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Day 6 - IFA International

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Siemens i-Dos. A

Siemens i-Dos. A world’s first. The first integrated precision dosing system from Siemens. Fully automatic and always perfect. Hall 1.1 Thanks to the innovative i-Dos system, the new iQ 700 washing machines make detergent dosing easier than ever before. The world’s first integrated automatic precision dosing system for up to 20 loads detects the exact amount of detergent needed for your laundry. Depending on factors like fabric type, load size, water hardness, and degree of soiling, it dispenses detergent efficiently and to the precise milliliter – for perfect washing performance. What’s more, it can save you up to 7,062 liters of water per year.* For more information, ask your dealer or visit The future moving in. * Potential annual savings with i-Dos compared to a standard household washing machine with manual dosing in a conventional easy-care program and based on an average of 220 loads per year. Source: wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute, Research Report WL 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

Special Feature My beautiful laundry resulting in a significant reduction in creases and wrinkles. The steam option can be added to virtually all wash programmes, applying steam directly after the wash cycle. Whether steam is delivered continuously or in bursts, or indeed a combination of the two, depends on the programme selected. The 'Freshen up' programme both smoothes and refreshes dry garments, ideal for clothing which has only been worn briefly and is therefore only slightly soiled. This produces fresh laundry without washing. As textiles are remoistened by the steam, this programme is particularly suitable as preparation for ironing table linen. The steam generator is maintenance-free and does not require descaling. Component durability subscribes to Miele's own exacting requirements geared to an anticipated life cycle of 20 years. Hall 2.1 Stand 101 buttons on the control panel, an LED display for useful feedback, and a robust and solid door with a wider port hole for easy loading and unloading. "Today’s modern families want an easy-to-use washing machine that can take on larger wash loads and reduce their carbon footprint,” said ChangWan Hong, Executive Vice President of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “The technology inside the Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine addresses this and incorporates our innovative design to make a truly stunning addition to the most stylish home.” Hall 5.1 Stand 101 LG’s Intelligent Washing System includes sensors that detect the load and the selected water temperature to optimise water level and cycle time according to the size and type of load. It also prevents users from selecting excessive spin speeds and temperatures over the appropriate range, which can result in damage to clothes. After auto programming, the washing machine automatically begins its cycle. The intelligent washing system detects and adjusts imbalances and excessive suds during operation for the right washing performance. By eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors, LG's Inverter Direct Drive System increases the motor's stability and lessens vibrations. This in turn gives Direct Drive increased durability, which translates to lower maintenance costs. The motor is more energy efficient too, which means lower energy bills. For baby clothes, the programme heats the water up to 95° providing a more hygienic wash. Alongside that, the surface texture of the drum is embossed to increase the amount of contact with the fabric. This creates a better washing action and removes more dirt and stains. A Standby Power Zero feature makes sure no electricity is supplied to the machine when it is powered off, preventing unnecessary energy consumption. Hall 1.1 Stand 103 The world’s first system to use air instead of water for condensation has been introduced by Siemens. With water consumption reduced to a mere 57 litres per washing and drying cycle, it saves roughly 40% of precious H 2 O compared to conventional washer/ dryer combos. Its selfcleaning condenser, varioSoft drum system, and wide variety of different special programmes save space as well. The extremely economical blueTherm heat pump dryer is a significant innovation for the dryer sector. The Siemens brand has again proved its innovative competence with low water consumption and has succeeded in transferring the principle of air condensation to a washer/ dryer combo. Hall 1.1 Stand 101 Samsung Electronics has launched a new flagship front-loading washer, the Eco Bubble Washing Machine. The innovative Eco Bubble Washer is part of the portfolio of brand new products and services being exhibited at the show. This stylish washing machine offers a unique blend of design and technology, achieving top class energy consumption (30% less than the limit for an A Energy rated washer) and also allows for cold water washing while still delivering an effective wash performance. These seven- and eight-kilogram capacity washers offer advanced features such as reduced energy consumption, the latest motor developments designed for a lack of vibration and noise, a build quality proven to give a long life of faithful service and washing technologies delivering great wash results. The Eco Bubble Washer comes with a stainless steel metal finish on the door and programme selection dial, easy to operate wash option Miss IFA with the washing maschine i-dos by Siemens. IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 33

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