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Day 6 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS BShg DEFYINg gRAVITY COMPANY TURNS IN STRONg RESULTS DESPITE NERVOUS MARKET Jean Dufour, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BSHG Recently you announced that turnover in your fiscal year of 2008 was approximately €8.76 billion, which is 0.7 percent down from the previous year (2007: €8.8 billion). Considering the financial climate, BSHG seems to have fared better than most other companies. How has your marketing strategy (if at all) changed during this period? This is partly because we have an extensive portfolio of energy-efficient products and, therefore, we benefit more than others from the trend towards more energy efficiency. Also for last year’s IFA we developed and launched many innovations. They all turned into great successes, and we enjoyed some impressive growth from which we profit today. At the same time BSHG improved its position significantly in the growth markets of Eastern Europe and Asia and aims to consolidate and further strengthen its business there. How important is branding during a period like this? In times of crisis and uncertainty, consumers tend to choose strong and highly reliable brands. And this is reflected in a clear trend towards our premium brands so clearly right now maintaining this confidence is a priority for all of us throughout the value chain, especially in sales and customer service. Reliability is important, along with clear benefit orientation and superior energy. What do you anticipate for the future of BSHG in terms of marketing and profits? BSHG has excellent brands and products and is wellpositioned strategically. Our long-term, value-driven management strategy will remain unchanged and we will maintain our brands premium approach in order to achieve a profitable business. Happily BSHG has the means to uphold that strategy even in times of crisis. Although we have adapted our investments, we do not postpone strategic investments such as R&D, product innovations, energy efficiency, and expansion of FRIDgEMAKER gETS JIggY WITh DIODES KARIM RAShID FLICKS YOUR SWITCh WITh ChANgINg LED COLOURS our refrigerator production line in St. Petersburg. Last year was IFA’s first foray into the white goods sector. From a marketing point of view, has IFA been successful for BSHG? And what are you looking forward to this year? Our first participation at the IFA exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the positive response of our dealers, a great number of visitors, and an important quantity of orders. Overall IFA was an absolutely appropriate platform for presenting our innovations to a broad audience and thanks to great media attention, IFA 2008 was a big success for us with millions of media contacts for our Bosch and Siemens brands. So this year our IFA presence will be comparable to last year’s, plus we have improved the dealer area in terms of quantity and quality. The Bosch and Siemens brands will attempt to stand out once again with remarkable user-driven innovations and with even more energy-efficient and sustainable products. Hall 3.1 / Stand 106 Hall 1.1 / Stand 101 Gorenje oven designed by Karim Rashid Gorenje are renowned for their stylish designs and Karim Rashid is the latest prolific designer to create a brand new collection for them, ‘Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid’ that is unveiled at IFA. “Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything,” said Rashid who has designed products ranging from vacuum cleaners to furniture, television and lighting. To evoke the appearance of colourful elegance, Karim Rashid and Gorenje decided to employ futuristic LED technology. “Gorenje is the first home appliance manufacturer to offer a solution that allows the Award winning industrial designer Karim Rashid unveiled Gorenje collection at IFA. users to change the colour of their oven or refrigerator exterior,” said Mr. Sandi Uranc, Gorenje marketing director. "The vertical LED light stripe allows several colour versions, providing the option to adjust the appearance of the appliance to one’s current mood, or indeed one’s lifestyle". Hall 1.1 / Stand 201 Hall X.X / Stand XXX IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 29

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