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IFA International 2019 Review Edition

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SEEN @ IFA / TVs MAJOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCES IFA Home Appliances LG TWINWASH CUTS WASHING TIME IN HALF LG’s TWINWash helps users get more clothes cleaner in less time by washing two loads simultaneously. The appliance is ergonomically designed to make it easier to do the laundry, for example by reducing the amount of bending for the user’s back and knees. The machine also contains LG technologies such as award-winning TrueSteam, KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Laundry time cut in half 2 / Less vibration and noise 3 / Part of LG’s smart ThinQ ecosystem which delivers thorough cleansing and garment invigoration. Also included is 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean. In addition, there is Pause & Add functionality which lets users stop the cycle to add forgotten items. AEG’S 9000 COOKVIEW OVEN IS AN INNOVATION IN TASTE Electrolux, via its premium AEG brand, used IFA to demonstrate how it is expanding its ecosystem of connected products. A key “innovation in taste” is the new AEG 9000 CookView oven with integrated Steamify technology. The oven has three cooking modes – heat, steam and a combination of both. The CookView camera in the oven handle delivers a connected view to the “My AEG” app on KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Three cooking modes 2 / Supports voice control 3 / CookView camera a smartphone. The oven sets the precise steam level, providing the confidence to cook with steam for tastier and more nutritious meals. For optimal user convenience the innovative CookView camera in the handle keeps an eye on the food as it cooks, giving a connected view via the app. BOSCH XXL FRIDGES COMBINE CONVENIENCE AND CONSCIENCE Bosch has developed XXL fridge-freezer combinations that support a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. These appliances boast extra-spacious dimensions, flexible interiors, a wide variety of convenience features and a freshness system that keeps delicate foods fresher for much longer. The largest Bosch appliance currently available is the 86-cm-wide and 81-cm-deep KGN86AI4P with VitaFresh Plus (619 litre capacity). The appliance has abundant space but is ideal for KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / VitaFresh helps prevent food waste 2 / Flexible interiors, perfect illumination 3 / Minimalist design all households aiming for a high level of convenience and conscious living Thanks to especially roomy 124 litre-capacity VitaFresh Pro storage zones whose temperature is kept at close to 0°C, the fresh items in the fridge can retain their nutritional quality. Visibility and accessibility are improved by height-adjustable glass shelves and EasyAccess trays. GORENJE IONGENERATION FRIDGE FREEZER KEEPS THINGS SIMPLE Gorenje’s top of the range IonGeneration Fridge Freezer contains various technologies designed to keep refrigeration simple and effective. AdaptTech learns the user behaviour and adapts to save energy and preserve food; IonAir creates a microclimate that optimises air circulation; ConvertAction turns the freezer compartment into a fridge compartment. The pictured model has four doors and utilises NoFrost so that there is no tedious defrosting. There is a large space for vegetables, which benefit KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Freezer to fridge conversion tech 2 / No tedious defrosting 3 / Appliance learns user behaviour from CrispZone with HumidityControl. The appliance is stylishly designed externally and is well-lit and spacious internally, so that it is easy to locate food. There is also a neat, compact digital display on one of the top doors. 32

SEEN @ IFA / SMALL TVs DOMESTIC APPLIANCES IFA Home Appliances SMART COOKING DEVICE PREVENTS FIRES Unattended overheating pots and pans are the #1 cause of house fires, and Safera claims to have an excellent solution. At IFA, the company presented the Safera Sense, which it heralded as the first “complete smart cooking sensor”. Safera Sense is designed to recognise various cooking events, setting timers automatically, monitoring air quality and telling KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Helps prevent cooking fires 2 / Air quality monitor 3 / Hob can be controlled via the app users when it’s time to ventilate. An alarm sounds if the hob has been accidentally left on or if overheating is detected. Safera Sense works with smart home systems, including Google Home, Alexa and HomeKit, and the smart sensor can be paired wirelessly with the Safera Smart Cooker Controller. KEY SELLING POINTS MEACO PEDESTAL AIR CIRCULATOR European cooling fan manufacturer Meaco introduced a deluxe pedestal air circulator, which is powered by a DC motor that the company said reduces energy consumption and noise levels. The MeacoFan 1056P is the latest addition to a range of fans and air circulators from Meaco, designed to suit all room sizes, sitting alongside the MeacoFan 1056, MeacoFan 650 and the MeacoFan 360. The MeacoFan 1056P is based on the MeacoFan, a stylish air circulator with twelve fan speeds capable of cooling the largest of rooms. The pedestal fan’s multi-directional oscillating ensures cool air circulates throughout the whole room by bouncing the air off walls and ceilings. A major feature on all Meaco fans is the DC motor, giving low running costs because of its lower energy consumption. A pre-off, pre-on button allows the user to set the timer so the fan can be set to automatically turn off and on, making it ideal for use in the bedroom. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Eco mode automatically changes the fan speed 2 / Can also be used as a night light 3 / A magnetised remote is housed at the centre of the fan COWAY ADVANCES PURIFIER TECH With its stylish white and black design, the Coway airmega is a premium IoT air purifier. According to Coway it is the first to be connected to Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, enabling users to order replacement filters seamlessly. Coway’s air purifiers are certified and tested as allergyfriendly by ECARF, the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. Also a leader in the South Korean water purifier market, one of its new filters, the R.O 2.0, has been developed to enable water to flow 30 times faster than the earlier R.O. 1.0. The R.O2.0 employs a filter flushing system giving it a longer filter lifetime than earlier models. 1 / Easy filter replacement via Amazon DRS 2 / Certified allergy-friendly 3 / Stylish white and black design GOURMET SERVICE FROM WMF The WMF Lumero is a three-in-one product that combines a raclette, fondue set and table-top grill, for up to eight people. Measuring 35.5cm x 35.5cm, the Lumero features separate, adjustable temperature control and even heat distribution, so that all three options can be used individually or at the same time. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Three appliances in one 2 / Dishwasher safe accessories 3 / Adjustable temperature control The Lumero’s pans and removable grill plate have non-stick coatings and, along with the supplied spatulas, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Eight colour-coded fondue forks are included with the product, and a fork holder ensures the forks are secured and safe while food is being prepared. IFA International • Monday 23 September 2019 33

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