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IFA International Review - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Review edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.


BATHROOM LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA ROIDMI OFFERS CORDLESS POWER ROIDMI say their F8 cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the strongest on the market, boasting a 100,000 rpm digital DC brushless motor, which creates 115W of suction power. It can run for an impressive 55 minutes on a single charge. It features innovative smart power management system combined with the world's first smart app vacuum cleaner. It also has smart household cleaning big data analysis technology which works by combining hardware sales and software data. The system is Integrated into the world's largest IoT ecosystem platform. Founded in early 2015, China’s ROIDMI focuses on developing high quality cleaning products for global consumers. ROIDMI is also an important member of the emerging technology giant Xiaomi’s ecosystem chain. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Powerful motor 2 55 minutes run-time 3 Many free accessories REMINGTON ADVANCED COLOUR PROTECT HAIRSTYLING COLLECTION Super sleek hair with a serious shine is a style that never goes out of fashion, but daily styling can sometimes mean one loses that natural shine and can experience colour fading. Introducing the Advanced Colour Protect Hairstyling Collection enabling users to create an individual style whilst keeping their hair looking healthy and vibrant. The series is composed of the straightener S8605, the hairdryer AC8605, the wand CI8605 and the tong CI86X5. The Unique Colour Protect Technology is included in all the products of the series. It gives a long-lasting colour vibrancy and helps to maintain bold colours. The Intelligent Colour Protect Heat Sensor continuously regulates the temperature to avoid overheating, making sure that the user gets the very best from the styling, while preventing colour fading. It does not only protect colour, it also nourishes the hair with essential additives to obtain a healthy look. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Unique Colour Protect Technology gives a long-lasting colour vibrancy 2 Intelligent Colour Protect Heat Sensor continuously regulates the temperature 3 Infusion of Shea Oil and UV filters in ceramic coating (stylers) and conditioning ring (hairdryer) KEY SELLING POINTS 1 The aluminium structure guarantees maximum stability for your appliances MELICONI LAUNCHES LAUNDRY ACCESSORIES Designed and made in Italy, Base Torre Plus is a universal metal overlay kit with shelf to safely overlay the washer and the dryer machine. The slide-out shelf, in laminated wood, is located at a comfortable working height, and offers an ample surface for folding washing. Other products include: a universal overlay kit without shelf; a universal base with antivibration wheels, for absorbing the spinning noise of the washing machine and for moving it; washing bags for protecting garments or shoes during washing and spinning; perfumed sheets for the dryer machine; and an anti limescale magnet for washing machine or dishwasher. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Integrated cleanser compartment holds enough product for up to 30 treatments 2 Patented vibration technology with different function settings 3 Waterproof in both shower and bath FRESH-FACED THANKS TO SILK’N Netherlands-based Silk’n had a wealth of professional and domestic beauty devices on display at IFA 2018. The Silk’n Fresh is an upgrade of the facial cleansing brush – essential skincare for the 21st century – and claims to be the world’s first face brush that dispenses cleansing lotion. This means that, for up to 30 treatments, there is no need to use a separate bottle of cleanser. It is also a cordless electronic device that vibrates or pulsates, depending on the user’s choice of function mode, giving the skin a deep clean of all make-up, pollutants and dirt while simultaneously exfoliating and massaging. The Silk’n Fresh is bundled with an inductive charge cradle, brush stand and three different brushes of varying softness. 2 The kit includes a six-metre safety strap 3 The kit is rust-proofed, quick and easy to install 28

BATHROOM LIFESTYLE SEEN @ IFA ION-SEI BY SANYEI – LAUNCHING IN GERMANY AND THE UK KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Design - handy ergonomic and lightweight product design 2 High tech – “clever ion” technology 3 Healthy – suppresses plaque and bacterial growth ION-Sei by Sanyei is an innovative new electric toothbrush that aims to redefine the way people brush forever. It uses “clever ion” technology, from a patented titanium bar, and not only removes plaque but also suppresses the re-growth of bacteria, especially over time. It is the newest way to brush teeth deeply yet gently, as ions can penetrate deeply into all areas of the mouth. Not relying on electric or sonic brushing alone, allows the head to be softer and gentler on gums. The ION-Sei is an innovation that works with the body’s natural electrical charge—producing an opposite charge that suppresses plaque and bacterial growth and, like a magnet, helps to attract bacteria and plaque from teeth onto the brush head. No toothpaste or harsh chemicals needed, the technology works with simple water. ABSOLUTE FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL Absolute from Epilady, is an overthe-counter device intended for the removal of unwanted facial hair on men and women. It’s a device based on advanced infrared laser technology; the infrared monochromatic laser beam impacts the hair follicle, heating it, and weakening it in the process. Absolute does not cause damage or leave any traces on the surrounding skin. Clinically proven, Absolute is intended for permanent reduction of facial hair, following an initial treatment regime. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Leads to permanent reduction of facial hair 2 Does not cause damage 3 Leaves no trace on the skin around the follicles ARZUM BELLISSIMA: SALOON RESULTS AT HOME AR5004 Arzum Bellissima Professional Hair Dryer employs a long-lasting professional AC motor to provide efficient drying performance. Users can choose from three heat and two speed settings for control and precise drying and styling. The ultra-thin styling nozzle concentrates the flow of hair for precision styling on specific areas. The diffuser spreads the flow of air across the hair, drying more healthily, and boosting volume of hair. The Cool Shot button provides an intense burst of cool air that is used after styling to finish and set the style. PHILIPS AND THE SMART MOUTH KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Convenient to use thanks to the 1.8m power cord length 2 Professional AC motor to provide efficient drying 3 The Cool Shot button to finish and set the style At IFA 2018, Philips showcased what the company claims to be “the future of oral healthcare” – the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart range. Designed as a complete care system for oral health, these smart toothbrushes and related software allow users to tackle tooth whitening, gum health, plaque removal and bad breath. From the ability to monitor the efficiency of tooth-brushing in real-time via the Sonicare app, to sharing data directly with the user’s dentist, Philips believes this combined package will improve consumers’ understanding of how their habits at the bathroom mirror affect their overall dental hygiene. The app even provides personalised coaching, to improve brushing technique, while the built-in breath analyser can immediately help tackle breath quality issues. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 New tech specifically targets bad breath and related bacteria 2 Real-time brushing feedback improves technique 3 Sonicare app empowers users to take an active role in oral health IFA International • Friday 14 th September 2018 29

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