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IFA International 2019 DAY 1 Edition

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IFA International 2019 DAY 1 Edition

DAY 1 EDITION Friday 6 September 2019 Hall 3.1 / 102 Hall 5.1 / 101 Hall 6.2 / 101 Hall 8.2 / 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 32 > IFA+ SUMMIT 33 > IFA NEXT 36 > TRADE TALK 41 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 47 > NOMADIC LIFESTYLE PART 1 68 > SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA 69 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN THOUGHT LEADERS Jens Heithecker Executive Director, IFA We think the word ‘coinnovation’, is the best expression to underline how we bring innovation to IFA See page 7 Stefan Müller Chief Executive Officer, expert SE IFA is an ideal platform to make new contacts, expand our network and gain fresh ideas. See page 39 5G FORCE Accelerating faster than an F1 car… the future arrives @ IFA Pulling 5G in a racing car or fighter jet would make anyone’s head spin, and here in Berlin, the possibilities of 5G are also quite mind boggling. Blinding connection speeds are now possible, and are within the reach of most consumers, thanks to the onset of this new technology, which will bring major changes to our lives. Over the next six days, IFA becomes the world capital of 5G, and indeed of the entire high-tech world at large. One of the key players, Huawei, will be the centre of attention, as CEO Richard Yu (pictured left) takes to the keynote stage at IFA. Along with 5G, visitors to the world’s leading trade fair for Consumer and Richard Yu CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group IFA BECOMES THE WORLD CAPITAL OF 5G, AND INDEED OF THE ENTIRE HIGH-TECH WORLD AT LARGE. Home Electronics will discover the future of AI, VR, AR, 8K TV, robotics, future mobility, smart living, smart cities, and digital health, just to name a few. It’s all about meeting face-to-face, spawning ideas – and business – for the future. Read page 42. Rod White Head of Design, TPV Group The key trends currently are around scale, sound and smart home. See page 41 THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY Whether it’s smartphones, wearables, mobile audio, gaming, or indeed e-mobility, you’ll be wowed with what’s on show this year at IFA. It’s all about speed… and processing power. According to analysts GfK, smartphone processors have been the key enabler of strong device performance. Read all about it… from page 47. © Messe Berlin GmbH

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