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Day 6 - IFA International

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at w w PRODUCT TRENDS KRATOR: ROCKING IT Making lots of noise in the Taiwan pavilion was Krator's Orpheus WG-07 guitar controller for PC and PS3, which will work with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band music video games. Down on the Krator stand, Maite Ho, the company's Brand Manager for global marketing, reported strong interest in the wireless product, which promises to liberate your inner rock star – and was doing exactly that for a steady stream of IFA visitors. Krator is also showing its Neso NB-16220 Classic collection of premium speakers. "It's our most advanced multimedia sound system," Ho said. "You can feel the ground shaking when you play music through it." Positioned as a new-age audio product, Neso NB- 16220 combines acoustic science with bold aesthetics to deliver a home theatrequality sound. The model features an independent 8-inch driver subwoofer, wooden bookshelf-style speaker casings and an innovative stand, which reduces surface contact to eliminate unwanted resonance. The resultant acoustic fidelity, Ho said, "provides an experience of audiophile quality". Hall 27 / Stand 710 Everyone's a guitar hero with Krator's Orpheus WG-07 guitar controller HANNSPREE: ANIMAL MAGIC HANNspree's new animal range of Novelty televisions has been a big hit with children – of all ages, according to Kateryna Kreft Manzhurina from the company's European sales team. The fun and furry series of 19-inch digital LCD television combines the 'wow factor' with dynamic technology. Aimed at children – "or anybody who is fun loving and young at heart" – the FaceVsion comes to IFA with a mass-market solution to the challenge of powering up standard PCs for two-way HD video communication and sharing over open broadband networks. "We believe the industry is in a period of transition, from voice to text to multimedia," said Derek Chim, the company's Vice-President of Product Marketing and BD. He added that, to date, poor quality has been the major problem with HD video conferencing. "And if the quality is good, then the price is far too expensive to make it a mass-market proposition," he added. FaceVsion's technology aims to change that. The company's FVexpress upgrade kit for desktops and laptops come in two range comes in a variety of animal incarnations, including zebra, polar bear, giraffe, camel and crab. The models also feature oversized, child-friendly control buttons. "All the Novelty televisions can also be used as monitors, which is increasingly important for today's computer-savvy children," Kreft Manzhurina said. "And the screens can also be removed from their versions: Standard and PRO. While both options have a dedicated chipset optimised for two-way HD-video encoding and decoding, the PRO version allows users to turn mainstream camcorders into professional-quality PTZ cameras for Full-HD conferencing. Meanwhile, FaceVsion has developed a range of stylish webcams, targeting different screens and viewing distances. “Working as a standard USB webcam for leading IM applications, the camera can deliver image-perfect detail and clarity,” Chim said. The final plank of FaceVsion's solution is the reference software QuLives Manager. So how has FaceVsion's affordable upgrade kit been received by the market? IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 animal casings for ease of cleaning, which means that parents don't have to worry about hygiene." The company's Novelty range also includes the 28- inch HANNSapple LCD TV in the shape of a bold, bright, shiny red apple. "Set to retail at around the €400 market, the Novelty models are also affordable," Kreft Manzhurina added. Hall 27 / Stand 430 FACEVSION: POWERING UP FOR HD "Incredibly well," Chim said. "In fact, when we first tell people what we have achieved, they don't believe it's possible. But when they see it is, they are very impressed." Hall 27 / Stand 611 FaceVsion's Derek Chim: HD video communication at affordable prices Download Podcast Download Video at w w HANNspree's Zebra Novelty TV: for the young at heart 23

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