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IFA iNternational 2019 DAY 4 Edition

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IFA iNternational 2019 DAY 4 Edition

DAY 4 EDITION Monday 9 September 2019 Hall 3.1 / 102 Hall 5.1 / 101 Hall 6.2 / 101 Hall 8.2 / 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 20 > IFA+ SUMMIT 23 > IFA NEXT 24 > IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 26 > TRADE TALK 27 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 33 > LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE 49 > SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA 53 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN THOUGHT LEADERS Hans Carpels President, Euronics Overall, we see a tendency towards higher quality product sales in all categories. See page 26 Peter Ogley COO, Consumer Division, Sennheiser As Official Audio Partner, we are partnering with IFA across different touchpoints in Berlin and internationally See page 30 TRUST MATTERS As AI becomes ubiquitous, IFA leads the way in fostering faith in technology It’s been described as the “elephant in the room”. Questions of trust, accountability and ethics stemming from the onset of artificial intelligence and big data are fast becoming critical, as individual privacy is increasingly under threat. Addressing the issue head-on, the IFA+ Summit 2019 is hosting a broad range of speakers from globally renowned experts in the field, such as Jerry M. Chow, Senior Manager for the Quantum System Technology group at IBM, Monash University Professor Robert Sparrow, Hamburg University research associate Pak- Hang Wong, or Mark Surman, Executive Director for the Mozilla Foundation (pictured left). In this way, the IFA+ Summit takes a close-up look at the social Mark Surman Executive Director - the Mozilla Foundation consequences of “dataism”, as well as the interaction between humans and machines. WE NEED THAT AI TO PUT HUMANS AND HUMANITY FIRST “Today, AI is all around us, filtering our news, recommending who we date, and making decisions about our finances and our health,” says Surman, adding, “We need that AI to put humans and humanity first, especially when its used by large consumer tech platforms.” - Discover more about his thoughts on this topic in our exclusive interview on page 29. Martijn Smelt CMO, Philips TV & Audio Europe The partnership between Philips TV and Bowers & Wilkins has been a huge success. See page 31 OH, HOW SMART YOU ARE, MY HOME! This year we are discovering new aspects to the development of smart home concepts here at IFA. Through past editions, we have seen the arrival of smart TVs, smart speakers, major appliances and small appliances, along with the occasional robot or two. It has been possible to talk to them, and for them to understand what we want. But this year sees the arrival of concepts wherein one’s devices talk amongst each other in order to suggest “ideas” or scenarios to their users. Sound like science fiction? No; it’s the near future, and you can see it today, at IFA. Read more from page 34. © Messe Berlin GmbH.

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