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PREVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS © Messe Berlin

NEWS © Messe Berlin GmbH IFA to Host droidcon Berlin Conference CE CHINA 2017 RIDING A WAVE OF SUCCESS With more than 120 exhibiting companies and a display area of 15,000 square metres, CE China has been heralded by organisers Messe Berlin as a success. IFA organisers have announced that droidcon Berlin, one of the world’s leading independent Android developer conferences, will take place at IFA for the first time. From September 3-5, around 1,000 software developers and experts are expected to attend the conference, who in particular will discuss technical aspects and innovations of the operating system and its applications. Android has become a key element of smart home solutions, including smart washing machines and refrigerators as well as internet TV sets. Dirk Koslowski, Senior Executive Manager at IFA, said: “With droidcon Berlin we are thrilled to have another partner conference on board. As an established symposium for head developers boasting high-quality, carefully chosen content, it perfectly augments the IFA program. It also strengthens our portfolio in the software segment.” Boris Jebsen, the founder of droidcon, added: “IFA provides an opportunity for exhibitors to let their Android developers gain extra knowledge and present their products to other Android development teams” CE China 2017, which took place in Shenzhen this spring, welcomed 11,500 attendees, of which 8,600 were trade visitors. The trade visitor increase of 6% at the second edition of the show demonstrates once more that CE China is moving full steam ahead. Jens Heithecker, CE China Chairman and IFA Executive Director, said: “The foundation of CE China on the same solid backbone as IFA Berlin gives the show a unique proposition, setting it apart from all others, and creates a veritable source for business.” For the first time, CE China presented an exclusive keynote programme. On the first day, four leading executives from BSH, HTC Vive, TMall/Alibaba and Huawei provided insights into current and future trends in the industry. Christof Jaeger, Senior Vice President of BSH and Regional Marketing Officer Greater China, discussed changing perspectives on brands, stating, "In China, brands have been extremely important in the past and will be even more so in the future". Changzhu Li, Vice President of Headset Business of Huawei, gave an outlook on Huawei’s approach to boost smart technology acceptance by consumers, stating "We have developed solutions on how to build an ecosystem for mobile devices and wearables and how to make it work and create value for the consumers.” Techcode, meanwhile, partnered with CE China by bringing 30 start-ups, to launch the new start-up area, Connect@CEChina Smartfrog Brings IoT to the Masses With a name like smartfrog, it leads one to wonder just what is unique about this brand and what they actually do! We put the question to Communications manager, Carolin Pfanne. What’s unique is that we control the entire value-chain. That means that we don’t only have the cloud, and the software on the camera and the hardware, but we also have the marketing, the customer relationship management fulfilment… everything it takes to build an IoT brand: we control that. That makes it easier for us to launch different products, and we started with the camera because security matters to everyone, it’s important to people, and various use-cases exist, whether it be monitoring the house, looking after children, elderly people or even pets. Consumers can rent the camera for €5.95 per month, and that includes the camera, the app and the video cloud. What are your key USPs? Firstly, the fact we have an all-in-one offer, secondly the fact that cameras from other providers are very expensive and are not that easy to install. Our device can be installed in five minutes, as you just have to plug it into a power socket and turn it on, download the app, connect it with the camera, and you’re done. It’s quick and easy. They say the smart home is not that popular because it’s too expensive and complex, but we make IoT ready for the masses Carolin Pfanne (left) Communications manager, smartfrog Hall 6.2 Stand 144 10

NEWS LG Promotes Ultra and Affordable Premium Loewe Goes All-Out for OLED… and High Design We met with Mark Hüsges – CEO of Loewe during the Innovations Media Briefing, and asked him how business is progressing… First of all, Loewe is progressing very well. We have double-digit growth, which is very positive. But for me, the most important thing is that customers are happy with what we do. In terms of what’s new, we have dramatically expanded our OLED portfolio. We now have product lines 4, 5, 7 and 9, whenever the screen is above 55-inches, we are very much counting on OLED, because we have no doubt that it is a superior technology. And the combination of the OLED panels with our software algorithms creates an exceptional picture quality and gives exquisite viewing pleasure for the customer. What is quite unique in the market is the number of different product we now offer with OLED technology. Looking at design, it’s interesting to note, for example, the Bild 5, which has a stand featuring wooden legs. Please tell us a little more about this concept. The Bild 5 product portfolio is a very modular concept. You can have it in a very standard configuration, in all mounting options: floor, table or wall. But on top of that, we have used the modular concept to create something really exceptional and unique, and that’s combining it with a wooden floor stand that makes it a real piece of furniture. It integrates into the living room environment, without being old fashioned – as it’s a very modern interpretation of the old days when the TV used to be a piece of furniture as well. It’s very unique as well in that it integrates the sound bar into the floor stand with an exceptional sound quality. So you have the lightness of the OLED panel with real materials like wood, fabric, glass and metals, giving an overall uniqueness Hall 24 Stand 101 South Korean manufacturer LG will be pushing a new line of “ultra-premium” products this IFA under the LG Signature brand. Leading the initial lineup is a LG Signature 4K HDR-enabled OLED TV, an updated TWINWash washing machine, and a new Door-in- Door refrigerator. LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators feature a tinted glass panel that allows users to simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents within - and without letting the cold air out, meaning the unit uses 41% less energy for cooling (helped also by a ColdSaver Panel that reduces cold air loss). The LG LFXS30796D and LFXS30796S InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators will be a key feature of LG’s ultra-premium line-up at IFA. Meanwhile, it has been announced that the next flagship smartphone from LG Electronics – to be launched at IFA – will be the first ever device to feature a plastic OLED FullVision display, consistent with the company’s smartphone display strategy that started with the LG G6 and continues with the LG Q6. As LG’s first OLED smartphone since the LG G Flex 2 in 2015, the shift marks a move by LG to extend its OLED leadership from the premium TV sector into the premium smartphone space. Beyond their slim profile and excellent visuals, OLED displays in smartphones are ideal for VR applications, one of the key growth areas in the smartphone industry. And because the screen in the upcoming smartphone will be based on plastic OLED technology – also known as P-OLED – the edges can be curved to allow for a more ergonomic design and a better feel in the hand Hall 18 Stand 101 IFA International • Monday 28 th August 2017 11

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