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IFA International 2016 Preview Edition

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Freshness and shelf life are primary considerations when it comes to refrigerators and freezers. Sensors ensure optimal temperature balance, humidity, and energy management. The memory function records user habits. The first devices that cool without needing a compressor are now available. Hygiene is similarly important, as is low operating noise. The new ovens are more versatile than ever before. Now multiple functions can be found in the same unit – conventional heating from the top and bottom, convection cooking, grill and steam cooking, microwave, and induction. Up to 200 automatic programs and the option to create custom programs or access an extensive database make food preparation easy and every dish a success. Hobs are fitted with sensors to monitor preselected temperature ranges and identify the levels in the pans. This can help to prevent overheating, for example. Some of the more intelligent models can also weigh the ingredients and monitor the contents of the refrigerator. The safe and effective supply of heat through induction continues to capture an increasingly large share of the hob market. Kitchen hoods no longer need to float above the stove. These can now be retracted into a kitchen cabinet after use. The height can then be infinitely adjusted to suit personal preferences. Memory functions store the optimal or individually desired position. Operating noise has been further reduced. SMALL DOMESTIC APPLIANCES: FLEXIBLE AND INNOVATIVE, AND FOR MORE THAN JUST THE KITCHEN Small domestic appliances are among the most innovative product segments found at IFA. Many thousands of innovations are presented every year. Innovative new products continue to come to market even in traditional and classic product areas, such as induction-heated kettles. Many new ideas in technology are also reflected in products now available in hair and body care, laundry care, cleaning, and domestic maintenance. In food preparation, for example, there is a wide range of powerful blenders with different capacities. They make it possible to quickly and easily make popular and healthy smoothie drinks. Hand mixers, stick blenders, mini choppers and spiralizers add even more variety to the range of products on offer. Multifunctional food processors take care of a lot of kitchen tasks – from whipping cream to kneading dough, or stirring, SIEMENS GETS COOKING: UNVEILING THE CONNECTED KITCHEN ONE PLATFORM FOR ALL: THE BOSCH CONNECTED HOME At IFA 2016, Siemens major theme will be connectivity, meaning all kitchen appliances – and indeed household appliances in general – will be internet-enabled as part of the Siemens Home Connect range. Functions such as Cooking Assist, which allows users to remotely control cooking temperatures on the hob or in the oven, or to regulate networked extractor hoods, can be accessed from any mobile device using the proprietary Home Connect app. The customised and connected kitchen is a central part of achieving what Siemens calls ‘Seamless Living’ in the smart home. Accordingly, the company will roll out a networked induction hob from the iQ700 series that allows for the activation, for example, of a child safety lock and a timer via the Siemens app. Meanwhile, the new EQ.9 Connect coffee machine with Barista Mode can be operated via the app, which comes loaded with endless coffee variations via the Coffee Playlist. Siemens will locate the kitchen at the heart of the broader digital transformation at IFA, and offers visitors an insight into a comprehensive digital ecosystem. To make this ecosystem possible, Siemens is embarking on partnerships with third parties such as grocery stores or publishers of cookbooks whose products and services are available in the Home Connect app. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 “One platform for all: Home Connect and Bosch”, is the new slogan for German giant Bosch Home Appliances, which has focused its range around the “smart home in the networked future”. At IFA 2016, Bosch will be fully connected, showing off the potential to operate all large household appliances via a centralised home network system. Branded the Bosch Smart Home Controller, this is an app that offers central control of linked household appliances in the Home Connect range, plus heating, lighting, smoke detectors, alarm system and much more. From early 2017, all Bosch home appliances across all equipment categories will feature Home Connect and a Wi-Fi connection so that they can be operated from a smartphone or tablet. The product range will be expanded from ovens, dishwashers and laundry care appliances to coffee machines, refrigerators, hobs and cooker hoods. Not only is the smart kitchen now complete; the Bosch SmartHome is also interoperable with other brand partner products, including Buderus heating systems and Philips ‘Hue’ lighting products. Bosch aims to unite smart home devices from diverse CE segments to ensure a fully seamless smart home experience across a single platform. » HALL 9 / STAND 122 32

TRENDS IN HOME APPLIANCES chopping, milling, mixing, and even warming and cooking. More than 100 different food preparation programs are available in some products. Fun cooking is the in thing: preparing and eating food on the table with an electric grill, contact grill, raclette, or fondue offer a varied and enjoyable experience. Throw in a waffle or cupcake maker and dessert is taken care of too. After a wonderful meal, it is time for a coffee, espresso, or cappuccino. It is therefore no surprise that appliances designed to prepare hot drinks are especially popular. New brewing methods for espresso or filter coffee create a more intense flavor and aroma. Aside from coffee, there is an increasing focus on tea as well. There are coffee machines, capsule and espresso machines, classic filter coffee machines, and tea makers to cater to nearly every consumer’s needs, including standalone and built-in units to produce drinks in smaller or larger quantities, or even a single cup of filter coffee. The variety of small domestic appliances in the personal care sector continues to grow. Whether it is hair care, hairstyle, depilation, shaving, or oral, dental or skin care, there MIELE CLEANS UP AT IFA IFA 2016 buyers and visitors will find Miele at its usual location in Hall 2.1, with over 400 premium quality appliances on display in an area covering 3000 m². More than 250 product advisers, sales representatives and back office and service staff will do their utmost to ensure that dealers, specialists and end-users feel are well looked after. Miele’s key new products and innovations include the Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuum cleaner; and a revamped laundry care and kitchen appliance range. Miele has long been a market leader in classical, robust canister vacuum cleaners and had previously shunned the bagless segment. “Now we can offer our customers machines which vacuum excellently and quietly, do not create a billowing cloud of dust when emptied, and leave nothing to be desired in terms of handling”, said Frank Jüttner, Managing Director of Miele's German sales subsidiary. The Blizzard CX1 was developed and produced at Miele's own Bielefeld plant in Germany, is tested to last 20 years, and will be also available at a competitive price. Miele has also announced the new WT1 washer-dryer range that has been designed from scratch. With a maximum capacity of 8kg, up to 5kg of laundry can be washed and dried without having to remove items between the two cycles. The fast and efficient PowerWash 2.0 cycle in combination with the new QuickPower Wash&Dry ensures that 4kg of laundry are washed and dried in less than 3 hours. The WT1 can be linked to the internet via WiFi using a free Miele app, allowing users to receive warnings if detergent levels in the cartridges are low. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2016 33

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