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IFA International Review - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Review edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.


NOMADIC LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA POPSOCKETS ADD HOLIDAY BLING PopSockets, the collapsible phone grip manufacturer, premiered its new designs and colours at IFA. The brand unveiled PopSockets in exclusive new materials including glitter colour chrome, and sparkle finishes. Limited edition collections such as Iridescent Snakeskin, Diamond and Twist were released in new colourways. For lovers of glitz and highend glamour, PopSockets with Swarovski Crystals will be released globally for the holiday season. The collection features four colours: Silver, Siam Red, Jet Black and Golden Shadow. It marks the first time the collaboration will be available globally. The initial edition sold out in less than a week in the US. The grips have become a recognisable accessory and a way of express personal style. PopSockets have been a pervasive fixture of mirror selfies in the Instagram feeds for several years now. In 2017 the brand sold around 35m pieces. ENHANCE THE CAMERA ON A SMARTPHONE WITH THE OLLOCLIP KEY SELLING POINTS Olloclip launched its new Multi- Device clip here at IFA, that is designed to quickly and easily enhance the cameras on most smartphones and many other devices. The expanding clip design provides flush alignment with the camera and lens, and is compatible with screen protectors and smartphone cases that are up to 12mm deep. The Olloclip is compact in size and doesn't require any additional accessories to function. The clip can be easily switched from the front to rear- facing camera in seconds. When paired with the recently launched Connect X interchangeable lenses, the user can quickly attach the ideal lens for any adventure and capture the exact angle and field of view required. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Enhances the camera on a smartphone 2 Quick and easy design 3 Compatible with Connect X interchangeable lens 1 Phone personalisation 2 Fun and practical 3 Swarovski designs SUPER FAST CHARGING FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE The Omni Plus Metal Powerbank 20,000 USB-C QC3.0, from Trust International, comes with USB, USB-C, fast (re)charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. It is able to charge phones for 80 extra hours and tablets for 30 extra hours (depending on model/battery), and is compatible with Apple, Samsung & other mobile phone brands. The powerbank is stylish with a durable aluminium alloy body that is perfect for robust lifestyles. It is also able to auto-detect your phone or tablet to charge at highest possible speed. The 20,000 mAh battery has a level indicator, and Micro-USB and USB-C charge cables are included in the package. There is a Smart Protection System for safe and fast charging. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Rapid charging capability 2 Sleek metallic design 3 Communicates what power level is required KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Durable protective material and a tough impact resistant bumper 2 Scandinavian influenced fashionconscious design 3 Allows users to match the mobile phone case with outfits and accessories FREEDOM PHONE CASES Richmond & Finch’s Freedom Series mobile phone cases come equipped in a durable protective material and a tough impact resistant bumper, which protects mobile phones from all angles. The trademarked gold ring and border are distinctive to Richmond & Finch – who say the design is influenced by the clean, classic elements for which Scandinavian Designs are world famous. The cases are created to allow users to mix and match their mobile phone case with daily outfits and accessories. 24

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA NEW HANDSETS FROM HISENSE Hisense showcased its latest smartphones at IFA. The Hisense A6 offers users two screens, while the Hisense Infinity H12 Pro boasts a 20MP front camera for super-sharp selfies. Both smartphones will be available in China, and there is a special version of the Hisense Infinity H12, with a 6.19-inch screen, designed for the European market. The Hisense A6 front screen is a bright 6.01-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, while the rear sports a 5.61-inch HD+ e-ink display, designed specifically for e-books and other tasks that do not need a colour display such as energy efficient internet browsing. The e-ink display uses less power, which boosts battery life, while its low blue light emission is less tiring on the eyes, especially useful when reading long texts. The Hisense A6 combines a 12MP rear camera with a 16MP front camera. The handset can also be remote-controlled via IR and WiFi. ASSISTIVE HEARING IN ALANGO WIRELESS HEADSET Designed for people that need an occasional boost to aid comprehension of dialogue and appreciation of music, BeHear NOW enhances and personalises speech and audio to suit the wearer's preferences and abilities. It features advanced signal processing with built-in hearing enhancement to improve the entire hearing experience, whether you are engaging in live conversation, listening to music, speaking on the phone, or simply going about your daily activities. The first member of the recently launched Wear & Hear line by Alango Technologies, Ltd., BeHear NOW combines the functionality of three products – a digital hearing aid, an assistive listening device, and a Bluetooth stereo headset – into one. It is a multi-functional, high-performance, low-cost alternative to traditional hearing aids, providing hearing on demand. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Two-screen option 2 Powerful cameras 3 Sleek new designs KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Low-cost, high tech solution for improved situational hearing 2 App supports customisation and personalisation 3 Stylish, lightweight, rechargeable, neck loop form factor EXPLORE FURTHER AFIELD WITH CASIO Casio's PRO TREK smart watch series has a new addition to the family. The WSD-F30 comes with an extend mode which enables use of offline colour maps and GPS for up to three days on a single charge. In extend mode time and measurement data is continuously shown on the monochrome display, and a colour map can be displayed with the push of a button. Extend mode also conserves energy by switching the operating system to energy-saving standby mode on a schedule set by the user. The inner components have been rearranged to make the case thinner for a more compact profile, and the wristband has been improved and is now more flexible and with more holes for greater adjustability and fit. SWISSTONE’S TOUGH SPORTS WATCH The SW 700 Pro is the latest GPS sports watch from Swisstone. It has a variety of sports features to help you optimise workout routines, along with an integrated GPS to show tempo and distance in real time on the display. The watch also monitors heartrate as well as giving ECG measurements to reassure the users that they are excercising safely. Current, daily, weekly and monthly data are stored in the LinkSmart app, along with summaries to help users track their performance. There watch has eight different displays and is waterproof, so can be used in any weather. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Stores data in LinkSmart app 2 Monitors heart for safe excercising 3 Real-time GPS tracking KEY SELLING POINTS 1 New improved Dual layer display 2 Smaller, thinner case 3 Extend mode allows use for up to three days offline IFA International • Friday 14 th September 2018 25

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