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IFA International 2016 Preview Edition

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS IN HOME APPLIANCES is an innovative device to help with every task. There are now even apps to help people achieve the best care and style. For example, it is now possible to try out looks in advance and then apply these with advice from experts. Connected small devices open up new approaches and opportunities for monitoring body functions, as seen in personal scales and wearables. Either as an extension to the smartphone or as an independent product, these can measure and record data in everyday life and support users during sports, when travelling, or at home. Armbands with special sensors continually monitor the pulse and blood pressure and record how much the wearer is exercising, whether they go jogging, and whether they take the stairs or the elevator. Smartphone and tablet apps then analyze this data. Vacuum cleaners are offering ever-improved performance with lower and lower energy consumption. Performance is measured based on how full the bag is, although in bagless devices the dirt is compressed and rotating brushes clean themselves. Some devices have an easyto-use remote control in the handle. Weight and noise have been reduced both in large domestic and portable handheld vacuum cleaners. Automatic robot vacuum cleaners with special cleaning programs are becoming increasingly powerful and intelligent. Some versions can even be controlled via smartphone. More powerful batteries also mean these hard-working floor cleaners can operate for even longer without recharging. Vacuum robots are now complemented by autonomous machines with well-designed wiping systems that are optimised for different floor types. There is a wide range of devices available to create the perfect climate in the home. Air purifiers, humidifiers, and aroma diffusers turn one’s own four walls into an oasis of comfort. If desired, these can be combined with custom lighting and a choice of scents. This results in a fine mist that distributes moisture and fragrance throughout the room © Messe Berlin GmbH KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Made in Europe – All production is carried-out in Slovenia 2 Design – sleek integrated design in fitting with modern kitchens 3 Energy Efficiency – Excellent energy consumption rating KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Silence: The unique design of the V9 motor enables the unit to be extremely quiet; 2 Ergonomic: The entire dryer has also been weight balanced for easier handling; 3 Compact: By putting the motor into the handle itself, the unit is extremely compact. DYSON LAUNCHES INTO BEAUTY SECTOR With the launch in September of their “Supersonic” hair dryer, Dyson enters an entire new segment in the technical consumer goods industry. Four years in the making, involving 103 engineers and well over EUR 60m investment, the Dyson Supersonic is being labelled by its inventor as "the hairdryer rethought." With the heat from hair dryers damaging hair, company founder Sir James Dyson said he “challenged Dyson engineers to really understand the science of hair and develop our version of a hair dryer, which we think solves these problems." » HALL 4.1 / STAND 204 GORENJE SMARTFLEX DISHWASHERS – A FIRST AT IFA Dishwasher production launched by the brand in Slovenia Gorenje's family of major appliances has a new member: new Gorenje brand dishwashers – result of Gorenje’s own development and production. To date, the Slovenian home appliance manufacturer only produced them under its premium brand Asko, following the shift of manufacturing operations from Sweden to Slovenia two years ago. In May 2016, a plant in Velenje started producing Gorenje brand dishwashers. They were first launched in the Slovenian market and are now becoming available internationally as well. By the end of the year, Gorenje is planning to produce 40,000 units, or approximately 7,000 per month. Next year, production output will be doubled and then further increased each year to reach 300,000 dishwashers per year by 2020 made in Velenje, of which one half will be marketed under the Gorenje brand. Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers are a result of Gorenje's in-house development. They can adapt to the user's lifestyle and boast advanced technical features, innovative solutions, high energy efficiency, and very simple use. The development process took place in one of Gorenje's development competence centres in Sweden for two and a half years. Gorenje competence centres are located in the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Slovenia and they employ multicultural teams that also work with international development and educational institutions. Last year, Gorenje Group allocated 2.7% of its total annual revenue to research and development of new products and aims to further increase this sum, in accordance with its strategic plan 2016- 2020. This year, in Hall 1.1, the Gorenje stand will cover no less than 920 SQ M of floor space. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 34

