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IFA International 2020 SPECIAL EDITION - Review edition

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I NEWS IRealme: a

I NEWS IRealme: a growingcommitment to theEuropean marketUX Design Awards -Virtual Award Ceremony 2020At their IFA 2020 press conference,smartphone manufacturer realmeannounced it is aiming to makeEurope its #2 market after Indiawithin the next two years.The two-year-old Shenzhenbasedcompany already hasstrong footholds in Indian andSoutheast Asian markets. AtIFA, under the theme “Dare toBe”, realme announced that itwill launch the Realme 7 seriesof smartphones in India. Thecompany will introduce Realme 7and Realme 7 Pro under the newseries dubbed the Master Series.The company announced it wouldbe bringing its existing range ofPRESS CORNERrealme Press Conference -Speaker: Madhav Sheth,realme Vice President,CEO of realme Europe and Indiasmartphones to the continent,as well as launching a newsmartwatch – the Realme WatchS Pro. The company also plansto launch a range of earbuds inEurope – Realme Buds Air Pro –featuring noise cancellation. Boththe watch and the earbuds are setto be launched in Q4© realmeUX Design Awards- 2020 winners announcedThe global competition foroutstanding user and customerexperience announced the 15winners of the UX Design Awards2020 during IFA week.The three gold awards go to:“All-in-one Hearing HealthAssessment System” by TympaHealth Technologies and TeamConsulting (Product), “Lotus –Next generation NICU”, designedby Philips Experience Design(Concept), and “Nachklang – anInteractive Sound Installation” byErik Weiss, Lars Schönfelder andValentin von Uslar-Gleichen (NewTalent).The jury had nominated 102projects from over 34 countriesto participate in the UX DesignAwards 2020. A full list of prizewinnerscan be found at NivièrePhotographer ParisWe asked photographer DavidNivière - an "IFA regular" togive us his thoughts on thisSpecial Edition…The organisation was asexceptional as it always hasbeen. The welcome offeredby the IFA staff was highlyprofessional and fluid. The pressconferences were all interestingand well presented. It wasgreat to discover so many newtechnologies and ideas after allwe’ve been through.For me it was important to be here,to follow the market evolution.What marked me the most wasthe enthusiasm of all the peoplehere – both on the exhibitor sideand among my fellow mediaworkers. The fact that therewere some presentations doneby videoconference came aspart of the new normal, and thishas been a learning experiencefor everyone. While respectinghealth and safety regulations,it has been possible to seeand touch new products at thestands – of course each productwas cleaned after being touched.IFA has shown us that wheneveryone is disciplined, eventslike this can indeed take placeHyundai drives hydrogenfuel cell strategyHyundai presented its futuremobility strategy and showcasedits expertise in fuel cell technologyat the SHIFT Mobility Conventionas part of IFA 2020.This year's event took place asa hybrid digital-live format. Itincluded a keynote speech byPresident and CEO of HyundaiMotor Europe Michael Cole onHyundai's transition from a carmanufacturer to a smart mobilitycompany, and a deep-dive paneldiscussion on hydrogen fuel cellmobility.The auto maker continues toenhance its product line-up withvehicles which it says are helpingto build solutions for a moresustainable future, such as NEXO– the world’s first dedicatedhydrogen-powered SUV (onshow at SHIFT MOBILITY meetsIFA NEXT).During the Global PressConference, President Coleoutlined Hyundai’s eco-mobilitystrategy and shared insightsabout the new IONIQ brand. Withthe event, Hyundai set out toshow that it is at the forefrontof developing innovative fuelcell solutions in various sectors,including affordable, massproducedfuel cell vehicles forprivate and commercial mobilityneeds4 IFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 14 TH SEPTEMBER

I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IDirk KoslowskiIFA DirectorNew proof of concept validatedIFA Director Dirk Koslowski looks back at the 2020 Special EditionWe asked IFA Director DirkKoslowski to give us histhoughts on this year’s show.First and foremost, everyonewas wondering whether it wouldbe possible to organise anevent according to the currentcircumstances with regard to theCovid-19 pandemic. And if a showwas organised in Berlin, how couldthis be managed? Everyone wetalked to was highly confident thatthis kind of role model or blueprintcould work for the future. It’s evenmuch safer than what had beenexpected, because the aislesare quite wide, and according tosecurity measures and standards,we reached out for the maximum,not for the minimum.From the exhibitor side, we hadsome “wow” moments. Oneof them was at the LG PressConference, with their holographicpresentation. I was also fascinatedby the presentations of Ecovacsand Neato robotics. It showed thatnot only the big names are ableto promote themselves in a highlyprofessional way.It must have been a massive taskto put all this together, under thecircumstances.It has been a roller-coaster rideover the past four or five months.While the situation with regardto Asia and the Americas is verytricky, even here in Europe thesituation remains unclear. So,nothing could be taken for granted.Making preparations, but thenhaving to readjust and readaptagain and again was highlychallenging.Would you say that this event nowbecomes a model for the entireglobal events industry?That was one of our majortargets. The positive aspect isthat we have proven it’s possibleto run an event like this in thecurrent circumstances. With thehealthcare institutions in Berlin,we have carved out a role model.It’s good for Messe Berlin, forother trade shows which can nowhopefully step into the planningprocess for events in mid-2021. Aglobal trade show has to finaliseits preparations at least six monthsbefore the event itself. If you missthe time loop, you can’t run theshow. On the other hand, if you lookat the entire service industry thatrelies on trade shows, includingrestaurants, hotels, transport, andso on, they are taking this as anWE CAN ANNOUNCETHAT FOR 2021,SO FAR MORETHAN 60% OF THEEXHIBITION SPACEHAS ALREADY BEENBOOKED.energising factor heading into thefuture. For us, this year was veryspecial, because by doing this, wehave strengthened the position ofIFA as a brand.What lessons did you learn fromthis event?Firstly, people want to meet eachother – to look into the faces oftheir partners and customers.Secondly, the network of IFA isstable and strong – not just withregard to the headquarters ofour industry partners, but also inthe media landscape. They aresupporting us in these times ofcrisis. And lesson number three –for us as trade show organisers,it’s not fun organising such a show.We want to get back a full-scaleIFA with high energy dynamic,with all the consumers here, andwith more than 40 show floors fullof exhibitors.What are the plans for 2021?We can announce that for 2021, sofar more than 60% of the exhibitionspace has already been booked.All the industry partners are nowwatching carefully to see whatwill happen to other major eventsbetween now and the next IFA,and they will have to decide byMarch at latest what they will doat IFA 2021. Another exciting pieceof news is that next year we willbe partnering with Berlin PhotoWeek, which will start a few daysbefore our showSAVE THE DATEIFA 2021, SEP 3-7IFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 14 TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5

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