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Day 6 - IFA International

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trade news BUYER’S

trade news BUYER’S VOICE “we Have a CHanCe tO Present a sHOwrOOM tHat Is an exaCt COPY Of One Of Our stOres.” In this section, every day we will field the thoughts and opinions of key buyers at IFA. In this year last edition, we are very happy to welcome Michael Rolf, Market Manager – ElectronicPartner Germany IFA International: What are your main reasons for coming to IFA? The main reason is to meet our current partners, like Miele and Philips, our members and to show our customers and partners the way we will present products on the store level. We have high end quality products in high end stores. Are your company's supply strategies changing at the moment? As our strategy all along has been to focus on long term partnerships with the best in class brands and we have not deviated from this strategy… How have issues of sustainable development been affecting your purchasing decisions? We have been pushing hard educating at the POS level, informing our clients with a special focus on energy savings and environmental issues. How important is IFA for you as a forum for learning more and "networking" and why? IFA is very important to EP because we have a chance to present a showroom that is an exact copy of one our stores. This year we have a 400 sq m were we can show all of our products: home appliances, consumer electronics, multimedia and mobile phones. tIMe tO tHInK e-COMMerCIaLLY PIxManIa Can serve 1,000 PeOPLe at tHe saMe tIMe By Emmanuel Poidevin and Jooree Cho Jean-Emile Rosenblum, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Pixmania Pixmania, the pan- European e-tailer, is at IFA for the sixth year. IFA International talks to the French company's Co-founder and Codirector, Jean-Emile Rosenblum, about his IFA expectations. How important is IFA for you? It's becoming more and more important, thanks to the addition of home appliances to its line-up. We expect the contacts and products that we find here at IFA to be responsible for generating around 40%- 45% of our turnover in the coming year. What are your expectations of IFA 2009? Our main ambition is to finalise our product line-up for Christmas. This needs to be finished as soon as possible, because goods take 12 weeks to come in from Asia. Tell us what are you looking for at IFA? My team has been looking at home-appliance products from the big suppliers. And we are also on the look out for new and innovative products - things that we have never seen before. I also try to meet up with the top executives in the European home-appliance market. IFA's geographic spread is perfect for us, since 70% of our customers are from outside of France. In fact, we operate in 25 countries in total. We are now the second largest e-tailer in Europe and, in terms of electronic products in general, we are the number one. The white-goods industry remains unconvinced that consumers will buy large products, such as fridges and ovens, online. What are your thoughts? A lot of home-appliance products are too big for people to take home there and then from the shop. Most of them have to be delivered anyway. What I think e-tailers can give to consumers is a better quality of service than their brick-and-mortar rivals. If you go into a big shop on a Saturday, the chances are that you will end up waiting to be served. At Pixmania, we can serve 1,000 people at the same time. You have been developing a lot of online services and tools. Can you tell us more? A few months ago, we launched something called PixExperts, which helps consumers to make betterinformed choices. So, for example, if you go to buy a television in a shop, you are confronted by so many models offering so many functions that it can be difficult to make the right decision. What PixExperts does is help you to narrow down your choices. I believe that's the next step for e-commerce - helping customers to choose. Describe your relationship with the manufacturers and brands? More and more consumers are buying from e-tailers, which is making life much easier for us. However, some manufacturers are still trying to hide their high-end products from us because of their fears about price erosion. This can be difficult, because we now have many high-end customers and we don't like having to tell them that we cannot supply certain products. So there is still a problem to be resolved with the high-end manufacturers. But we are working to reassure them that they have nothing to fear. What about end-user behaviour? In the last year, you have spent a lot of time attracting a new audience online… Since we launched our marketplace, PixPlace, 18 months ago, we have seen our product offer expand significantly. We also have more women coming to our site now. Three years ago, 85% of our buyers were men. Now, the figure has fallen to 65%. So women are becoming much more important target group. How about sales trends? What has been the impact of the economic crisis? We were hit last year by the fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. But while we have seen a small decrease in the size of the average basket, it has been more than compensated by Pixmania's 30%-plus growth in volume. 34 IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

trade news HaIer deveLOPs strOnger MarKetIng strategY fOr eurOPean MarKet The Chinese electronics giant Haier continues its successful push into the European market, announcing a sport sponsorship deal that is set to underline the company’s dedication to creating brand awareness on the continent. An executive team from TV Grosswallstadt has welcomed a delegation from Haier for an official contract signing ceremony. The three-year deal between the diversified Chinese company and the Bavarian club will cover a wide variety of endorsements, ranging from jersey and hoarding advertising through to customer care and “below the line” activities. William Cantara, Sales and Marketing Director of Haier Deutschland GmbH, commented on the sponsorship deal with TVG saying, “I am very pleased to have found a partner such as TV Grosswallstadt which has such a long tradition in Germany. TVG is a national treasure and is synonymous with high standards. We have great expectations of this partnership and are looking forward to our future together. Haier is continuing its successful push through retailers such as Expert, Carrefour, MediaMarkt and KESA. Haier is known for its white goods, as well as it televisions in cooperation with Philips and the German company Mize. Hall 4.1 / Stand 106 Hall 25 / Stand 130 IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 35

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