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IFA International 2016 Preview Edition

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE when Dolby augmented the traditional cinema sound with its multichannel technology for right, left, centre and surround sound by adding a height dimension. Known as Dolby Atmos, this technology has been adopted in cinema auditoriums, while today it is also included as a feature of home cinema receivers for use in people’s living rooms. Dolby Atmos now has some competition, including from DTS:X, a system from the other leading supplier of cinema sound systems. Why do we even need the height dimension? To recreate cinematic effects, of course: helicopters or noisy birds flying in a virtual loop above the heads of the audience adds some spice to the cinema experience. The first headphones capable of reproducing 3D sound are also now available. However, these need the right electronic support to create a virtual 3D impression. The Fraunhofer Institute IIS in Erlangen, which played a major part in the development of MP3 technology, is presenting its 3D solution for use in headphones in the Innovation Hall at IFA TecWatch. Another development from the Erlangen-based institute is a new audio encoding method, which is opening up even more exciting opportunities in addition to 3D sound. It has already been added to the lists of global standards as MPEG-H. The MPEG-H codec can pack multiple audio objects into a single sound data stream, such as different language options that can be selected via the remote control. VIRTUAL REALITY VISION OF A HARDWARE TREND Virtual reality (VR) goggles are all the rage, and now more and more manufacturers are offering models to create these three-dimensional illusions. Then there are smartphones that can be converted into virtual reality goggles with special adapters. In addition to games and many other sources of entertainment in virtual worlds, a number of cameras that are capable of producing VR images will YAMAZOKI INTRODUCES MOKTAK PRO A year ago, the first YAMAZOKi loudspeakers were introduced on the market, quickly catching the attention of the mobile younger generation around the world. In the new MOKTAK PRO line, the “fun” round design, the influence of the wooden sound instruments of Buddhist monks and vivid colours are real eye-catchers. MOKTAK PRO is now available, (almost) in the same design as the earlier series KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Usability: The flexible bar between the two loudspeakers also serves as a convenient handle; 2 Design: The speakers won the famous Red Dot Design award 3 Audio: 2 x 5 watts to make these speakers a perfect sound companion. The integrated rechargeable battery enables up to 8 hours runtime. but with a significantly improved performance and an improved stereo sound reproduction for everywhere, doing sports or in the free time. The foldable loudspeaker consists of two spheres which can be closed to one single ball via magnetic lock. » HALL 25 / STAND 110 THE CONNECTED HELMET BY LIVALL Shenzhen Qianhai Livall IOT Technology Co., Ltd. are demonstrating the Livall BH60 Bling helmet at IFA 2016. This is not just a “gadget”; it includes a windbreak microphone and Bluetooth speakers, allowing the user to make hands-free calls via their smartphone, or use their helmet as a walkie-talkie to have a clear and uninterrupted calls with multiple BH60 wearers as they cycle. The Livall BH60 Bling streams music from the user’s phone, facilitated with a handlebar-based remote control. Safety-wise, BH60 bling is bursting with smart ways to stay out of trouble, with two rows of bright LED lights on the rear of the helmet that are controlled by the Bling Jet remote turn indicator - signalling left or right. Meanwhile, a 3-axis G-sensor can sense if the rider has fallen off his or her bike, recognising unusual gravity acceleration and automatically sending an SOS alert to their chosen emergency contact. » Hall25 / STAND 110-5 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Safety Plus: Automatic SOS signal transmitted if cyclist takes a fall 2 Connected: The first completely “connected” cycle helmet 3 Wired for Sound: Hands-free audio and 2-way communication 28

TRENDS IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS also be on show at IFA 2016. These include 360-degree models that not only take a 360-degree circular scan of their surroundings, but can be thrown up in the air like a ball to take a snap-shot of the entire surroundings. With the right software, this can be used to create scenarios which can be navigated in every direction using VR goggles – not just around the central axis, but from the floor up to the sky and back again. POWERFUL SOUND WIRELESS MUSIC AND THE IMPRESSIVE RANGE OF HEADPHONES Speakers that connect to playback devices via WiFi or Bluetooth are among the latest trends for outstanding sound at IFA. It is almost impossible to list all the different versions: some rely on just one of these two connection methods while others support both. Music sources for wireless transmission include NAS drives, computers, tablets, mobile music players, and smartphones. There’s an incredible range of headphones at IFA this year with different forms and specifications, ranging from simple in-ear headphones to top-of-the-line hightech products. In-ear headphones can be adapted to fit the shape of the user’s ear. Some of the high-end units even use a range of built-in transducers that are each specially designed for different frequency ranges, similar to hi-fi systems. Ultra-lightweight headphones can be worn over many hours without exerting excessive pressure, and designers have ensured that even the smallest of products are true works of art. Some models of headphones combine noise cancelling with an “ambient aware” functionality. This allows the user to set the volume of the ambient noise in an app, meaning the user can decide for themselves if they wish to be able to hear the sounds in their environment. Other highlights at IFA 2016, just like last year, will include headphones that connect to the latest iPhones and iPads not through the traditional headphone socket but through the digital Lightning connector. CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MEETS SMART HEARING AIDS Control your own hearing with an app? Even in noisy environments make mobile calls reliably and completely received without cable – with sound in both ears? Or maybe the warning signal of the speed camera app? These are just some of the smart solutions that were presented by GN ReSound at this year's IFA pre-show media briefing. First introduced into the market two years ago, GN ReSound has significantly expanded its range of smart hearing aids, as well as their functionalities. With top products ReSound LiNX2 as well as with ReSound ENZO2 the manufacturer offers a comprehensive portfolio of smart solutions for people of all ages for almost any degree of hearing impairment. » HALL 7.2 B / STAND 201 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Audio quality: Great audio with small size TV – a novel concept; 2 Connectivity: Possibility to stream music from smart devices; 3 Design: Modern, clean style KEY SELLING POINTS (LINX2) 1 A vivid sense of space and speech: New “Binaural Directionality” II with “Spatial Sense” supports your brain’s natural ability to process sounds, enabling you to hear with less effort 2 Connectivity – Links to Apple and Adroid devices. 3 Design - Modern, discreet and durable, ReSound LiNX2 is available in a full range of designs and colours. A RED DOT FOR 5301 As they say, good things can come in small packages, and Philips highly innovative 5231 small screen series - an all-in-one solution, combining a TV, Bluetooth speaker and monitor functionality, has been distinguished this year by a Red Dot product design award. The 24-inch 5231-series represents a new concept with an eye both on great images and superb sound. Designed with a modern, clean style, the 5231-series integrates a unique dedicated Bluetooth speaker into the stand of a superb Full HD TV. The speaker offers 16W power output whilst the front firing orientation makes it perfect for playing music from a connected smart phone, tablet or computer, while also offering enhanced sound from TV shows, movies and music directly from the set itself. » HALL 22 / STAND 101 IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2016 29

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