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Day 6 - IFA International

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neWs Ifa 2009: TurnIng

neWs Ifa 2009: TurnIng The MarKeT arounD "reTaIlers are becoMIng More oPTIMIsTIc for The neXT MonThs" Over the past year, the organisers of IFA set what seemed like an unbelievable goal: to not only continue the forward momentum created by previous editions, but to create an event that would counter the negative market currents and engender a new market dynamic… helping pull the market out of the doldrums. IFA International spoke to IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker as we entered the last day of the show. Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director What’s the prognosis? We are very satisfied. If we compare our results to the last show, which was a record high, we have not only achieved those figures, we are above the prognosis we had made for this year. We estimate that we will have had more trade visitors overall and more international trade visitors in particular. That’s remarkable enough, but if you look at this within the framework of the current crisis, then it’s really amazing. If you see the consumer spending in some European markets is going down, the mood in some European markets is not the best, and despite this, we achieved a record high and more than last year. This is amazing and showcases the real outstanding position of IFA on a worldwide scale. Have you had any feedback on deals being signed this year? I see the gleaming eyes of the sales people and this shows how pleased they are. I heard from the first days that there have been very good sales figures and I expect a higher overall order volume than last year. It’s not just thanks to us… it’s also thanks to the fact that many retailers are very low on stock and now they have to restock their shelves. We also get the feeling at this show that the retailers are becoming more optimistic for the next months. The retailers are close to the consumers and they appear to be expecting that consumers will buy these new products in the next months, and that’s a very good sign. It’s part of the very, very optimistic mood we have here. You made a very bold move last year to introduce white goods… It seems now that the “consumer lifestyle” sector is converging from all different directions, not only white goods, but also the vertical markets such digital cameras and camcorders, converging into a more global market. That must be a big satisfaction. Indeed it is. We made the right step last year: the right step for the right main reasons. The reason to implement home appliances last year was not technology, nor lifestyle. The main reasons were the retail landscape and the consumer’s mindset. We argued last year that the retailer is not differentiating or separating Consumer Electronics and white goods. It’s the same retailer, it’s often the same buyer. We argued that the consumer is not differentiating if he wants to buy a fridge, a TV or a mobile… most people now choose the same retailer. There is also the fact that design and lifestyle are coming together, we have the connected home, connected products, and white goods and brown goods are more connected. This year, we have seen a continuing convergence of the technologies. A good example is the touch technology from the mobile phone which is now being used in a toaster. That’s unbelievable. When you have a look inside many of 4 IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

neWs these devices, you’ll find a lot of IT technology or digital technology inside. But the same reason is that it’s still the same retailer we address with the whole product range at IFA with home appliances and consumer electronics industries. The IT and CE sectors seem to be coming closer together at IFA… Yes, it’s the same trend. In the past, we often saw that IT and mobiles were launched as a first step in professional markets and then after 6-12 months, they went into the consumer markets. This is no longer the way to bring new products to the markets. New products on the IT side, as well as mobile phones, are now often first launched into consumer markets. The best example is Apple. That’s a consumer product, but highly used by professionals. It means if you have consumer IT products, they should be exhibited in a consumer retail show, not an IT show, in order to be successful. From company to company it’s different of course, as we have very successful IT companies in retail, but a lot of IT companies I see still have no direct access to the retail structures, especially in Europe. Next year sees the 50th edition of IFA, which is a great landmark. How do you anticipate this edition? We are proud that we have been able to deliver a very strong show this year as an excellent basis to give to the industries one of the most successful shows next year as the 50th edition. Feedback from exhibitors this year already tells us that they will come back with at least the same investment levels next year. Some want to enlarge and improve their stands and presentations. We already have requests from new exhibitors who want to come to IFA next year. All this is making us very optimistic that next year will be a very successful edition, which it should be for a 50th edition. Some stands this year are even more spectacular than last year. Companies appear not to be cutting costs there… to the contrary! Yes, the reason behind this is the “global window” function of IFA, which has developed in the past three years. We have made huge efforts to make this the leading global show, for the image of the industry, and for the image of the exhibiting companies. We can see that this is going to grow even further next year. I really believe that we will have a big party here next year for the industry, for the European retailers especially! gfu echoes PosITIVe sPIn of Ifa 2009 sTaTeMenT bY Dr raIner hecKer – chaIrMan of The gfu aDVIsorY boarD “The concept of IFA proved to be successful this year … the expansion with home appliances was not only confirmed, but almost 20 new small domestic home appliance exhibitors have created an attractive enrichment. All exhibitors are satisfied and looking towards a positive Christmas sales season. Our expectations concerning trade visitors are more than confirmed, especially we had an increase in foreign trade visitors. The media presence here was even more international. The entertainment programme was very well accepted and liked by the visitors. I am confident heading into the preparations of the 50th edition of IFA in 2010.” Tune-In for The 50Th eDITIon … saMe Ifa-TIMe … saMe Ifa-channel! IFA International, the official international daily (print and video) of this, the world’s biggest consumer lifestyle show, would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped and encouraged us in our work again this year. We realise that the time of senior executives of top companies is extremely precious, and therefore thank them and their PR teams sincerely for lending us their time in order to inform trade and educate the public in our publication. We believe that by highlighting the statements and roadmaps of the visionaries of the industry, we enable our readers, the world’s top industry and channel professionals as well as the thousands of journalists present at the show, to better understand and anticipate key trends. This year, IFA International’s team grew to encompass a greatly improved official video service for IFA, and the publication has equally gone from strength to strength. We look forward to seeing you again for a FABULOUS 50th edition of IFA! Contact : Bettina Badon- Project Manager - Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 07 - légende The IFA International team is reflected (left) in a new-generation TV at the Samsung stand at IFA. The quality of many exhibitors’ stands was higher this year, and Samsung’s stand was a breath-taking example of how top CE companies are innovating in order to inspire the public. Didier Baverel Photos Sacha Le Coroller Videos Left to right: Jooree Cho - Masha Polshinskaya - Jean-Francois Pieri - Valentina Russo - Laurent Masini- Laura Moessner - Laura Howainski - Bettina Badon - Jean-Guy Bienfait - Gérard Lefebvre - Emmanuel Poidevin - Miss IFA - Richard Barnes - Farouck Bounouara - Gary Smith - Guillaume Kaercher - Jo Stephens - Hélène Beunat - Marc Dezzani - Benjamin Ras - Neil Crossley IFA International •Wednesday, 9 th September 2009 5

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