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IFA International 2020 Edition - Day 2

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I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IBeyond 2020 - a vision andcommitment for EuropeExclusive Interview - Walter Ji -President of Huawei Consumer BG,EuropeHuawei's keynote at IFA 2020 focused on the company’s vision andcommitment for Europe beyond 2020. We asked Walter Ji to tell usmore.Our commitment to innovation isdemonstrated through our seamless, AIstrategy and how it applies in Europe.It is also important to underline ourcommitment to our European operations,employees, relationships, designers,developers and other partners, as wellas our commitment to the millions ofEuropean customers who choose andtrust Huawei technology.Can you expand on your “seamlessAI strategy” and what this means forconsumers?At Huawei, we have long understood thetrajectory the world is heading when itcomes to technologyand ultimately, peoplewant a more seamlessand connected life. Inorder to provide this, wehave been committedto delivering our1+8+N strategy. This ismade up of our marketleading smartphone,while other smartdevices from Huaweialong with thirdparty products workseamlessly togetherusing Huawei Shareand HiLink. As aresult, this combination forms an easy touse, completely connected experienceacross all user scenarios, whether athome, in the office, travelling, or focusingon health and fitness.How has the Covid-19 crisis changedyour outlook and future projections?Throughout this unprecedented time,our customers, employees and partnershave remained our number one priority,(…) PEOPLEWANT A MORESEAMLESS ANDCONNECTEDLIFE.and they will continue to do so as wemove forward. People’s needs andexpectations of what technology canand should do for them is increasing andso looking ahead, we are continuing tofocus our efforts on being at the cuttingedge of the innovation and technologypeople will want in the future, to ensurethe world can stay connected.You are very dedicated to ecology. Whatis Huawei doing to advance the cause ofsustainable development?Huawei is very committed to building abetter and sustainable future. To give yousome examples, last year we succeededin improving the energyefficiency of Huawei’smain products by upto 22%. We also used1.25 billion kWh ofclean energy in 2019,which is equivalentto reducing 570,000tons of C02. We’re alsocontinuing to focus onhow we can maximisethe utilisation ofresources throughoutthe product lifecycleand last year, 86% ofproducts returned toour company werereused and only 1.24% of its e-waste waslandfilled. We’re also working hard to usemore renewables.Sustainability plays a key part in ourplans for Europe in 2020 and beyond. Forexample, our next generation of flagshipproducts will launch later this year with20% less plastic in the packaging. Ourultimate goal is to get rid of single useplastics from all of our packaging.What are your thoughts on the fact thatIFA has taken the “bold” step of runninga (limited) live show this year?Technology has played a critical role inconnecting people, as well as helpingto keep many businesses afloat duringlockdowns. We can’t underestimate theimportance of events like IFA, whichexist to showcase the latest products andinnovations, as well as new solutions forconsumers. We believe that this is vitalas we continue to define the new roletechnology plays in our lives against thisextraordinary backdropWalter JiPresident of HuaweiConsumer BG, EuropeTHE CROISETTE IN CANNES,INCLUDING THE GRANDHOTEL - SOON TO BE AMONDRIAN PROPERTY6 IFA INTERNATIONAL • FRIDAY 4 TH SEPTEMBER

I PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT ISATISFYER LAUNCHES A "SEXUAL WELLNESSREVOLUTION" WITH THE RELEASE OF THESATISFYER CONNECT APPSatisfyer has announced the release of Satisfyer Connect, afree app that blends intimacy with technology to create a multisensorialexperience that integrates touch, sound and hapticfeedback with compatible Satisfyer devices.Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, Satisfyer Connectseamlessly pairs with all Satisfyer Bluetooth devices to playfullyinvite intimate explorations in more than 30 languages. Uponlaunching the app, users discover an intuitive menu that offerssimple and haptic operationIFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEHall 1.2 / Stand 215MarekMaciejewskiProduct DevelopmentDirector, TCL EuropeTCL: a swathe of newproducts and technologiesKEY SELLING POINTSProgram Play: App features alibrary of pre-installed, guidedprograms.Live Control: Users can designtheir own patterns and rhythmsaccording to their preferenceswith a simple stroke of theirfinger over the app’s interface.Distance is not a barrier:Whether in the same roomor the other side of the globe,Satisfyer Connect providescouples with an ability toenhance their partners sensualexperience. Users just need to invite each other toconnect their apps through a secure connection toenable control of each other’s devices, exchange realtimetext messages or video.TCL Electronics arrived at IFA 2020Global Press Conference withthe newest intelligent audiovisualprocessor among a full range ofsmart home appliances and highlyanticipated sponsorships under atheme of "Switch on Possibility".After an announcement by FredericLangin – VP Sales & Marketing – of anew sponsorship deal involvingfootballers such as GianluigiDonnarumma in Italy, Saul Niguezin Spain, Harry Kane in the UK,Paul Pogba in France, Marco Ruesin Germany, and Krzysztof Piatekin Poland, a number of majorannouncements were made by MarekMaciejewski, Product DevelopmentDirector, TCL Europe.With TV at the centre of the connectedhome, Maciejewski announced anumber of new QLED TVs withimproved local area dimming andpop-up cameras, powered by the newTCL PiPQ Engine Gen2 – an all-newprocessor. He also announced a jointventure for the production of inkjetprintedOLED.TCL is expanding its mobile portfoliowith two tablets. Eric Beton - DirectorMarketing TCL Mobile Europeannounced the TCL 10 TAB MAXand MID, while the new-tech “eyeopeners”included a new reflective (nobacklight) tablet -- TCL NXT PAPER,and a rollable OLED smartphonedisplayWHERE TO GO IN BERLINEntrecôte Gaststätten GmbHSchützenstraße 5,10117 Berlin Mitte/Am Checkpoint CharlieTel: +49 30 20 16 54 96info@entrecote.deMetro: U Kochstrasse U6RESTAURANTThe EntrecôteThe Entrecôte is a restaurant andbrasserie right in the heart of Berlin,reflecting the spirit of Paris. While the “brasserie lifestyle spirit” can normally onlybe found in Paris, loved by many poets, writers and artists, The Entrecôte hasbrought this esprit to life in Berlin.You will find in their great offer of typically French cuisine, dishes such as saumonfumé, escargots, foie gras, huitres fines de Claire. Entrecôte has maintained itsindependence, and has not copied the interiors of its Parisian cousins. There isno fake Art Deco here, the visitor is perfectly aware of being in Berlin. The modernand elegant but very comfortable interior is a priority of the management. Thisdoes not in the least impair the lifestyle, quite the opposite.This is what makes theEntrecôte so real.Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to midnight;Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 pm to midnightBARTHE PEARL BARThe Pearl is one of the most innovativeand modern bars in the western partof Berlin. It's not far from Ber lin‘sfamous “Ku’damm” and is located nextto a waterfall in the base ment of the“Kantdreieck”, facing the “Theater desWestens”.From Friday to Saturday, the team ofThe Pearl Berlin presents its visionof high class nightlife. It is alwaysmore than worth a visit if you arelooking for an extraordinary nightThe Pearl BarFasanenstraße 8110623 Berlinwww.thepearl-berlin.delife experience in combination withprofessional service and the best DJ’sin town.Due to Covid-19 you’ll need a tablereservation.Opening hours:On Fridays and Saturdays: 9pmIIFA INTERNATIONAL • FRIDAY 4 TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7

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