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IFA International 2019 Day 6 Edition

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY NEWS Arcelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu used his 2019 Mount Everest climb to draw attention to climate change Hakan Bulgurlu CEO, Arçelik SUSTAINABILITY IS NO LONGER A GOAL, IT’S A BUSINESS MODEL Finding ways to solve the world’s environmental challenges was a key theme of Arçelik CEO Harkan Bulgurlu’s IFA keynote. An avid outdoorsman, Arçelik’s Harkan Bulgurlu showed several photos from his many journeys to some of the world’s most-coveted tourist locations during his IFA keynote. “I used my Everest climb to raise awareness to what some call climate change, but what I call climate catastrophe,” Bulgurlu said. He recalled taking his children to Thailand’s Maya Bay, where instead of admiring the beauty of the area, he had to carry them through knee-deep layers of plastic. “This is happening because most developing countries are increasing their use of single use plastics,” he said. “Rapid and substantial action has to happen now. Sustainability is no longer just something nice to have – it is a business model.” Arcelik is working with researchers in universities around the world, on how to rethink the world’s relationship with plastics. “Why not take old plastic and re-use it?” he asked. This idea has led to Arçelik’s development of a washing machine drum made from recycled plastic bottles. “In South Africa we decided to develop a solar fridge and consumers invested in this.” Bulgurlu said. And while this model costs more than a conventional fridge, Arçelik research has found that consumers are nonetheless happy to pay the extra. “But more importantly, the fact that the South African government put money into the project, means that more people in Africa can afford a fridge.” And thinking further outside the box: “If we can find a biodegradable plastic, we can imagine burying our fridge in our front yard and in five years it has gone. This has to be the way we go. “ Where others see waste, Arçelik sees something that can be used for new products. “Microplastics in the oceans overwhelmingly come from your clothes,” he said. “Unfortunately no one has filtration that can capture these. But Arçelik has now built a washing machine that will filter micro plastics.” He said he hopes that competitors might also take this research on board. Arçelik is in a position to do something about the world’s environmental challenges and simply must, Bulgurlu said. And while it costs more, the choice ultimately remains with the customer. “Now is not the time to procrastinate. Our planet needs us now. This is not just for us, our customers also demand this” Hall 23 Stand 101 WHAT SOME CALL CLIMATE CHANGE, I CALL CLIMATE CATASTROPHE. 4

BROUGHT TO YOU BY NEWS TRACTIVE SETS PACE IN PET TRACKING DEVICE An Austrian-based manufacturer of GPS pet tracking devices since 2012, Tractive’s motto is simple but effective: “To strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together.” With several hundred thousand devices already sold according to founder and CEO Michael Hurnaus, Tractive is a world pet tracker market leader and sells its dog and cat devices across 150 markets, with a strong focus on Germany, the UK and France. Hurnaus presented the latest Tractive innovations at an IFA press conference, including the new Ikati GPS tracker for cats, which has an adaptable clip and fastening system for more flexibility than the original safety collar. The goal is “to bring pets and owners closer together,” said Hurnaus, who referred to glowing feedback from users who had been reunited with stray pets. As with the foundation GPS Dog device, the feline-focused Ikati GPS employs a live tracking app to deliver information on the real-time location of the cat so that it never strays too far. Users of the app can also install a “virtual fence” so that any cat venturing past this border will trigger a notification on the owner’s smartphone Hall 4.2 Stand 242 Tractive stand at IFA 2019 BELKIN SHOWCASES CONNECTED CREDENTIALS Now in hall 3.2, the Belkin International stand has been designed to give trade visitors a seamless introduction to products across the connectivity, charging and audio categories. In terms of connectivity, Belkin’s high-end Linksys brand is “pushing the boundaries of connectivity and power,” Melvin Van Leeuwaarde, Director of Marketing, EMEA, told IFA International. Front and centre at the Belkin booth is the modular, state-of-the-art Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system that features a main router and matching satellite modules for comprehensive domestic WiFi coverage. Also on show is the Linksys Business AC2600 dual-band Cloud Wireless Access Point that allows businesses with diverse locations easily control their network anytime, and from anywhere. Having already announced the global debut of its Thunderbolt 3 Dock at IFA - a one-stop shop for both corporate offices or co-working spaces - the Belkin stand combines a range of mobile device adapters, including a digital multiport AV adapter designed to connect laptops or tablets to HDMI projector or monitor. Beyond a swathe of Belkin smartphone accessories from screen protectors to wireless chargers - including the Pocket Power 10k, a highly powerful but lightweight powerbank for mobile devices - a new Belkin audio section is debuting at the revamped stand Hall 3.2 Stand 204 Belkin stand IFA International • Wednesday 11 September 2019 5

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