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IFA International Day 3 Edition

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I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IChallenges andopportunities – theroadmap for successfulbusinessExclusive Interview - Jochen Pohle,Head of Business Unit EK Home,EK/servicegroupThe support of members during Covid-19 lockdown hasbeen one of the biggest challenges for EK/servicegroup. Weasked Jochen Pohle, Head of Business Unit EK Home how theorganisation tackled the issue.Even in the run-up to the businessclosures, we informed the dealersabout the immediate measures tosecure liquidity, such as talks withbanks and landlords, and providedthem with the correspondingsample letters on topics suchas short-time work, exemptionregulations, immediate assistance,tax hours, etc.The suspension of invoicesettlements was then certainly oneof the most effective measures toease the tight liquidity situation. Atthe same time, it was of course aquestion of boosting e-business.Within a very short time, weinstalled online shops with thedealers, pushed the connection toour own and external marketplacessuch as Amazon and ran advertisingcampaigns - especially on socialmedia. The message here: "We'rehere for you online."We then accompanied therestart with an extensive range ofservices, including health care. Thisincluded the checklist for healthprevention as well as the supply ofbreathing masks, cough protectionor disinfectant stands and theexpansion of contactless paymentoptions. And the video tutorial onthe production of self-made mouthnoseprotection masks was notmissing either.What will be the secrets tosuccessful business in the comingmonths?The most important thing is that inthe fight against the virus, we donot allow ourselves to slacken ourdistance and hygiene measures.Furthermore, the current situationshows us that we need to becomemore flexible in many areas. What isrequired is a better understandingof customer needs and much fasteradaptation to changes in consumerbehaviour in times of crisis. Toachieve this, we need to get evencloser to our customers, especiallydigitally. At the same time, it isnecessary to think and act muchmore quickly when determiningassortments and delivery times.Which product groups are movingbest at the moment?In times of home office, the retreatinto the private sphere and thequestioning of basic attitudes to life,products that make the home morebeautiful and more comfortableare booming. In addition, there arearticles that support work fromyour home desk. We are seeingexceptionally good developmentin kitchens and accessories. Largeand small electrical appliances arealso doing well.What products do you expect to bethe “sweet spots” for Christmas?In these times, people want morethan ever for themselves and theirloved ones to be doing well. Wetherefore expect that there willbe a strong demand for wellnessarticles and technical equipmentwith the right mix of functionalityand emotional added value atChristmas.What are your thoughts about thefact that IFA management hasdecided to do a “real” show thisyear, despite all the difficulties?EXPANSION OF TP LINK'SPOPULAR DECO RANGE OF WIFIMESH SETSAn update from TP Link's mesh system with Wi-Fi 6, the DecoX96 2pack can cover an area of up to 560 sq m with Wi-Fi.Deco X96 supports 6GHz band for lag-free data transfer with upto 7800Mbit / s available for more than 200 devices. Throughthe device's targeted increase in efficiency, itensures an expansion of capacity for parallelrunning applications.Thanks to this technology, bandwidth-intensiveexperiences such as streaming TV, gamingand smart home communication are possiblesimultaneouslyIFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEHall 1.2 / Stand 211The rapid expansion of digitalsales and communicationchannels is undoubtedly a positiveconsequence of the crisis situation,but despite the mask, the personalconversation is irreplaceable.Business between people requirestrust, emotions and, from timeto time, a shared laugh. Thus,networking in "real life" remains thekey to successful entrepreneurship.Of course, always taking allnecessary precautionsADVERTORIAL6 IFA INTERNATIONAL • SATURDAY 5 TH SEPTEMBER

