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IFA International Review - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Review edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.


NEWS IFA Global Markets attracts record numbers This year’s IFA Global Markets lived up to its “Big Deal” slogan with a record number of attendees solidifying its position as Europe’s largest sourcing market. Now in its third year, IFA Global Markets proves to be a vital part of IFA as Europe’s largest international sourcing platform for OEMs, ODMs, suppliers, component manufacturers and yet-to-be-discovered brands from all over the world. Three factors drove this year’s growth in visitors: a full house of exhibitors, good event partners, and top content via EXPERT TALKS. Open exclusively for four days to trade visitors, this year the Station-Berlin exhibition Klaus-Peter Voigt formerly Chief Procurement Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is now CEO of era (European Retail Alliance) area at IFA Global Markets was fully booked-- and even oversubscribed. Partners in the success include organizations such as the international business network Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). EEN organized IFA Business Days which included IFA Business Sessions and IFA Matchmaking Meetings where EEN involves its regional, national and international network to encourage business contacts. This year Global Fairs/TT-Messe, organizers of the pavilion ISP@Global Markets, added a New Tech Brands Zone in cooperation with New Times of China. Exhibitors in this area were select, up-and-coming Chinese manufacturers who presented the latest trends in technology under their own brands. Based in this New Tech Brands Zone area, ShowStoppers, the press event organizer, opened a successful second press event for IFA Global Markets. The press also had access to the second edition of EXPERT TALKS @ IFA Global Markets. There, on stage in the Hall Symposium, one could hear about the world’s first blockchain smart speaker, the leading open source AI voice assistant, or vacuum installation panels. Other sessions covered how to find, sign and motivate Chinese suppliers, the trillion dollar Apple ecosystem, and why we need better audio in our devices. For the EXPERT TALKS keynote, Peter Wiggers, Managing Director of B&S Retail (owner of Capi, Europe’s leading airport retailer of electronic products) joined in a Fireside Chat. The closing session saw a presentation of the benefits of trade alliances, headed by Klaus-Peter Voigt, now named CEO of the new European Retail Alliance (era). He was joined on stage by Harman Lifestyle GM &VP EMEA, Carsten Olesen 20

TRADE TALK One Group – Two Brands Fnac Darty CEO Enrique Martinez updates us on integration progress Markus Tuschl Global Director of Digital Retail, GfK Two years after the acquisition of Darty by Fnac, the group now has common head offices in France and Belgium. We asked Enrique Martinez, CEO of Groupe Fnac Darty how the integration is coming along. The integration of Fnac and Darty is unfolding at high speed, according to our motto “one group, two brands”. We have launched numerous business initiatives, be it a common gift card, the development of a cross-brands clickand-collect service, or the creation of Darty corners within Fnac stores... From an economic standpoint, we are committed to generating e130M€ synergies by end- 2018. Last December, we presented a strategic plan that will allow us to continue this integration. What has changed for the employees and the customers? I think I can say that we are all proud of belonging to a leading European group, composed of two beautiful brands that have been able to reinvent themselves and look to the future with confidence! Our first Fnac Darty convention last September in Paris was a seminal moment: employees of the two brands were able to meet and share their experiences. Our customers now benefit from greatly increased range of services. For example, subscribers to Fnac and Darty’s loyalty programs enjoy unlimited delivery across both. We still have a long way to go to consolidate our referring brands towards our customers and employees. How will be the strategy moving forward? Our vision of the group for the coming years is that of an omni-channel player with a strong digital presence, that OUR VISION OF THE GROUP FOR THE COMING YEARS IS THAT OF AN OMNI-CHANNEL PLAYER WITH A STRONG DIGITAL PRESENCE Enrique Martinez Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Fnac Darty has developed a complete range of products and services around its brands and partners. Will both brands remain in the market? Will you start opening stores with dual branding? The whole project of bringing together Fnac and Darty finds its meaning in the brands’ power. Both have unique strengths that are recognised and complementary. We are still testing different dualbranding formats with great success. What is remarkable with Fnac and Darty is that they are even more powerful when brought together, withinthe same selling space, where each one benefits from the other’s strengths INTEGRATING DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY AT POINT OF SALE At GfK Markus Tuschl, Global Director of Digital Retail, tracks retail developments. We asked him how will electrical retail integrate disruptive technology at the point of sale… Today’s retail landscape is constantly evolving and this is partly being driven by the mobile revolution and changing consumer preferences related to this. Shoppers’ behaviours and attitudes are also fluctuating and retailers must understand what’s going on in order to respond and identify gaps in the market. With many opportunities requiring significant investment in technology, this is an important time for retailers. There is a real challenge when it comes to figuring out which areas will have the most impact. What are today’s retailers doing to leverage these technology opportunities at the point of sale? It’s clear that retailers have technological investment on their agenda, and priorities in this area are related to big data from different angles and mobile capabilities. However, in order to bridge the gap between current and future relevance, we see the need for more advanced solutions like facial recognition, which are already on some retailers’ radar. To manage the investments effectively, retailers need to keep one eye on understanding how new technologies can help them do this and another on ensuring they anticipate future innovations. By analysing technological developments in terms of their perceived relevance and the likelihood of them being the focus of future investment by retailers, it’s possible for businesses to pinpoint which technologies to invest in and how to differentiate in a very competitive environment IFA International • Friday 14 th September 2018 21

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