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Day 6 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS Creating An Aura Around The Aurea Philips is marketing a revolutionary product in a revolutionary and divisive way VIDEO A packed press conference at the beginning of IFA 2007 was introduced by Philips Consumer Electronics CEO Rudy Provoost, to the Philips Aurea with a short film by Wong Kar Wai that breaks most, if not all of the traditional rules of marketing. Some of the audience loved it and some clearly did not. But Thomas Schade, General Manager, Marketing Services Europe, Philips Consumer Electronics, was expecting that. “Clearly the product is different. It’s not just another flat screen TV and offers us myriad possibilities to differentiate our product in the marketplace,” Schade said. “We know we have to offer the highest possible spec in an iconic product like this, but we are prepared to dare not to communicate such things. Our whole marketing concept is about desire and creating lifestyle aspiration and desire. Our communication strategy is absolutely not about the hard sell.” Reactions to the Wong Kar Wai production were mixed but Schade is not in the least put out by this: “Honestly we were expecting that. And I expect that some people will not like the Vincent Peters stills that we commissioned, but in fact we’re happy to have polarised the market,” he said. “Apart from anything else you can’t please everybody all the time. This is no ordinary product and anything out of the ordinary is bound to have its fans and its detractors.” Inspired by the concept of seduction by light, the short film, There Is Only One Sun, was shown exclusively on Aurea televisions where light and colour were brought to life in an unparalleled, highly visual and immersive fashion, drawing the audience into the full emotional experience Aurea offers. Starring Amelie Daure, an up-andcoming French actress who has starred in various French films including Les Tremblements Lointains, the exclusive content features iconic imagery, blending colour and light, to create a cutting edge visual experience. “Colour and light are important elements in the creation of an absorbing viewing experience,” said Wong Kar Wai. “I'm very pleased to be working with Philips on this exciting project.” “Innovation isn’t just about more functionality anymore,” said Rudy Provoost, CEO Philips Consumer Electronics. “It’s about creating experiences, seducing the senses and bringing emotion into the world of technology. That’s why the movie for our campaign had to be crafted by a master of seduction in cinema.” Hall 22, Stand 101 Multi-Room Music System Now For 999 Euros Up until now, multi room systems were reserved to an elite clientele who could afford the expensive systems and the cost of a specialist to install wires and configure the system. Sonos’ wireless multi room music system is not just another major technological innovation, it can today be considered as one of the best wireless multi room audio system on the market and is available for 999 euros. Just like an IPod for the home, the system makes for a user-friendly and convivial music experience with its playlist and album information features and allows access to multiple sources including Internet music and Internet radio. Another key customer benefit is the ease of use and installation of the system thanks to an intuitive Controller with navigation scroll and a large colour screen. From a distribution perspective, the system has numerous advantages. The whole package includes the multi room configuration, a ZP80, a ZP100 and a controller. The system is also in line with the current explosion of the digital music industry, and generates return business and high margin additional sales through speakers and other peripherals. Finally, Sonos pursues an active channel marketing policy, offering high quality PLVs for the points of sale including shelves and floor displays that allow an optimum presentation of the systems to the end customer. Hall 17, Stand 207 16 IFA International • Wednesday, 5 th September 2007

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