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Day 6 - IFA International

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Official Daily News

Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Monday 30 th Edition PREVIEW EDITION August 2010 Miss IFA Celebrates 50th Edition of IFA! read more Page 3. The latest figures published by GfK are proof of the "IFA is THE fact… Europe’s Technical Consumer Goods sector show where is out of the doldrums – especially in Germany. In the biggest the CE sector, the German GfK TEMAX barometer for the second quarter of business 2010 saw INCREDIBLE sales growth of 14.6% and a deals are total market value worth EUR 2.5 billion. After last done." year’s miraculous show despite the economic crisis, we thus head into this 50th IFA on the wave of an While at last year's IFA, unprecedented economic more than three billion groundswell, made even Euros in deals were signed more positive by the fact on the show floor, this year, that IFA is THE show where the figure is expected to the biggest business deals reach a new record. are done. .../ News cont’d page 7 With more than 1-million more about Loewe’s new different permutations products on p.20… on how you make your own individual home theatre system, in design and technical specs, the high-end German AV brand Loewe presents its “Individual” range at this, the 50th IFA. Not bad progress, considering the brand has been with IFA right from the beginning – in the early 20’s! Read Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 11 > CONFERENCE PREVIEW 13 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 17 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 20 > PRODUCT TRENDS 27 > HALL PLAN 31 > SPECIAL FEATURE - CELL TV IN JAPAN 20 > PRODUCT TRENDS CONT'D 39 > SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES 43 > TRADE NEWS 45 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA 47 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Fumio Ohtsubo President – Panasonic "Focusing our efforts on the environment, we must lead the world in functioning as a Green Innovation Company" See page 39 René Aubertin CEO - Haier Europe "Haier wants to mix what we call the local management and the Chinese culture." See page 17 Kevin Kyungshik Lee Vice President - Visual Display Samsung Electronics "...we are preparing our 3D TV, Blu-ray and content service “total solution” this year to provide a new experience to the customer..." See page 19 Dr. Jörg Ehmer CEO ElectronicPartner "Based on the huge media coverage we believe that IFA will attract even more consumers this year." See page 43 IFAIntl_Preview2010.indd 1 07/09/2010 23:11 Dr Christian Göke COO Messe Berlin Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Edition DaY 1 FriDay, 3 rD SEPtEMBEr 2010 IFA’s 50th edition has opened its gates to recordbreaking exhibitor numbers Today, IFA on more floor space than boasts of ever before! It is a far cry back to the 1924 edition, when 242 exhibitors being the showed their wares to 180,000 visitors. Today, IFA biggest show boasts of being the biggest show of its kind in the world, where an increasing of its kind in number of innovations are revealed and where real the world… business deals are made. The official opening press conference took place in a highly upbeat atmosphere, ideas and innovations with IFA COO Dr Christian that have been launched Göke (pictured left) over the past 50 editions. Details - page 3. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 CoNTENTs 03 > NEWS 15 > KEYNOTE PREVIEW 17 > VISIONARY INTERVIEWS 19 > ExcluSIVE INTERVIEWS 21 > MARKETS & TEcHNOlOGY TRENDS 23 > SPEcIAl FEATuRE 37 > GREEN PAGE 39 > TRADE NEWS 43 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA 44 > WHERE TO GO IN BERlIN visioNarY iNTErviEWs BK Yoon President, Samsung Visual Display Company “Building on the momentum and buzz established around 3D TV, we continue to put forward new solutions and start new market trends.” See page 17 Fujio Nishida President, Sony Europe outlining the incredible "... if anything, the adoption of 3D by consumers has been faster than the more optimistic analysts suggested.” See page 18 3D Content - Do it Yourself! 