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PREVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS Bosch Household

NEWS Bosch Household Appliances Managing Director, Harald Friedrich, delivered an upbeat power briefing based around the company slogan, "more quality of life for the modern home". Having been voted Germany’s Most Trusted Brand in 2016-17, a key theme for Bosch at IFA 2017 will be the development of a unique “household personality”. “Our consumers have a high awareness of quality,” said Mr Friedrich. “But their needs are above all quite different.” While a healthy, sustainable and simplified lifestyle inform the priorities of a majority of consumers, these need also need to be expressed through individuality. This is Bosch’s promise of household personality. “With our latest new products we want to foster this uniqueness and help to make everyday life of our consumers easier, safer and more successful,” said Mr Friedrich. To this end, Bosch has created the first refrigerator that can change its colour with interchangeable doorways in 19 different shades. Mr Friedrich said that "customising" is a big trend, and not only in terms of furniture or fashion. With the VarioStyle refrigeration-freezer combination from Bosch, this trend has entered the realm of household appliances. Combined with an interior camera so you can see what’s in the fridge via an app on your tablet or smartphone, Bosch Roxxter Bosch Vario Style color combination Bosch Unleashes “Household Personality” it’s one of several unique Bosch fridge concepts featured at IFA. Also on the menu of household personality appliances was a “robot vacuum cleaner revolution”, with Bosch previewing its Roxxter robot before its launch at IFA. The Roxxter’s unique rounded shape means it can access and clean corners and furniture edges. For the first time, the robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled via Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice assistant. An integrated streaming camera in the Roxxter also lets users keep an eye on the home, with live streaming available through the app to a smartphone or tablet Hall 3.1 Stand 101 MIELE BREAKS NEW GROUND ACROSS DIVERSE SEGMENTS “Miele is more powerful, versatile and smart than ever before,” Frank Jüttner, Miele’s Head of Sales, Germany, told media in the lead-up to IFA 2017. The premium household appliance brand will be showing a range of new products at IFA, including the vacuum robot Scout RX2, with stereos cameras for 3D navigation, which can send users camera image via the “Home Vision” live cam app. In contrast to its predecessor the RX1, the RX2 promises threefold higher dust absorption, while seven infrared sensors ensures a thorough mapping of every home. The machine will be available from September 2017 following its IFA launch, and will complement other updated models in the Miele vacuum range, including the Blizzard CX1 bagless. Miele will also be launching a new affordable range of CM5 series coffee machines as part of their “dual strategy” to combine high end quality and technology along with price competitiveness. Five colour options, compact dimensions, classic Miele elegance, a “one touch for two” function and easy automatic cleaning mark the new stand-alone coffeemakers that benefit from the proven technology of their higher-priced sister models in the CM6 and CM7 series. The introduction of the CM5 series has consolidated Miele’s expansive coffee machine offering. “If you count all three series with their equipment options and color variants, Miele customers can now choose between 16 different models”, said Jüttner. Miele is also adding value by offering its own coffee for its fully automatic coffee machines. The Black Edition No 1 is an organic and fair trade Arabica blend that is produced exclusively for Miele. Miele will also promote its newly designed WT1 washerdryer, which washes and dries in one cycle and features the TwinDos automatic detergent dispenser Hall 2.1 Stand 101 14

NEWS IFA 2017 STRATEGY UNVEILED FOR SIEMENS HOME APPLIANCES Hall 1.1 Stand 101 Siemens is back at IFA in 2017 to promote home appliance products that promise a "seamless life.” This is “a life where intelligent technology, design and networking create more opportunities and freedoms,” said Siemens Managing Director, Roland Hagenbucher, at the IFA power briefing in July. Making everyday life easier starts in the laundry. A new networked Avantgarde laundry care line-up embodies Siemens’s seamless life vision by combining the three pillars of networking, innovation and technology. Besides a futuristic operational experience and design, Siemens’ updated Avantgarde washing machine has, for the first time, an upgraded capacity of 10 kilos without compromising the sleek shape and outer dimensions - the machines are only slightly deeper. The latest laundry technologies like sensoFresh or the IntelligentCleaning system are also standard. The first time, however, Avantgarde buyers can also choose the I-dos dispensing system that ensures an exact dosage of detergent via sensors. The most striking innovation is the blue illuminated ring surrounding the window that serves a a functional element? A coloured 5-inch TFT full-touch display offers better legibility and ergonomics, while the machines can also be controlled via any mobile device. Status messages are sent directly to the owner via the HomeConnect app, which also offers smart energy management for solar power. The Avantgarde dryer also comes with a higher 9 kilograms of capacity, allowing users to dry large duvets or sleeping bags. The new iSensoric self-cleaning function, part of the new “intelligentCleaning” system, automatically flushes the lint filter at the end of each drying cycle, this helping to limit both maintenance and energy consumption. The new Avantgarde laundry machines are premium Siemens products that “seek to redefine the future of modern laundry care” Beurer’s Health & Beauty Ecosystem Still Expanding Beurer Managing Director Georg Walkenbach was again at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in order to give the latest news from his group. We asked him what new products will be hitting the shelves in time for Christmas. What we developed over the past 12 months; or should I say what we finished, as some developments took years, will be on sale for the Christmas season. An example is the topend IPL. It’s the fastest and most mature product in the market. It has more than 300,000 flashes, it is cordless and rechargeable, and this will be our top-line product. So, you are going more into beauty products as time moves on? Yes. As you know we love medical products, blood pressure monitors, everything that helps people have a better life, and beauty is a natural step; thus, the IPL range, which we have completed with laser removal devices. Why laser? Laser is more permanent, but it takes more time. So quick and easy is IPL, laser is a bit more sophisticated, but you need more time, because the surface is smaller. This year we are exhibiting a whole range of blood pressure monitors, and we have also upgraded the Beurer Health Manager app. We are presenting new wakeup lights, and then we have another product that has been known for almost hundred years, and is where we started everything: it’s a “Cosy Night” electric under-blanket. But what’s different about this one is it’s “app-steered”. Imagine coming home late on a cold winter night, and being able to warm the bed nicely before you arrive! Do you have a “star” product? No, our star is our full product portfolio. It’s not about one single product, but more about the fact that all these products together make a health and wellbeing ecosystem. The two that will “open eyes” the most are the IPL device and the appsteered under-blanket Hall 4.1 Stand 212 Georg Walkenbach Managing Director, Beurer IFA International • Monday 28 th August 2017 15

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