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IFA International 2019 Day 6 Edition

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Bomare Company stand at

Bomare Company stand at IFA Global Markets STREAM TV FROM ALGERIA Stream System is an Algerian brand of consumer electronics products manufactured by Bomare Company. Distributed in North Africa and throughout countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and South Africa, the company has an annual turnover of more than €90 million and employs over 800 people. At IFA, Bomare is presenting a wide range of Stream System TV products and services, including the Stream TV 19 series of 4K UHD smart TVs that boast next-generation aesthetics, image quality and sound. Integrated with the Bomare content platform, ARENA, which, in collaboration with FOXXUM, offers diverse streaming, IPTV, VOD, and gaming applications, the Stream TV 19 includes Dolby Digital Plus and a demodulator that reduces power consumption. All models in the 19 series are equipped with screen sharing options via applications such as Miracast that allow screen sharing as well as TV remote control via a smartphone, or Imirror to connect Apple devices. The new TV range has been released in 58’’ and 75’’ models. For Ali Boumediene, General Manager and founder of Bomare Company in 2001, IFA Global Markets is an important opportunity to present a unique range of products and services to the international market, and therefore expand beyond its North African and European markets. “Our presence at IFA Berlin is a part of our internationalisation strategy and confirms our great ambitions,” he said. Bomare also makes smartphones, tablets, digital interactive displays, monitoring cameras and smart wall displays STATION-Berlin Hall S1 Stand 103 POUT DESK-ORGANISER APPEALS TO THE SENSES Bros & Company is at IFA Global Markets with Pout, a desk-organising system that includes products under the sub-brands: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Hands. The Eyes range includes aluminium laptop stands that appeal to Apple users. Ears are Bluetooth speakers and Hands include wireless charging mouse pads. The Nose series, meanwhile, includes an air purifier and humidifiers distinguished by their modern design. The Pout range has been developed from the company’s social product development platform Pallo. An innovative online community, Pallo lets its members become inventors or participators by submitting ideas for products that Pallo should design, manufacture, and sell. Inventors who submit ideas (and participators who contribute) can share in royalties based on product revenues. The company was founded in Korea in 2013 by three friends who met in the military. They work with distributors in Hong Kong, Benelux, France, and Ukraine. However they are also looking for new partners STATION-Berlin Hall S1 Stand127 The Pout deskorganising system 10

BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRADE TALK SENAO’S TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY Senao is the largest distributor for handheld devices in Taiwan with integrated marketing of consumer electronic products. Since Chunghwa Telecom became a major shareholder in 2007, Senao has set up distribution points at Chunghwa Telecom’s authorised stores and customer service centres throughout Taiwan, offering instant and accessible service. Ken Lin, Senao’s Director of Business Development, told us more about how business has been evolving in the past year. Senao has been transforming its business core from traditional retailing and distribution to a multi-channel managementbased business model. Although our main business is mobile and other consumer electronic products right now, we are focusing our channel strategy and developing a more customeroriented database to support various product categories and services through O2O strategy. Since this is the second time you are attending IFA what has attracted you to come to the event for a second year? The value that IFA adds to our business is that we are able to study coming trends for smart homes and home electronics and explore new opportunities with European brands. This is a great chance to compare how vendors and retail channels do their business in different countries, bringing new insights for us. What are the main goals of your visit? To explore new opportunities for bringing European brands to Taiwan; to study Smart Home, Smart Kitchen, and how 5G technology will change daily life. What are your thoughts about the “philosophy” of this event as opposed to other trade events in your field around the world? IFA’s main purpose concentrates on how to bridge vendor and channel to the general public. I think this is a perfect distinction between IFA and other trade shows Ken Lin Director of Business Development, Senao IFA International • Wednesday 11 September 2019 11

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