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IFA International 2020 SPECIAL EDITION - Review edition

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I STAND OUT STANDS IJVCKENWOODJVC KENWOOD DeutschlandGmbH – Thorsten Godulla,Managing DirectorEspecially in these difficult times,it is particularly important toprovide positive impulses for retailers andconsumers with innovative products andnew technologies. As an important part ofIFA2020, the Global PressConference offered us the idealplatform to present JVC'sEXOFIELD technology and otherproduct innovations fromKenwood and JVC to a broadpublicRESOUNDJochen Meuser, ManagingDirector GN Hearing GmbHFor more than 150 years, it hasbeen part of our company'sDNA to develop technologicalinnovations that improve and expandcommunication. This is what made us aregular exhibitor at IFA. Of course, theevent was different than usual due tothe current situation. We used the IFASpecial Edition to inform IFA journalistsin person about our latest, multiconnectedhearing aids8 IFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 14 TH SEPTEMBER

I STAND OUT STANDS ITP-LINKPingji Li, VP & GM of TP-Link Consumer & Enterprise BUBecause of the pandemic, people's lives have been dramaticallychanged. Smart living has really and truly become a part of thepublic's daily life. So, it is great to see that IFA is going on as planned. As theworld's largest brand of home networking products, TP-Link is committedto providing users with a more reliable and convenient Internet experience.For this IFA, we have brought brand new networking products and smarthome products to continue the adoption of smart lifestylesWESSEL-WERKMarcus Cleff, CEO of Wessel-WerkWe are very pleased to be part of the IFA 2020 special editionand have had interesting and inspiring exchanges with both– industry partners and media representatives. For us, the GlobalPress Conference was the ideal setting to present our new product forthe first timeIFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 14 TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9

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