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PREVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Trends in Consumer El Organisers herald CE innov As we arrive at the gates of IFA 2017, organisers Messe Berlin and gfu have set the tone for the coming months in terms of global industry trends – with research organisation GfK underlining the fact that turnover remains high. "The products and markets for home appliances and consumer electronics are growing together more and more,” said Hans- Joachim Kamp, chairman of the gfu supervisory board, who opened the insights and trends session on July 11. Kamp was also very upbeat about IFA’s unique and ever-expanding role as the world’s leading industry event. “No other fair meets the requirements of the leading brands of the industry, commerce, consumers and the media involved,” he said. “This is the reason for the steady success of the IFA, which is reflected, for example, by a continuously growing order volume of more than 4.5 billion euros.” Jürgen Boyny, Global Director, Consumer Electronics at market researcher GfK Retail and Technology, said, "Nearly 0 billion in total annual sales are expected in 2017, with even more in 2018. Whether at home or on the road, the smartphone is shaping market advances. The smartphone is connecting all areas of daily life, from the TV in the living room to the washing machine, coffee machine, or bathroom scales. The Internet of Things has already reached the consumer.” Describing the “technical world” as the “always on” world, LG Q6 AN AFFORDABLE LUXURY While we’re all waiting to see the new OLED smartphone being launched by LG at IFA, at the recent innovations media briefing, the Korean giant was proud to present its Q6 full screen smartphone. Pitched at the middle segment of the market, the device’s key selling point is an almost frameless display in the 18:9 widescreen format. The 5.5-inch screen diagonal screen is as compact as many 5-inch smartphones. LG Q6 is the first model of a new smartphone line positioned by LG as an “affordable premium” product - the Q models are located below the G series, but above the X and K series. » HALL 18 / STAND 101 GARMIN UNVEILS FĒNIX 5S GPS WATCH KEY SELLING POINTS Value for money Midrange pricepoint with high-end features Screen real estate with an almost frameless display, users get more screen size in a compact space Robust Metal frame is particularly strong Garmin has launched the fēnix 5S GPS watch, a lighter and smaller version than previous models, which is perfect for small wrists without sacrificing multisport functionality. The first fēnix designed with a focus on female adventurers, the fēnix 5S is available in silver with either a white, turquoise or black silicone band with a mineral glass lens. The fēnix 5S Sapphire has a scratchresistant sapphire lens and is available in black with a black band, champagne with a water resistant gray suede band or champagne with a metal band. The fēnix 5S Sapphire units also come with an extra silicone QuickFit band. » Hall 4.2 / STAND 217 KEY SELLING POINTS Users can get call, text and email smart notifications on the device Comes preloaded with the full multisport toolset for running, hiking, swimming, biking and more Up to eight days in smart watch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode 26

TRENDS IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS ectronics at IFA 2017 ations aplenty at IFA 2017 Mr Boyny says emerging regions are driving the market. The Chinese market is now as big as the North American market, making up a total of 23% of global demand. This growing market made up for 22% of global demand in 2016 and 21% in 2015. The main driver is of course mobile connectivity as the smartphone is used for so much more than just the telephone. Mobile payment, VR & AR, smart home and connected cars are all enabled by the smartphone. Smartphone sales continue to grow rapidly, with GfK forecasting 1.48bn unit sales in 2017 (up from 1.41bn in 2016) and 1.55bn sales in 2018. Mobile payment is also a revolution for retailers. Mr Boyny underlines the fact that in China, one can “mobile pay” for virtually anything today. In this sense, China is eight to nine years ahead of the west. Instore mobile shopping is running at 24% in China as opposed to just 2% in the USA. FUTURE VISION In terms of consumer electronics trends, Kamp explained that the TV and PC markets are growing both in Germany and throughout Europe, though the latter at a slightly higher rate. “This is the first time that PCs have outsold TVs in terms of household use in Germany,” he said. Both these markets are benefiting from the massive growth in streamed content, most of which is viewed by the 16-39-yearold demographic. Yet much of this content is also consumed on smartphones in Germany, which is the most purchased consumer electronics good, with 19% of the market - as opposed to 13% for TVs. Nonetheless, the rise of internet-enabled Smart TVs make the TV market a growing medium for KEY SELLING POINTS Design Fits elegantly into any décor Image innovation Brings art to the masses Flush fit Hugs the wall, with no sign of unsightly cables SONY DEBUTS ITS MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL CAMERA Sony has launched the Alpha 9 digital camera, which it describes as the most technologically advanced, innovative digital camera its has ever created. The manufacturer said the model offers many impressive capabilities that are simply not possible with a modern digital SLR camera including high-speed, blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 20fps, 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/32,000 second and much more. Sony said the 35mm full-frame stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor, the world’s first of its kind, enables data speed processing at up to 20x faster than previous Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras. The Alpha 9 also features a vibration free, fully electronic, completely silent anti-distortion shutter with no mechanical mirror or shutter noise. » Hall 20 / STAND 101 SAMSUNG TV OR ARTWORK? “The Frame” is Samsung’s first “lifestyle” product, which in fact is no longer referred to as a TV. This is due in part to the form factor, as it’s not a TV any more, but is more like an art work. The way it is hung on the wall has also changed, as it is now “gapless”, with less than a millimetre between the wall and the back of the frame. The overall idea is to provide an “analogue” experience with an art-like quality. The finish is matt, which also enhances this feeling. The Frame looks like a picture frame hanging on a wall when “Art Mode” is on. Instead of fading to black like a conventional TV, the Lifestyle display transforms into a work of art, letting users select custom-designed digital art pieces from The Frame. With already more than 100 art pieces in multiple categories – including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more – to choose from, it can easily match every design preference in one’s home. » CITYCUBE HALL B / STAND 101 KEY SELLING POINTS World’s first 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor Features a Z battery with approximately 2.2x the capacity of W batteries Dual SD media card slots, including one that supports UHS-II cards IFA International • Monday 28 th September 2017 27

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