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IFA International 2016 Preview Edition

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE television technologies. They will gradually make their way into our living rooms, for example in the form of new, UHD-compatible Bluray discs. A rapidly growing number of high-quality SLR and compact travel cameras are also capable of recording in UHD. Even some action cams record movies with ultra-fine definition. This year’s classic UHD camcorders have become so compact that they will easily fit in hand luggage. One particularly interesting feature is the new, extremely effective optical image stabilizers, which really help to maximize the quality potential of UHD recording. Some camera models also take advantage of their UHD capabilities with exciting additional functions: They can shoot up to 50 complete frames every second, allowing a great choice of photos with each image having a resolution of eight megapixels. SMART TVS THE CONTROL CENTRE FOR THE NETWORKED HOME Smart TVs are capable of receiving more than just conventional television signals – they can also access content and services via the internet. For example, they can access the channels’ media libraries, online video libraries, programme recommendations, online games, social networks, and information portals. Easy-to-use apps guide users to these various services – just like on tablets and smartphones. And just like these mobile devices, smart televisions need operating systems that work as a mediator between the device hardware and software. In these modern televisions, increasingly powerful systems that have already proven their worth in the world of mobile devices are working behind the screens to offer a wide range of convenient functions. Two leading providers are using Android, which is bringing many apps that were previously only available for smartphones and tablets to the TV. Android TVs also offer access to a highperformance online voice recognition system that understands even complex questions, like what the weather will be like in your hometown tomorrow. An answer appears on the screen together with an image within just a couple of seconds. The same also applies to operating systems like Tizen, WebOS. or Firefox OS. Using already established and widespread operating systems makes it easier to connect these TVs PANASONIC PRESENTS PREMIUM UHD WITH HDR Panasonic reconfirm their push into the Ultra HD Premium TV category, showing off their new 4K screens with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, a 10-bit colour-capable panel for optimum colour, and more than 1,000 nits output for stunningly bright HDR (high dynamic range) images. The new Panasonic DX900/902 UHD Premium TV was the first in its class to be certified by the inter-industry UHD Alliance (UHDA) group after it met a range of stringent picture quality criteria including resolution, high dynamic range (HDR) performance, image precision and wide colour gamut. Panasonic will also roll out the UHD Premium DMP-UB90 Blu-ray Disc player, which comes complete with Miracast, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, multiple audio formats, and also received the UHD AllianceUltra HD Premium certificate. A new range of 4K still/video cameras will further illustrate Panasonic’s commitment to lead the way with its high-end AV range. At IFA 2016, Panasonic will also be unveiling its ALL Connected Audio Series, a selection of connected soundbars, mobile speakers and multiroom HiFi systems that have wireless connectivity and are supported by a proprietary Panasonic Music Streaming App – which can play content from either the user’s own collection or from streaming services such as Spotify, Napster or TunedIn. » HALL 5.2 / STAND 101 SENNHEISER: BRINGING 3D AUDIO TO LIFE At this year’s IFA, visitors can experience the future of audio technology at the stand. When asking “how does the future sound?”, Sennheiser has responded with its pioneering AMBEO 3D audio technology that adds a new dimension to the audio listening experience. “We want to give people the opportunity to experience a completely new sound,” said Uwe Cremering, Director Global Marketing at Sennheiser Communications, at the recent IFA Innovations Media Briefing. “With AMBEO, the listener is immersed in a completely immersive, spatial sound world. We are pleased to make this new dimension of sound available for visitors to experience at IFA.” The AMBEO 3D listening experience is made possible with the latest 9.1 surround sound technology and IFA attendees can enjoy a host of 9.1 remixes at the Sennheiser Sound Experience Room – including the world’s first AMBEO Mix from DJ Robin Schulz. To continue the 3D audio theme, Sennheiser will also present the AMBEO VR microphone, the first of a series of forthcoming AMBEO products that will feature the innovative 360-degree virtual reality microphone. A vital tool in the burgeoning field of VR content production, the microphone was developed in close collaboration with leading producers of VR visual content, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the latest GoPro 360 VR camera rig. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 202 26

