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IFA International Preview - 2020 SPECIAL EDITION


I NEWS IADVERTORIALFor coffee specialitieswith the perfect milk froth:the new CM6MilkPerfectionfrom Miele has it allAnyone who appreciates the value of a perfect cup of coffee knowsthat it’s not just the quality of the beans and the crema that matter –the milk froth is crucial too.At IFA, Miele is showcasing a new productwhich – in the company’s own words – is settingnew standards in this respect. By adding twobursts of steam, the CM6 MilkPerfection is ableto create double milk frothing.“This double Venturi process not only increasesthe temperature of the milk froth but alsocreates a particularly light texture,” explainsMichael Wolbeck, Product Manager for coffeemakers at the Miele Group.FOUR PRESET MODESPROVIDE ADDITIONAL USERCONVENIENCEThe choice of beverages available in theCM6 has been expanded to include espressomacchiato, flat white and numerous teavarieties, amounting to 18 creations in total. Tosuit their preferences, users can amend thequantities of water, milk and froth at any pointduring preparation. Further settings, such asthe quantity of coffee that is ground, waterquantity, water temperature and pre-brewingoption, can be stored – subject to the model – infour or eight custom user profiles.By selecting four preset modes, the CM6MilkPerfection meets the needs of users withoutparameters having to be set individually. As aresult, operating the machine in the basic Ecomode is particularly energy-efficient. While inBarista mode, the heater element quickly bringsthe machine to the right temperature. Lattemode, meanwhile, guarantees the shortestpossible waiting times for coffee specialitieswith milk. And Party mode is optimised toprepare lots of different beverages as quicklyas possible – and with very few switch-on orinterim rinses.CLEANING NOWEVEN EASIER THAN EVERWhen it comes to cleaning too, the CM6MilkPerfection offers even greater conveniencethan ever before: the machine features adouble tube, meaning it is no longer necessaryto disconnect and reconnect the tubes whenautomatically rinsing the milk hose. The firsttube connects the milk container to the coffeemachine, while the second is used for therinse water. Depending on the model, a glassmilk container is included in the delivery. Thecontainer is dishwasher-safe, as are the driptray, water container and waste container.The brew unit on every Miele machine can beremoved and easily cleaned under the tap.THREE VERSIONS, SEVEN COLOURS:Depending on the model and country, threeversions and seven colour combinations areavailable, including Lotus white, Obsidianblack CleanSteelMetallic and Graphite greyPearlFinish. The CM6 MilkPerfection will beavailable from autumn 2020IFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEHall 1.2, 3.2, 4.2Miele Press Conference : Friday 4 Sept. 9:45 amConference Room 3.2NEWSMARTNETWORKING WITHTHE MIELE@MOBILEAPPAll models in the CM6 series are nownetwork-enabled. Using the Miele app anda smartphone or tablet, it is possible, forexample, to display the current cleaningstatus of the machine, start preparing abeverage remotely (MobileControl) orcontrol the machine via voice commandsand Amazon Alexa. The app can also beused to order more Miele coffee.Specially for espresso fans, the Miele appalso offers a BaristaAssistant. This guidesthe user step by step through a tastingsession to ensure that they get the perfectcup of coffee. The relevant machinesettings can then be stored as a personaltaste profile6 IFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 31 ST AUGUST

I NEWS IReal business… face-to-faceRetailers and distributors from more than 50 countries will leverageIFA Business, Retail & Meeting LoungesIn order to support industry and trade, meeting spaces in theIFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges will be offered as partof the IFA 2020 Special Edition. These B2B Lounges will be anexclusive meeting-point for retailers and manufacturers, witha relaxed atmosphere for efficient appointment coordinationand successful discussions.The IFA Business, Retail & MeetingLounges enable meetings in arelaxed atmosphere. Only preregisteredtrade visitors areadmitted to this exclusive area inthe City Cube.In addition to more than 200pre-registered retailers anddistributors from Germany,including representatives of EK/servicegroup, Euronics, expert,EP: Electronic Partner, Teleringand Media-Saturn DeutschlandGmbH, more than 250 internationalretailers and trade visitors frommore than 50 countries have alreadyexpressed interest in attending.Meanwhile, Euronics DeutschlandeG is holding its annual generalmeeting on 6 September at theBerlin Exhibition Grounds.Dirk KoslowskiIFA Director, Messe BerlinPERSONAL,TRUSTFUL CONTACTIS AND REMAINSAN ESSENTIALFOUNDATIONFOR SUCCESSFULBUSINESSRELATIONS“Personal, trustful contact is andremains an essential foundationfor successful business relations”,said Dirk Koslowski, IFA Director.“Through the IFA 2020 SpecialEdition, we would like to onceagain provide the best possiblesupport to retailers and industry intheir preparations for the end-ofyearbusiness. The IFA Business,Retail & Meeting Lounges arethe first opportunity to meet faceto-faceagain and to coordinatestrategies with retail partners,"Koslowski continued. "Even thoughthe dimension and brand variety ofthis lounge area is inevitably limiteddue to current circumstances,the personal interaction is all themore important.”EK/servicegroup, as a longstandingpartner of IFA, is oneof the participating retail co-opslooking forward to this opportunity.Franz-Josef Hasebrink, CEO of EK/servicegroup said, "To us, IFA is animportant driving force and alwaysa fixed date in our calendar. We willbe there again this year with ourteam, taking into account the verygood security concept, in order tolearn about exciting new productsand innovations for our more than4,000 affiliated retail partners. Allmarket participants benefit froma strong IFA. For us as a BuyingAssociation and thus a creatorof networks between trade andindustry, IFA is very important."For their part, key manufacturersare throwing their support behindthe new IFA format, also presentat the Global Press Conference.Matthias Ginthum, Chief MarketsOfficer (CMO), BSH HausgeräteGmbH, said, “The world economyhas been badly hit by the pandemic.The current developments givehope that our home applianceindustry will recover somewhatfaster than other industries. It istherefore all the more importantnow to work together to offerconsumers attractive incentives.IFA is and will remain the mostimportant showcase for trends andinnovations. As the market leader,we are therefore taking advantageof the alternative concept of IFA2020 and will present new answersand solutions for every consumerneed with our equipment anddigital services at the IFA GlobalPress Conference on September3.”VIRTUAL MARKET PLACEAND XTENDED IFASUPPORT PREPARATIONAND NETWORKINGBy visiting the Virtual MarketPlace, trade visitors can alreadysee who will be exhibiting, makeappointments and purchase ticketsfor the IFA 2020 Special Edition.Just before and during the event,the virtual extension of IFA, IFAXtended Space, offers additionalnetworking optionsSAFETY FIRSTWhile this preview editionof IFA International is onlyavailable in “soft” format, usagerestrictions will apply to theprint editions of the magazineat the show itself.Due to Covid-19 restrictionsand regulations, we kindly askthat if you take a magazine, thatyou do NOT pass it on, and doNOT leave it lying in a placewhere someone else can pickit up.Please either keep it inyour bag, or dispose of itthoughtfully in an appropriaterubbish bin.Together, we can keep the virusat bayIIFA INTERNATIONAL • MONDAY 31 ST AUGUST 2020 7

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