Region SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN The booming electronic powerhouse continues its upward spiral It is estimated that three quarters of all the world’s PCs, half of all its LCD screens and one fifth of all mobile phones are manufactured in Taiwan. At IFA, not only are some of the “big players” from Taiwan present, but also a plethora of interesting start-ups, OEM manufacturers and tech innovators. Interesting ones to watch at IFA 2016 include: Airyzone Technology - a major player in IoT, providing IoT solutions and developing their own beacon technology. With these technologies they are able to - combine different sensors and apply them in different fields of industries. Hall 11.1 / Stand 12 Campus Corp. - specialising in electric related items like appliances, aroma diffusers, smart wearable items, and barcode scanners. IFA Global Markets - Station 7 / Stand 525 SELECTED TAIWAN EXHIBITORS AT IFA Chang Yue - offers a line of multipurpose food equipment including vertical rotisseries, 3-in-1 steamer/dehydrator/rice cookers, food dehydrators, coffee and tea makers, coffee roasters, sandwich toasters, car heaters, and more. Most of our products have achieved UL, CSA, SAA, GS and JIS safety/ quality approvals. Hall 25 / Stand 301e TSKY - carries a complete line of outdoor GPS products to fulfil consumer needs in 3 main sports activities: 1) Training for running and Cycling, 2) Fitness & health, 3) Golf. They target our product development to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improving and keeping users interested and motivated. They say they bring “game, fun and friends into normal everyday fitness/exercise activities”. Hall 25 / Stand 301b NEWS ACER AND STARBREEZE BOARDS APPROVE DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT TO FORM JOINT VENTURE FOR STARVR Acer and Starbreeze AB have approved the establishment of a joint venture for design, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and sales of the StarVR Virtual Reality (VR) Head-Mounted Display (HMD). The new company is provisionally named Acer Starbreeze Corporation, with an authorized capital of up to US million, shared equally between the companies, and is expected to be incorporated in Taiwan in the third quarter of this year subject to necessary approvals from regulators. PAN LAPSE BLUETOOTH ROTATING CAMERA STAND MAKES PANNING TIME LAPSE VIDEOS SIMPLE The Brinno Pan Lapse is a Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) rotating camera stand, allows users to take smooth sweeping video or amazing panning time lapse videos with their Brinno camera, mirrorless camera or smartphone. Just Pan-and-Shoot. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS Technology: Super slow rotating camera stand Easy to use: Wireless Bluetooth app control Autonomy: At least 1 month battery life Hall 6.2 / Stand 132 PRINTING FOOD The XYZ 3D food printer is built off the company’s innovation in the 3D printing industry. Using best practices in material extrusion and engineering, the affordable printer is suitable for all users to create various 3D shapes for common food items, beginning with cookies and cake decoration. The XYZ 3D food printer fits right in with the most fashionable of kitchen décors. Ingredients can be combined and cooked in shapes unlike ever before. Ingredients are extruded layer by layer to shape and form in exquisite detail within seconds. Food printing helps save time and makes cooking fun and interesting. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS Novel idea: a great new concept for cooking fans Proprietary recipes: The food printer comes complete with proprietary recipes Pre-determined designs: An intuitive on-screen display lets users select a predetermined design, import one from the Web or use the USB drive to upload the model of their choosing. Hall 16 / Stand 102 MAKING WINDOW CLEANING EASY Hobot 268 is a versatile robotic window cleaner, for glass and mirrors. The cleaner is equipped with a gyro sensor, laser sensors and a navigation system with AI-3.0 technology that controls movement of the Hobot, like an autopilot. Besides windows, Hobot can also clean double windows, shower, tiles, and other smooth surfaces. The robot moves linearly and cleaning takes place automatically in two directions in a vertical position. The patented system moving across a glass surface provides powerful suction motor and a microfibre cloth. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS Technology: Gyro sensor & laser sensors Power backup: with UPS battery Versatile: Able to clean different kinds of smooth surfaces Hall 25 / Stand 301 J TAIWAN’S FOXCONN RESTRUCTURES SHARP Since July 1, Foxconn has been running Sharp, with plans to close “costly and redundant” overseas operations run by Sharp Corp, bringing to market products using Sharp's valuable patents and technology as quickly as possible. The Taiwanese manufacturer bought out two thirds of the money-losing Japanese display maker for .5 billion earlier this year. Foxconn’s founder and chief executive, Terry Gou, says he will build on Sharp's technology and branding to strengthen its pricing power with major client Apple Inc. Gou says speeding up the transformation of Sharp's patents into technologies that yield commercially viable products will be part of the initial restructuring. This process will start overseas, with what Gou termed “highcost joint ventures overseas” being closed to reduce a lot of the operational costs, which will lead to lower (product) sales prices. IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2016 35

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