TRENDS IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS to tablets, smartphones, and modern home appliances. WEARABLES FOR FUN, FITNESS, AND HEALTH Smart watches and other wearables, as in devices with sensors and displays worn close to the body, for example on the arm, are another trend set to dominate IFA 2016. Working independently or in combination with a smartphone, these devices display data they receive, track body functions such as heart rate or pulse, count steps, register movement, and monitor environmental variables in order to transfer this information elsewhere for further analysis – for example on a tablet that can depict all the data received in graphs and images and design personal fitness programmes. An abundance of new smart watches and fitness bracelets will be presented at IFA 2016. Similarly, a large range of new smartphones with their own built-in fitness sensors will also be on display. The smart wearables trend promotes more than just sports and fun – in the future these will also be used to support telemedical services, thus enabling older people to live independently in familiar surroundings for longer. A dedicated area at IFA presents these trends in an attractive setting. PRINTING AND SCANNING IN 3D One particular category of devices is set to grab the headlines again this year and is well on the way to becoming a mass-market product: the 3D printer. Even practical tabletop units can conjure up a wide range of objects. These include gears, architectural models, toys, unique shoes, artistic sculptures, delicate jewellery, and even clothes. 3D printers can even be used to make chairs, coffee tables or large vases. The majority of these printers are designed to work with plastics, although some devices exist that can create metal objects by melting metal filings using laser beams. Some models can even work with foodstuffs, such as chocolate and sugar, to create tasty, decorative treats. The most spectacular scanner solution will be presented at IFA TecWatch, IFA’s innovation platform (Hall 11.1). More than 80 high-speed lenses arranged around the walls of a compact chamber simultaneously photograph the object to be recorded, like a human. The entire scanning processes is completed within a tiny fraction of a second – so fast that a person in the process of being ‘snapped’ in such a way could even jump into the air, allowing the software to record their contours accurately, right down to the soles of the shoes. 3D SOUND AND AUDIO OBJECTS NEW SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF SOUND Cinema sound first began taking over the air space more than four years ago LG’S SIGNATURE RANGE LIFTS OFF VIRTUAL REALITY A VISION OF THE FUTURE Samsung continues its development of virtual reality devices with another upgrade to its highly popular Gear VR range. “We are proud to have so quickly reached the milestone of VR goggle sales in Germany,” said Martin Börner, Deputy President Samsung Electronics GmbH. “The Samsung Gear VR is a central component of our comprehensive mobile ecosystem around our top smartphones and provides our customers with direct entry into the Virtual Reality trend.” While the previous Gear VR Innovator Edition goggles enabled users to interact with games, movies and concerts in full 3D audio, Samsung has democratised the virtual reality experience by developing a product that is even more dedicated to consumers, increasing comfort and significantly reduced weight. This has enabled the inception of Mobile Virtual Reality, now the fastest-growing VR segment. VR users can now create their own 360-degree content with the Samsung Gear 360, an omnidirectional camera that allows individuals to produce videos to be shared on their smartphone and enjoyed on the Gear VR. With a new range of premium products branded as Signature, LG is promising “Innovation for a better life” at IFA 2016. Martin Winkler, COO of LG Electronics Germany, was on hand at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing to unveil the LG OLED Signature 65G6V TV, which promises to be one of the stars of the show in Berlin. Already voted the ‘Best TV of all time’ in the trade journal, Video, the super-slim and stylish ‘Picture-on- Glass’ TV carries ULTRA HD Premium certification for its wide colour gamut and high dynamic range, meaning brilliant brights, the deepest darks, infinite contrast and the richest colours. The new Signature series OLED supports two pioneering HDR formats: open standard HDR 10; and the Dolby Vision HDR format use by providers like Netflix. Aesthetically, LG’s flagship TV sets new standards in design with an exceptionally thin depth (about one-tenth of an inch) and a translucent glass back. Its elegant, slimline good looks are aided by an integrated sound bar – a system that LG has developed together with high-end speaker maker, Harman Kardon. At IFA, LG will also introduce a special Art Series of artist-designed portable Bluetooth speakers. Conceived exclusively by legendary Paris-based American graffiti artist JonOne, the speakers feature the artist’s colourful designs, and will especially appeal to art and music lovers who value individuality. This latest highlight from LG’s Wireless Audio World product range impresses not only with its original design, but solid sound quality and volume. » Hall 18 / STAND 101 » Summer garden A10 » CITYCUBE HALL B / STAND 101 IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2016 27

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