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IFA International 2020 Edition - Day 2

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I NEWS INew RETAILNEXT formatplans for retailexperiencesof the futureRetail has a future, but what willit look like? How can retailersbenefit from changing consumerbehaviours? Why do digitalshoppers still visit stores? Whatdoes phygital mean? And howdoes omnichannelling workbest?The new format IFA RETAILNEXT premieres at IFA 2020Special Edition in a new formatwhich is a collaboration with theretail consultants from Liganova,a company that has worked on socalled phygital sphere, in whichcustomers enjoy omnichannelsales experiences - digital andphysical.Dr MarcSchumacherLiganova partnerLiganova partner Dr MarcSchumacher will kick offdiscussions on the prevalenceof technology and what thismeans for the world of retail inthe coming years. Jan Toschka,Retail General Manager ShellDACH adds the perspectiveof the transformation ofservice stations to the session.Following panel discussions willlook at how shared spaces workin retail - connecting severalindustries in one place, and asummary of recent retail trendsin ChinaRETAIL NEXT takes placetoday from 10.30 a to 12.50 pmon the stages of IFA NEXTADVERTORIALOiSHi mobile air cleanerfeatures electrostatic filterand negative ion technologyThe portable OiSHi air purifiersports a bespoke high-performanceelectrostatic filter, stopping eventhe tiniest particles, even to a thesize of a virus (0.1μm).It is part of the Ataraina range byCreative Technology from Japan.Thanks to the negative ions, eventhe smallest dust particles, pollenor other tiny particles in the air areswept away by the electrostaticfilter. A fan inside the deviceprovides clean fresh air, ready tobreathe. In contrast to HEPA filters,the functionality is not affectedby external factors such as highhumidity.The unit is very light (85g) includingthe filter, so users can wear it ontheir neck.As an additional function, theOiSHi offers the option of insertingaromatic tablets. Thus, not onlypurified air is emitted, but also apleasant scentHall 1.2 / Stand 206IFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEAtaraina Press Conference:Saturday 5 September 10:15 amConference Room 3.2KEY SELLING POINTSElectrostatic technologyFilters even the tiniest particlesEmits pleasant aromas4 IFA INTERNATIONAL • FRIDAY 4 TH SEPTEMBER

I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW II TRADE TALK IEURONICS:IT'S THE HUMANTOUCH THATCOUNTSMichael Lohscheller with the new Opel Mokka-eTowards an electric futureOpel CEO Michael Lohscheller addressesimpending challenges at SHIFT MobilitySHIFT Mobility this year is a forum for global insights and ideas on the futureof mobility, both on site and via streaming and virtual events. Topping the listof speakers, Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller, speaks about future challenges,such as global warming, shares insights into the exciting journey that hiscompany has started and also talks about how they have successfully madea comeback as part of Groupe PSA. We asked him to tell us more.We are in the middle of the greatesttransformation in the history of our industry.And the Covid 19 pandemic is even increasingthe pressure. I am convinced that agility andmassive change is absolutely crucial for everycompany in the automotive industry to remainsuccessful.What will be the most disruptive technologyin the coming years?For sure, electrification, as climate change isthe biggest challenge our generation faces.That’s why at the moment most of our energyis devoted to this field. We are turning Opelinto an electric brand, with all the models inour portfolio being available in an electrifiedversion by 2024. With this approach, we willmeet the stringent CO2 targets set by theEuropean Union and we will also not promoterenegotiations of these targets because of thepandemic. There’s no question that meetingthese targets and reducing CO2 emissionsthat significantly requires massive effortsand huge investments. However, for us this isalso an ethical commitment and we take ourresponsibility to contribute to the fight againstglobal warming very seriously.Of course, we are also dealing with othermegatrends such as connectivity, autonomousdriving and sharing economy. They will alsochange consumer behaviour and thus ourindustry significantly, and we are developinginnovative solutions for our customers.The Shift conference is relatively new. Howimportant is it for IFA to have developed aconference concept like this, and why?You can only be successful if you constantlyquestion yourself and adapt to newrequirements and changing realities. That’strue for every company regardless if theyproduce cars or organise conferences.Opel has constantly re-invented itself: fromproducing sewing machines to becoming oneof the leading carmakers in Europe. So, I canonly congratulate and encourage you on thedecision to develop such a modern, innovativeand interactive conference format. Thechallenges for our industry and society at largeare huge. Platforms that bring leading expertstogether to discuss exactly these questionsare extremely valuable and I am very excitedto be a part of the Shift conference this yearSHIFT MOBILITY meets IFA NEXTImpulse Talk: Disruption is in our GenesToday, 10:00-10:20 amSHIFT Mobility ConventionHans CarpelsPresident, EuronicsFor Euronics, like all others, thesehave been challenging times. Weasked the organisation's President,Hans Carpels what have been thekey issues at stake.Our aim has been to stay as close as possibleto our consumers, providing them the toolsrequired for smart working and e-learning,and as well any other product whichcould make the house more comfortableand cosy. In these special times, ourterritorial presence, vicinity to consumers,dedicated service and relations... our humantouch... have proven to be successful andappreciated, so our strategy is paying back.What will be your star product categoriesheading up to Christmas?IT devices will still be in demand, but alsohousehold appliances and value added CE.COVID 19 has created a cocooning effectand consumers had time to notice whichproducts in their home weren’t delivering theright value.What are your thoughts on the initiativeby IFA to run a live show despite all thechallenges?It is a milestone in our industry. We deeplyrespect the efforts and we will honour withour presenceIIFA INTERNATIONAL • FRIDAY 4 TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5

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