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IFA International 2019 Day 5 Edition

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IFA International 2019 Day 5

DAY 5 EDITION Tuesday 10 September 2019 Hall 3.1 / 102 Hall 5.1 / 101 Hall 6.2 / 101 Hall 8.2 / 101 CONTENTS 3 > NEWS 9 > SHIFT AUTOMOTIVE 13 > TRADE TALK 15 > IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 17 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 19 > CLEAN LIFESTYLE 28 > SPOTLIGHT ON NORTH AMERICA 29 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN THOUGHT LEADERS SHIFT AUTOMOTIVE DRIVES NEW IDEAS FOR MOBILITY IFA 2019 brings together brilliant minds to solve burning issues of the transport of tomorrow The Shift Automotive two-day conference today opens at IFA for its second year, at a time when people are increasingly concerned about mobility issues and concepts. questions such as: Can we design smart mobility-asa-service solutions that work not just for industry, but individuals and society? Will sustainable John Olsen Managing Director, Euronics International The new brand identity is being implemented in 20 of our markets - and specifically in Germany this year Read page 13 Dr Reinhard Zinkann Managing Director, Miele We are intensifying our cordial relationship with partners in retail trade Read page 17 The idea of vehicles becoming an integral factor in how we live rather than simple means of transport, linking, thanks to IoT, to all the other objects in our homes and in our pockets, will be part of our new “smart new world” where all the objects in our lives talk together. A joint venture of IFA Berlin and the Geneva International Motor Show, Shift Automotive is based on the philosophy that the future of mobility will not be determined by concept cars but by human factors. The convention explores Boyd Cohen CEO and cofounder, iomob IN A WORLD OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE JOY OF DRIVING? technologies overcome the chicken-and-egg problem of demand and infrastructure? And in a world of autonomous vehicles, what happens to the joy of driving? Discover more in our exclusive interview with Boyd Cohen, CEO and cofounder of iomob (see page 9), just one of the illustrious speakers at the conference. Dirk Koslowski IFA Director IFA comes at the right time, and in the right direction… Read page 18 CLEAN LIFESTYLE When it comes to enabling the eternal pleasure of the spotless living room, clothes, dishes or windows, IFA has what it takes. Whether it be vacuum cleaners, cleaning robots, washing machines and dryers, in this issue, we take you on a tour of the latest innovations on show at IFA. Trends include larger capacity washing machines and dryers, the addition of steam, and even higher energy efficiency, along with various new ways of making life simpler. Smart appliances are booming, with sales turnover up 18% in the first half of 2019 according the GfK. From page 19. © Messe Berlin GmbH.

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