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Day 6 - IFA International

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SWITCH ON START SAVING Philips Energy Efficient products. Saving households over €100 a year. * Visit the Philips stand at IFA in Hall 22. Philips Energy Efficient products demonstrate our commitment to EcoVision5, and our aim for green goods to make up 50% of all sales by 2015. EcoVision5 is a program we’ve developed around the three pillars of ‘energy efficiency’, ‘recycling’ and ‘bringing care to people’. Contributing to the world and people’s lives through meaningful innovation. *To save over €100 you would have to buy the following: GC3640 iron, FC9302 vacuum cleaner, 42PFL6805H TV, HTS9520 Home Theatre, (based on comparison with previous Philips model) and replace your incandescent light bulbs with Philips LED ones (My Ambiance A60 E27 470lm) (based on average house size thus saving 70% of average consumption) savings based on average electricity costs for Germany

Sustainable Development Initiatives Jooree Cho Project Manager Sustainable Development Cleverdis / IFA International Industry visionary Dr Woo Paik, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics, talks to IFA International about sustainability and its central position in the Korean giant’s strategy. At LG Electronics, sustainability is the key to achieving our vision — which is to enrich lives through innovation. While cutting back on the use of hazardous materials, LG is making great strides in improving the energy efficiency of its products, thereby helping customers to cut their electricity bills while doing their bit to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. As one of the world’s biggest consumer-electronics companies, LG is in a position to make a real difference, and we are working to make all our lives better by using fewer resources and designing all our products to be as recyclable as possible. In this way, we can reduce the environmental impact on the entire product life cycle, from design and production to end-use and disposal. What does this mean in real terms? Sustainability is good Dr Woo Paik shares vision of a greener, cleaner future We are constantly looking at ways to use resources more efficiently and to minimise pollution. We hold training sessions for our business partners, to ensure they are on board with our environmental initiatives. At their core, however, all these activities are part of our efforts to deliver greater benefits to our customers. While we are constantly looking to address consumer needs with new features and products, we recognise that the ultimate benefit to our customers — and everyone else — is ensuring that our growth and development are truly sustainable. LG recently announced an bn (€ 14.14bn) investment in its eco business. Can you tell us more? Our Green 2020 initiative has three elements: making our facilities greener, expanding our line-up of greener products and reinforcing our green businesses. To achieve this, we will invest 10 trillion Korean won in R&D to create new products and to find new opportunities in green businesses, and 10 trillion won to ensure that, by 2020, the processes and equipment at our manufacturing facilities are as up to date and ecofriendly as possible. By 2020, we aim to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40% and water use by 30% over their 2009 levels. To expand our greener product line-up, we will focus on developing products that can, when possible, be powered using renewable energy. Through technologies such as LED modules and our new HVAC system, which uses renewable geothermal heat, we are going all out to further improve our ecocredentials. LG is also moving aggressively into green businesses, which we hope will account for 10% of our overall business by 2020. Besides a major expansion in our solar-cell business, we are focusing on other ecofriendly lines, including LED lighting, HVAC, smart grids and batteries for electric cars. Tell us about LG’s sustainability milestones so far… In 2009, we announced plans for the voluntary reduction of our greenhousegas emissions by 2020. We intend to reduce emissions at the manufacturing stage through improved energy efficiency. Just one year into our pledge, we have already cut our emissions by 5.7 million tons, earning us recognition from the Carbon Disclosure Project Korea as the national company that has done the most to tackle climate change. To support our partners in implementing environmental management, we are also LG Electronic’s Woo Paik: “We are working to make all our lives better by using fewer resources” extending our environmental training programmes from first-tier partners to include our second- and third-tier partners. We have also established solar-energy manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as starting an LED lighting business. In addition, the Korean government has selected LG as the primary leader of a major smart-grid project. What are your future sustainability goals? Our number-one priority is to reduce greenhousegas emissions and offer energy-efficient products to our customers. In 2009, we pledged that, by 2020, we would have reduced emissions by 150,000 tons at the manufacturing stage over 2008 levels, and by 30 million tons at the consumeruse stage compared with 2007. By working to expand these initiatives to our partners and even our consumers, we aim to take the lead in establishing a low-carbon society. IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 35

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