3D TV takes on new Countless new 3D Volker Müller momentum at IFA products are on show 2010. For the first time, for the first time. Indeed Chief Executive, journalists were shown virtually all companies Expert the production version have “moved over” to 3D. of Panasonic’s new 3D Read more about the 3D "We come to IFA to forge close consumer camcorder, the revolution in our special contacts with all of our customers HDC-SDT750 (pictured), feature, page ... And we’re coming to buy." See page 39 a device that is set to 23. take the world market by storm. Klaus Wowereit Mayor of Berlin "Berlin would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you." See page 44 Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Saturday, 4 th & Sunday, 5 th Edition WEEK-END EDITION September 2010 Laurent Abadie Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe While 3D is the ‘big thing’ for “Consumer the Consumer Electronics industry, executives in Lifestyle the broader Consumer Lifestyle industries are industries are today underlining the essential character of today underlining sustainable development, becoming in many cases the essential an important part of their global strategies. In character of exclusive interviews with IFA International, Panasonic’s sustainable European President and CEO Laurent Abadie (see photo development.” left and interview page 18) and Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, for the mass market. CEO of BSH (page 20) both See also our one-to-one underline that the moment with Nestor Coronado has arrived to transform Palma, Director – Sustainability - Philips Consumer what was only a concept into a serious strategy Lifestyle, page 37. Coffee culture is truly we spotlight some of the with us, as evidenced by most interesting among the continuing growth in them. See page 32 sales of coffee machines of all kinds, whether they be simple filter models or the most sophisticated espresso and cappuccino machines, marrying design with functionality. IFA this year hosts a swathe of companies touting new product, and in this issue, Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 17 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 18 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 25 > SPECIAL FEATURE THE SMART HOME 31 > SPECIAL FEATURE SMALL APPLIANCES 32 > SPECIAL FEATURE COFFEE CULTURE 37 > GREEN PAGE 39 > TRADE NEWS 42 > DIARY OF MISS IFA 43 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN THE DEAL MAKERS Armin Walter Senior Product Manager, Hama "Our presence here allows us to see all the new development in Consumer Electronics. 25 product managers come here during the event. It is also a great opportunity to talk to both the customers and the brands". See page 41 VISIONARY INTERVIEWS Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte “In 2010, our aim is to increase the share of eco-friendly appliances to 20% of our total sales in Europe.” See page 20 Michael Rhodin Senior Vice- President - IBM Software Solutions Group "…a cloud-based service infrastructure, a service-delivery platform can enable manufacturers to maintain a direct, continuous, 24/7 connection to the end-user through smarter products.” See page 21 Euronics President Hans Carpel Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Edition DAY 4 MONDAY, 6 TH SEPTEMBER 2010 In an exclusive interview, “IFA has the new Euronics president Hans Carpel revealed the buying group’s strategy to reach 20-billion Euros turnover by 2015, underlining that IFA has been vital to elaborating the group’s policy in the past, and is even more so today. Similarly, the most important vendors not only launch new product here, but also echo that the today” feedback obtained at and following IFA is essential for them in elaborating their future plans. An example is the fact that consumers are increasingly “blurring the lines” between consumer electronics and as Euronics. Read the interview page 41 The Nomadic Revolution Huge growth in the market major driver for the CE for nomadic devices of all market globally. In this kinds is reflected this year edition, we take a closeup look at “all that is at IFA with the creation of the iZone and a massive nomadic” … from page increase in the presence of 18. companies displaying a plethora of devices and accessories. From tablets through PNDs to smartphones and MP3 players… portable electronic devices are becoming a Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 11 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 17 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 18 > SPECIAL FEATURE THE NOMADIC REVOLUTION 35 > SPECIAL FEATURE REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGIES 39 > GREEN PAGE 41 > TRADE NEWS 44 > DIARY OF MISS IFA 45 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN 23 > CENTRAL HALL PLAN been vital to THE DEAL MAKERS elaborating the group’s policy in the past, and even more so Stephan Ritter Consumer Electronics Purchaser, Expert home appliances, with IT "Expert has more than 7400 becoming an integral part stores in 22 countries and realises of both. This convergence is sales, before tax, of more