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IFA International Review - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Review edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.


LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA EZCAST UNVEILS NEW SCREEN MIRROR TECH LOOK! NO BORDERS! Hitachi’s L+ Borderless TV delivers an image pushed to the very limits of the frame. The model features an ultra-narrow bezel and its technology includes Dolby HDR and Wide Colur Gamut, which provides the viewer with a picture that is high in colour, contrast and definition. And Sound Master Pro ensures that sound quality matches the Hitachi Picture Master UHD image. Televisions from Hitachi’s premium range L series are designed to deliver “a seamless transition between screen and home surroundings”. The Hitachi L+ series incorporates ultra-thin OLED offering a sleek design profile and ultimate performance. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 UHD resolution 2 DTS True Surround and DTS HD Sound System 3 Sound Master Pro ensures high sound quality EZCast was at IFA 2018 showing off its latest screen mirroring technologies for business, education and personal applications. EZCast has long been a leader in screen mirroring technologies, with EZCast catering to personal home casting needs, and EZCast Pro series focusing on the business and education sectors. One of the stars of the EZCast offering this year was the Beam J2, the first mini projector designed specifically for screen mirroring iPhones and Android phones. With KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Compact size 2 Designed for iPhone and Android 3 Charges phone flexibility in both wireless and plug and play screen mirroring, it redefines portable screen mirroring applications, and charges your smartphone at the same time. EZCast Beam J2 utilises Texas Instruments’ latest DLP technology to create the brightest portable projector of its class, at 150 Lumens. The internal battery is made of three packs of 3000 mAh batteries, so it can charge your smartphone while screen mirroring a full length movie. SONY MASTER SERIES Sony announced the release of the Bravia AF9 Master Series in Europe, the pioneering Japanese brand promoting its ability to “convey the creators’ intent as originally envisioned.” Incorporating the AF9 series of 4K OLED TVs and the ZF9 series of 4K LCD TVs, Master Series TVs are equipped with the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that provides twice the real-time processing capabilities of the current high-end models, and can intelligently detect and analyse each object in the picture for exceptional accuracy and detail. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that provides twice the realtime processing 2 Acoustic Surface Audio+ audio technology for full sound immersion 3 Pixel Contrast Booster faithfully reproduces deepest blacks and bright colours The AF9 series comes equipped with the Pixel Contrast Booster, which faithfully reproduces pictures with deep blacks and high luminance; and unique Acoustic Surface Audio+ audio technology that Sony says promises full immersion through the addition of a mid-panel actuator which, via the TV Centre Speaker Mode,, makes the sound audible right from the centre of the screen. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 New 10 TB X300 model 2 Designed for gaming PC 3 Wide PC compatibility TOSHIBA IN MAJOR HARD DRIVE REVAMP Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched new and improved models in its lineup of internal hard disk drives (HDDs), expanding the company’s profile in the hard drive space. Three Toshiba hard drive families are upgraded with increases in capacity and storage buffers. Among the improvements, the X300 drives for high-performance or gaming PCs now feature a 10 TB model, as well as smaller variants, and larger cache options. The X300 family is now ready to quickly store and provide access to even the fastest-growing gaming libraries. Running at a 7,200 rpm read speed, the X300 delivers extreme performance and robust capacity for creative and professional applications including graphic design, animation, photo and video editing and PC gaming. 26

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA NIVONA 7 SERIES - SILENT AND BEAUTIFUL Nivona’s new 7 series, with its all new 3D InMold front design, comes in Anthracite Cube, White Line, Silver Line and Black. Nivona has also made it a mission to reduce overall noise emission, applying the lever at the grinder. Thanks to new technology the 7 series performs noticeably quieter than its predecessors. A special upgrade is the “barista in a box“ feature, providing three aroma profiles. Thus the brewing process can be influenced individually in all four of KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Four colour schemes 2 Reduced noise emissions 3 Controllable through user-friendly app Nivona’s 7 series models. Cleaning is simple and thorough, and controlling the 7 series through an app is as user-friendly as ever. This enables users to prepare coffee via their smartphone, with guidance through all different functions step-by-step. COOKING IS AN ACT OF LOVE IFA saw the launch of Grundig’s kitchen appliances line created in collaboration with world-renowned chef and influencer, Massimo Bottura. Announced as Grundig’s official brand ambassador earlier this year, this is the chef’s first collaboration with Grundig, bringing to life their shared passion for premium quality and clean aesthetics. Designed to meet the demands of home cooks, who want a durable and unique product, Grundig’s new Massimo Bottura collection aims to inspire consumers to reach for culinary greatness when cooking at home. Building on Grundig’s heritage of harmonious design, quality and innovation, the Grundig Massimo Bottura collection includes a Kitchen Mixer, Toaster, Coffee Machine, Power Blender and Hand Blender, all adorned with Bottura’s signature and his famous quote ‘cooking is an act of love’, which represents the shared ethos of the chef and Grundig on the importance of respecting food. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Distinctive in a powerful matte black symbolising Massimo’s strong character 2 Antique-gold highlights to showcase the value of food 3 Featuring Bottura’s signature and his quote ‘cooking is an act of love’ HISENSE PRESENTS COOL PRODUCTS At IFA 2018, Hisense presented more than 15 new appliances, seven of them in the side-by-side and multi-door (3- or 4-door) segments and two energy-saving fridge-freezers with energy efficiency class A+++ -20%. A key highlight was the multi-door refrigerators of the RQ689 series, which look good from the outside and inside. Their individual cooling areas offer a lot of space for big shopping loads, their triple-tech cooling technology makes life easier since there are three areas for cooling and freezing food. There is also the My Fresh Choice compartment, a special drawer with separate air flow system and electronic temperature control. Here the temperature can be individually selected between -20° C and 5° C, depending on the food to be stored. This ensures KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Spacious for big shops 2 Triple-tech cooling 3 Available in silver or black more flexibility in the storage of vegetables, meat or fish as well as longer shelf life. These refrigerators are available with silver or black stainless-steel front. SIEMENS EXPANDS EQ COFFEE MACHINE RANGE The latest EQ series coffee machine from Siemens, the EQ.9, offers consumers a wide range of international specialty coffees and milk specialties at the touch of a button, or conveniently via the app that can be adjusted to individual tastes thanks to the barista mode fine flavour setting. The newest member of the EQ family impresses with an even larger range of international coffee specialities such as coffee XL, café cortado, flat white and Americano, all of which can be selected using the TFT colour display. In addition, the EQ.9 plus provides a wide variety of customisation options, making a favourite coffee even more personal. From coffee strength to coffee-to-milk ratio, intensity, size or brewing temperature, the barista mode enables coffee drinkers to set their individual preferences. The simple and intuitive operation and the colour TFT display also simplify the selecting of coffee varieties. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 The EQ.9 plus is Siemens’ quietest fully automated coffee machine 2 15 international specialty coffees can be programmed 3 Adjusted to individual tastes thanks with the barista mode setting IFA International • Friday 14 th September 2018 27

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