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IFA International Review - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Review edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.

NEWS klang m1 Bluetooth

NEWS klang m1 Bluetooth speaker by Loewe Gorenje’s Retro charm for fans of great design Gorenje’s range recalls a bygone era with contemporary appeal LOEWE GOES BACK TO THE FUTURE IN BERLIN Business Days 2017 Loewe was at IFA offering a glimpse of the future with a raft of products targeted at audiophiles and at those who want to experience music simply and quickly, but in the highest possible quality. Gorenje's stand @ IFA 2018 The Berlin fair comes in the wake of an historic homecoming for the firm. After 40 years, Loewe has returned to its Berlin roots where it continues to build on its formidable tradition in audio technology. There, in the city where the last Loewe transistor radio came off the production line in 1978, innovative, high-quality and powerful Hi-Fi products are now being developed again. The company is setting up its own team of audio specialists in a co-working space in the city centre, from where they collaborate closely with the experts at the main factory in Kronach in Bavaria and the innovation team in Munich to create the perfect mix of sound, design and quality; and innovate and drive the planning and development of a portfolio of new sound products. The firm says that, within a year, it will be launching a wide range of modern audio systems – including home cinema, more conventional Hi-Fi products as well as modern solutions for multi-room audio and portable music, exemplified by Loewe’s recently introduced klang m1 Bluetooth speaker Gorenje’s colourful Retro refrigerators are popular with design-oriented users who appreciate cuttingedge cooling technology, ensuring long-lasting and fresh performance. Available in three new colours and complemented with a matching collection of Retro small domestic appliances. The popular Retro collection is inspired by the timeless retro design with rounded edges, complemented with the distinctive robust, chromecoloured handle. Gorenje is set to make new fans of Retro cool by introducing three new colours: Olive, Copper and Apple, appealing to even more users with the feel for nostalgic shapes and demand for advanced and reliable technology. SELECT YOUR SHADE OF COOL The new colours were carefully chosen to stay true to the retro legacy, but also keep in line with the upcoming trends in interior design. To say that copper is making a comeback would be wrong, because this glamorous metallic tone was never really out. It’s the perfect complement to natural materials as well as sleek, contemporary lines. Apple is the evergreen shade of green. It is just as refreshing and vibrant as the first bite in a juicy apple. The perfect shade of Retro refrigerator to fill your kitchen with carefree and light vibes all year round. Olive, the most retro shade of them all, is a sultry, warm, organic colour with hints of nostalgia and warmth. The right choice for nature-lovers, who find inner peace and new energy outdoors. Because it seamlessly blends with almost any interior, Olive is a great colour for busy households that could use a subtle calming down effect. FEELING JUST A LITTLE RETRO? For consumers not willing to go full-on retro, they can add just a touch of its charm to your kitchen interior with the Gorenje Retro Collection of small domestic appliances. The kitchen essentials – kettle, toaster, blender, hand blender and kitchen machine – feature design, inspired by the past and are powered with technology to last. COOKING WITH PASSION Retro isn’t the only Gorenje Collection, inspired by the good old days you could see at this year’s IFA. The Gorenje Classico collection was created for cooks who love to indulge in their passion, with a style that never goes out. Soft lines, beautifully designed knobs and characteristic relief handles with aged gold finish will introduce a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. An absolute classic, the Gorenje Classico appliances deliver a perfect cooking experience thanks to their latest technology. All products are available in ivory or matte-black 12

NEWS Sharp Launches New Tumble Dryer Range New factory has capacity to produce 750,000 tumble dryers a year Following the opening of its new 60,000 m 2 washing machine and tumble dryer factory, Sharp Home Appliances has announced the launch of its first ever line of tumble dryers. The new 7-9Kg series encompasses both heat pump and condenser models, offering exceptional speed and efficiency. Designed with two ultra-fast cycles, the models are part of the brand’s Easy Care Line, which promises extra clothes care and user benefits. As well as reducing the need for ironing with a whole series of features, including lifters, special drying algorithms and an anti-wear and tear drum design, the range comes with a wide selection of 15 programmes, which include cycles for bulkier items, such as duvets and denims, and a refresh cycle that can freshen clothes in just 29 minutes. In terms of design, the models are also in line with consumer trends, offering more hassle-free maintenance with easyclean filters and water tanks that can be emptied up to 30% more quickly. To save space, they can also be stacked on top of washing machines, making them ideal for smaller new builds, apartments and townhouses Speaking about the launch, European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, observed:, “With the opening of our new laundry factory, we are now in a position to step up our plans and fulfil our market potential. We believe that we can offer the technological expertise to modernise everyday laundry routines from start to finish, having the speed, efficiency and hassle-free innovation to transform the user experience. And with a capacity to produce up to 750,000 tumble dryers per year, we’re confident that we can fulfil demand. Our Industry 4.0 credentials also give us greater competitive edge, enabling us to manufacture more rapidly, flexibly and efficiently” Easy Care Heat Pump Tumble Dryer A GOURMET RESTAURANT IN YOUR HOME Miele presented its new dialog oven at IFA 2017; and now, a startup called MChef is set to deliver topclass cuisine to people’s homes. Superior threecourse menus, served and arranged on elegant plates – and ready to be cooked to perfection in a customer's own dialog oven. The gourmet service, unique throughout the world, is due to start in September in North Rhine-Westphalia and to be extended to cover the whole of Germany from the beginning of next year. The menu includes Ikarimi salmon tartare for starters, with marinaded shrimps and a small salad. Followed by fillet of Hereford prime beef with jus of red wine, vegetable strips and potato truffle gratin. And tiramisu pyramid cake with berry ragout and filled Amarettinis. These and a further 16 dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options and special creations for kids, are on the menu list presented by Martin Eilerts, founder and CEO of MChef in Bielefeld. The target audience for the new gourmet service are owners of a dialog oven who wish to dine as if in their favourite restaurant in the comfort of their own home IFA International • Friday 14 th September 2018 13

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