than leading to new possibilities €16bn. I’m here to source new products and look for innovation in retail and is being but also to close some ongoing leveraged by groups such deals with my current suppliers". See page 43 VISIONARY INTERVIEWS Sir James Dyson Dyson Founder “A mistake or failure is just as valuable as a success – it’s one step nearer to discovery.” See page 11 Volker Klodwig CEO of Bosch Household Appliances “More and more customers specifically ask for our most efficient products that are marked by our Green Technology Inside card.” See page 15 Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Edition DAY 5 TUESDAY, 7 TH SEpTEmbEr 2010 Hiroshi Sasaoka, Sharp Europe’s President and CEO While Panasonic has partnered with Eurosport and the French, US and Australian Open tennis tournaments, Sharp Europe’s President and CEO, Hiroshi Sasaoka (see photo left – interview page 12) has officially announced at IFA that his company will be sponsoring UEFA 2012. This is part of a greater movement by major CE manufacturers to leverage sport in order to create a new dynamic in the market. These major “push” investments are being made to satisfy a “pull” logies is a major factor factor created by the in bolstering sales. channel. See exclusive interviews At the same time the and special feature - page evolution of TV techno- 21. In 1930, Albert Einstein consumers in so many talked about radio being different ways in their a “wonderful tool of everyday lives and the communication”. At that sector continues to time, the transmission see strong growth. of sound by radio was a In this edition of IFA new concept, and sound, International, we take you for many years, was what on an “audio tour” of the Consumer Electronics show! (see feature page were all about. Then came 28). the images. Today, sound takes on new meaning as it is used by Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 ConTEnTs 03 > NEWS 07 > MaRkEt & tEchNology NEWS 12 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 21 > SpEcial FEatuRE NEW tv tEchNologiES 28 > SpEcial FEatuRE: SouNd pix 33 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 35 > SpEcial FEatuRE: diSh WaShERS 37 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 39 > gREEN pagE 41 > tRadE NEWS 43 > diaRy oF MiSS iFa 44 > WhERE to go iN BERliN 23 > cENtRal hall plaN THE DEAL MAKERS Audrey Betz Purchase Manager, Home Appliances, Pixmania Group "It's a great opportunity to meet the decision makers from our partners. We will both discuss the product listing and the strategy. We are also here to strengthen the link with our new suppliers and partners. And of course, we finish closing the deals for the end of the year ." See page 41 visionArY inTErviEWs Robert Smits General manager - Television Executive Vice president - Consumer Lifestyle philips "The TV will become your smartphone in the living room" See page 14 Fabien Roth General manager, Television, panasonic Europe "…There are so many ways for us to be a part of some of the business that's happening…" See page 17 Dr Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google Inc. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Edition DAY 6 WEDNESDAY, 8 TH SEPTEMBER 2010 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 11 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY NEWS Google Inc. Chairman and "IFA as a platform Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eric Schmidt created the crescendo of the defines the 2010 IFA show yesterday with a presentation that, technologies and according to IFA executive director Jens Heithecker, innovations of echoed the words of Albert Einstein when the future that he gave an IFA keynote in 1930. According to will move our Mr Heithecker, “Einstein was talking about radio, industry forward" the new technology of the time. He said 'technology that will move our industry enables communication forward.” and communication What more fitting time connects people.' Google could such a visionary today connects people to Keynote come to crown the the Internet and opens world’s leading Consumer the world in the same way Lifestyle trade show than radio did 80 years ago. And for its 50 th edition? IFA as a platform defines IFA International covers the technologies and Dr Schmidt’s Keynote – innovations of the future from page 3. The market for sell-on of the top accessory products is becoming exhibitors at this year’s increasingly interesting show (from page 21). for retailers. By the same token, in the mobile sector, accessories are also very much coveted by the consumer. In this edition of IFA International, we take you on a tour of some 14 