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IFA International 2019 Review Edition

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY NEWS TACTIGON SKIN (Still to come)] TACTIGON SKIN: GESTURE CONTROLLER WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A startup incubated at PoliHUB in Milan, Next Industries presented a wearable AI innovation that allows users to control their digital devices simply through body movements. Designed to help facilitate the shift to Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, Tactigon Skin’s (T-Skin) ergonomic design makes it as elegant and light as a bracelet, but with the power to control laptops, speakers or even drones using a Bluetooth low energy interface. Along with magnetic and pressure readings, the device measures linear and angular motion in realtime to provide precise movement accuracy. “I wanted to realise a simple, tiny and fashion design device,” said Next Industries CEO Massimiliano Bellino. “I wanted it to be used both at work during business meetings and at home to play with my child.” Users can freely download several applications for the device so it can be used across various formats such as 3D, CAD, gaming and augmented reality 2018 China Household Appliances Innovation Award winners CE CHINA TO HOST CHEARI AWARDS FOR FIRST TIME The 15 th China Household Appliances Innovation Award, organised by longstanding IFA partner China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI), will be presented at CE China 2019 in Guangzhou for the first time. The CHEARI Awards event was hosted at IFA in Berlin since 2009. Through the global reach of IFA, it aims at promoting cuttingedge Chinese home appliance innovations to a worldwide audience. Now global IFA event CE China, is providing another stage on which to put innovative products under the spotlight. The number and quality of participating projects and brands reached a new high this year. Up to now the event has attracted a wide range of leading home-appliance brands including A.O. Smith, Bosch, Changhong, Dyson, Gree, Hisense, Joyoung, Midea, Robam, Sony, Siemens, Skyworth, TCL and Vatti, covering refrigerators, washing and drying machines, air conditioners, water heaters, range hoods, gas stoves, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and other products. Founded in 1964, CHEARI is a national-level authoritative scientific research institution specialising in household-appliance research, engineering, standards, measurement, testing, certification and other services 8

BROUGHT TO YOU BY NEWS Jeremy Kaplan Editor-in-chief, Digital Trends HOW TRULY WIRELESS HEADPHONES AND NEW AUDIO TECH ARE ENABLING ATHLETES Jeremy Kaplan, editor-in-chief, Digital Trends takes us on a tour of the latest developments in the (very) mobile audio field. Consumer electronics and sports go hand-inhand: today’s tech can plot a course down the ski slopes, gauge the speed of your left hook, and measure your exertion level in real time. Yet innovation has sorely lacked around the one thing that fuels athletes the most – the beats that help us go the distance. Apple introduced the iPod Shuffle in 2005, MOST GARMIN AND SAMSUNG DEVICES, THE APPLE WATCH, AND THE MIGHTY VIBE CAN ALL DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS AND PAIR DIRECTLY WITH ONE’S BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE and it remained the gold standard for bikers, runners, and other athletes for years; Apple only stopped selling the darn thing in 2017. Today, most people simply carry a smartphone around; modern tech made your workout that much more cumbersome. But two recent innovations have finally allowed us to drop the phones and MP3 files, making it easier than ever to carry our audio with us. Chief among these changes is Spotify, which has left its smartphone prison and come directly to the wrist, thanks to the Spotify Connect API. With it, most Garmin and Samsung devices, the Apple Watch, and the Mighty Vibe can all download Spotify playlists and pair directly with one’s Bluetooth headphone – a simple act of untethering that any athlete will find liberating. Sure, the Apple Watch can do the same thing with iTunes, but there’s a whole world outside of the Apple ecosystem, and Spotify is the giant in this space. The other big change is the rapid increase in truly wireless headphones. Pair some directly to your fitness band and you’re off – unencumbered by the weight of that phone (not to mention the alerts that come with it). By reducing the power consumption of the Bluetooth chip, manufacturers are able to build tiny wireless devices that sit in our ears and last hours or even days. But radio signals live and die based on the strength of the signals that send them, as well as the energy the receiver invests in straining to pick them up. Dial the power down too far and sure, you’ve got battery life for days. You just can’t use the product. Still it’s early days in audio, despite how far we are from audio cassettes and the Sony Walkman. Keep an ear out for advances in this space. If manufacturers keep moving the tech forward, we can all keep striving for the extra mile IFA International • Monday 23 September 2019 9

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