activating 200,000 Android phones per day, while the number of smartphones had already reached one billion, Dr Schmidt said. He predicted that the number of smartphone users will reach three or four billion by 2013/2014. Dr Schmidt was joined on stage by executives from Google to announce the development of three new Google products, which are all underpinned by the search engine’s Android operating system. Hugo Barra, Product Development Director, Mobile at Google, unveiled the search engine’s new voice activation tool which will enable Smartphone users to send text messages, search for places or listen to their favourite music with just one click before letting the voice do the rest. “There will never be the need to write a text message again,” he told delegates in the packed conference hall. After introducing the powerful new voice recognition technology – which according to Dr Schmidt could be the primary mechanism by which mobile users navigate their devices in the future – Barra was joined on stage by a local German speaker for an impromptu conversation in German and English to demonstrate the search engine’s second new product – which forms part of its Google Translate service and enables people to communicate with each other in different languages, with a smartphone device automatically translating their words. The voice recognition technology also further enhanced Google’s Street View service, enabling people to find their way around a city with pinpoint accuracy. The effectiveness of the translation technology that enables speakers of different languages to communicate with each other, was effortlessly demonstrated by two people on stage, and the hall erupted in applause after the pair finished their multilingual conversation. “This really is history. For 50 years people have been trying to do that,” Dr Schmidt said. Brittany Bohnet, product marketing manager at Google, then took to the stage to unveil Google TV, a new television service which seamlessly combines TV and the internet, set to be launched in the US this Autumn, with a worldwide launch planned for next year. The free service, which will be available on a full HDTV set from Sony, a Sony Blu-ray player and a set-top box from Logitech, can be navigated by voice commands. Bohnet used clips from YouTube, the video search engine owned by Google, to demonstrate the service, pointing out that the increasing prominence of high-definition content on the video sharing service made it increasingly more suitable for the big screen in the living room. After demonstrating how the Google TV service can be used to watch video clips and movies, Bohnet went on to show delegates how the big screen in the living room could also be used for playing online games To be continued p. 4 IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 3

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