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 18 > SPECIAL FEATURE DIGITAL CAMERAS & CAMCORDERS 21 > SPECIAL FEATURE: A/V ACCESSORIES & MOUNTING SOLUTIONS 30 > SPECIAL FEATURE HEALTH AND WELLBEING 31 > SPECIAL FEATURE MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRY 35 > GREEN PAGE 39 > TRADE NEWS 43 > DIARY OF MISS IFA 44 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN 23 > CENTRAL HALL PLAN THE DEAL MAKERS Andrej Lukács Export Manager, Hungaro Flotta "Coming to IFA is a very cost-effective way in which to meet our partners. It’s also a unique opportunity to meet with Chinese manufacturers. And we come to discover the new trends and products that will drive our strategy for the following year." See page 41 VISIONARY INTERVIEWS Chang Wan Hong Executive Vice President, Samsung Digital Appliances Business "The major trends are energy efficiency, design innovation and capacity evolution driven by consumer lifestyle." See page 15 Gerdi Vogels Chief Executive of the 35-year-old family firm, Vogel's "Our dream is that you have wall Dicota's mounts everywhere in the house." new Padbook See page 21 Farewell – Until 2011 – from IFA International Photographer: Didier Baverel international The IFA-Boost Factor! The Consumer Electronics Sector Powers Ahead… and IFA again is the Driver! This Year’s Trend – Customisation! international Fifty, and Never Looked Better IFA 2010 Celebrates an Illustrious Past and Sets the Stage for a Bright Future for the Industry international IFA: A New Perspective on the World 3D and sustainability at the heart of paradigm shifts in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries More than just a drink international Strategies and Roadmaps: Born in Berlin Key strategies and roadmaps are spawned thanks to the knowledge, ideas and insights gathered at IFA international sports and CE Markets – Push and Pull Vital sports partnerships announced at IFA will be powering the TV market for the months and years to come “Major 'push' investments are being made to satisfy a 'pull' factor created by the channel…” Sound: Setting Us Free international IFA: Connecting The World Google CEO’s Keynote Echoes Einstein Closing 50 th IFA in a Crescendo Value Proposition This edition of IFA has been a true pleasure for the team at IFA International… few trade shows in the world can lay claim to such incredible synergy. Vendors, buyers and analysts have reserved an enthusiastic welcome for us, all happy to be here and unanimously convinced that IFA has henceforth become THE show for the Consumer Lifestyle ecosystem. We thank all those who have helped us throughout the show. We look forward to seeing you at IFA 2011, and until then, you can find us on and 1973 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 FLASHBACK How did IFA make it back to Berlin after the Second World War? The advisory board of Fachverband Funk – that was the term for the then professional association of consumer electronics – decided to make it a touring fair, changing location every second year. In 1950 Düsseldorf was the chosen city, and later Frankfurt, Stuttgart and in 1961, Berlin. The shocking news that the Berlin Wall was to be built came while preparations for the 22 nd IFA were in full progress. Suddenly the city could only be reached by air. I was member of a small group of delegates that traveled to Berlin to decide whether or not Berlin was still the right place to hold the show. Our recommendation: Yes, the German Radio, Television and Phono Exhibition Berlin, 1961, will take place. More than 400,000 visitors agreed with this important decision, and the fair was a success. It was a momentous decision and paved the way for further fairs in Berlin. And from 1971 onwards, IFA was a regular guest beneath the fabulous Berlin Radio Tower. Quite important was the commitment to a week in the year that included the first Saturday after the Summer holidays, when traditionally the shops would stay open late. This meant that retailers were able to stock the latest products on show at IFA in their shops already at the end of August, beginning of September. It is still like that today, except that now, the shops stay open late every Saturday, all year round. I wish all participants the best of luck and all success for the 50 th IFA.” • Wilhelm Kahle was chairman of IFA organising body gfu from 1973 to 1991, and is Honorary Chairman of Consumer Electronics at ZVEI. He is a bearer of the First Class Federal Cross of Merit. Wilhelm Kahle (left) during the opening tour of the 40 th IFA with the Federal President of Germany, Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 9

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