I TRADE TALK II PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT IPanasonic’s German “Dream Team” at the Business, Retail & Meeting Loungearea – (L-R) Managing Director, Kai Hillebrandt, with Sales Director, MichaelList and Head of PR, Michael LangbehnDeals - face toface at IFAThe IFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges have beena major success at this year’s IFA Special Edition. Overthe three days of the show, this “trade only” area in theCity Cube enables meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.In addition to the hundreds ofpre-registered retailers anddistributors from Germany,including representatives ofEK/servicegroup, Euronics,expert, EP:Electronic Partner,Telering and Media-SaturnDeutschland GmbH, more than250 international retailers andtrade visitors from more than 50countries registered to attend.Participating brands includePanasonic, Sinotunity GmbH,Neato Robotics Inc., IDCP BV,Simfer ic de vis Ticaret A.S.,LG Electronics DeutschlandGmbH, Bleu Jour Sarl, GrundigIntermedia GmbH and BekoDeutschland.The Business, Retail & MeetingLounges are supplementedby a reseller area, which hasbeen bringing together tradevisitors and exhibitors as aB2B marketplace for 20 yearsin cooperation with the GlobalFairs TT fair.In the Panasonic area, we spokewith Kai Hillebrandt – ManagingDirector for German speakingcountries at Panasonic – andnew Chairman of the AdvisoryBoard of the German IndustryAssociation gfu. He says theteam from Panasonic Germanyhas been very busy throughoutthe show: “It’s been a uniquechance to talk to all our businesspartners. All the main playersare here from Germany’sbuying groups, but also froma number of other countries”,says Hillebrandt. “It is of vitalimportance for us to have apresence here. We are doingbusiness. But touching andexperiencing the products ishighly important, which is whywe are really looking forward toIFA 2021.”Meanwhile, Jessica Schnabel,Public Relations Expert,Grundig Intermedia GmbH, toldIFA International the show hadbeen a success for her company– with back-to-back meetings inthe lounge with trade reps andjournalistsADVERTORIALA revolutionary solutionfor smelly shoesFor those tired of stinky shoes,Creative Technology from Japanhas developed a solution thanksto to its own brand ataraina.More than 30 years of research andproduction in the semiconductorindustry form the background ofthis brand, which aims to makeeveryday life easier with the help ofelectrostatic technology.Thanks to Deodorant One, atarainanow provides the solution for badsmelling shoes:The user simply inserts the deviceinto the shoe and presses thebutton. After only 15 minutes, upto 90% of the bacteria in the shoe,which are originally responsible forthe bad smell, are eliminated. It isWHERETO GO INBERLINEntrecôte Gaststätten GmbHSchützenstraße 5,10117 Berlin Mitte/Am Checkpoint CharlieTel: +49 30 20 16 54 96info@entrecote.deMetro: U Kochstrasse U6RESTAURANTThe Entrecôtealso effective against Trichophyton,the cause of athlete's foot.The principle behind DeodorantOne is the "radical sheet", whichproduces ozone and ions that breakdown odour particles and bacteria.UV rays, which are well known forsterilising shoes, are effective onlyon the sections exposed to light,but Deodorant One has an effecton the entire shoe's innersoleHall 1.2 / Stand 206IFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEAtaraina Press Conference :Today at 10:15 am Conference Room 3.2KEY SELLINGPOINTSEffective on entire interiorof shoeBespoke ozone technologyEnvironmentally friendlyThe Entrecôte is a restaurant and brasserieright in the heart of Berlin, reflecting the spirit of Paris. While the “brasserie lifestylespirit” can normally only be found in Paris, loved by many poets, writers and artists,The Entrecôte has brought this esprit to life in Berlin.You will find in their great offer of typically French cuisine, dishes such as saumonfumé, escargots, foie gras, huitres fines de Claire. Entrecôte has maintained itsindependence, and has not copied the interiors of its Parisian cousins. There is nofake Art Deco here, the visitor is perfectly aware of being in Berlin. The modern andelegant but very comfortable interior is a priority of the management. This does notin the least impair the lifestyle, quite the opposite.This is what makes the Entrecôte soreal.Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to midnight;Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 pm to midnight© Thomas KellerIIFA INTERNATIONAL • SATURDAY 5 TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7

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