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Day 6 - IFA International

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20 IFA

20 IFA International • Wednesday, 5 th September 2007

PRODUCT TRENDS Driving At IFA 2007, in-car entertainment systems have arrived at a new level of Business! digital convergence, with an incredible array of features. We spotlight just a couple of the main contenders... but make sure you tour the stands to get the full picture!! A/V all in one from Kenwood Thanks to the full auto “Z-Action” Monitor mechanism, these featurepacked entertainment centres can be installed in a single DIN mounting position. Apart from excellent picture quality, the display offers a new and very clear Graphic User Interface (GUI) that allows easy control of all system functions. Finding and selecting a choice of music is just as easy as controlling all other options on the menu. With the tip of a finger, the touch-screen display responds immediately and makes operating a Monitor Receiver easier than ever before. Using the USB port, a variety of USB storage devices may be connected. Ranging from external portable HDD’s and USB Memory sticks to portable USB MP3-players and even multi-card readers, the KVT-729DVD can connect and playback any AAC, WMA and MP3 music stored on a USB device. The KVT-829DVD flagship model even offers two USB ports for optimal connection possibilities. “All-in-one” navigation and audio system The new Kenwood DNX-7200 is a combination of an integrated navigation system, amplifier, tuner and DVD player, the next step in car multimedia navigation and entertainment. With just one system, the user can navigate, listen to music, make hands-free calls, watch TV and DVD - all controlled through a user friendly, touch screen. Hall 1.2, Stand 105 Hall 9, Stand 101 Harman Kardon Drive + Play2 Provides Full Control of Portable Devices At the IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin, Harman Kardon, a leading provider of audio products for the home, computer and automotive industries, unveils the European version of the Drive + Play 2, the ultimate media manager for automotive use. Drive + Play 2 enables drivers to safely and conveniently manage multiple portable devices with a single colour screen and innovative 2.4GHz wireless controller. The product features full browsing capability for many USB flash drives, including the iPod. In addition, Drive + Play 2 is user upgradeable and expandable to support future devices and functions. The new Harman Kardon device will be available at retail outlets from November 2007. Hall 18, Stand 101 In Car Surround Sound with Pioneer In-car Electronics Spending up 26% According to GfK, European consumers are continuing to dig deep into their pockets for In Car Electronics. In the first half of 2007, sales of in-car electronics were up 26 % year-on-year in terms of value, growth which is primarily attributable to the demand for portable satnav systems. This more than offsets the decline in sales of traditional audio equipment for cars. The navigation market segment, which has the backing of an improved and generally attractive price/feature ratio, achieved growth of 46 % in terms of value. For 2007 as a whole, GfK is anticipating that sales of navigation systems in Western Europe will amount to 13.9 million units. The Pioneer AVH P5900DVD is a powerful multi-media system that can be used either as stand alone audio, video player or as the base for a complete 5.1 multi-channel in-car cinema system. The large, 7-inch foldaway screen is fully-motorised. It’s also a touch-panel, so all functions can be easily controlled with a light touch on-screen. Users can enjoy almost all commercially available digital entertainment formats, including DivX movies; and even connect their iPod directly with our optional CD- I200 cable. DVD, CD and MP3 Player with Expansion Units The DVH-P5900MP handles the latest in formatting and reproduction, from MP3 DVD and DivX to DVD-RW. It’s the size of a single radio slot (1 DIN); and can also easily be connected to an in-car screens, in the seat headrests, for example. The system has IP-Bus expandability, with 2 additional video inputs and 3 RCA pre outs as well as a front aux-in. Give your passengers something entertaining to look at The AVD-W7900 brings entertainment to rear-seat passengers. Easily installed with a headrest mounting bezel (included in the package), the W7900 also features 2 AV inputs and 1 AV output, so for example, additional sources such as a games console or a portable DVD player may be connected. This means that passengers have a range of choices of what to watch. The W7900 has a high-quality anti-glare coating, so there’s almost no interference from sunlight. An infra-red headphone transmitter is built-in, allowing each passenger to enjoy their on-screen entertainment in peace. Hall 1.2, Stand 101 & 108 IFA International • Wednesday, 5 th September 2007 21

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