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PREVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE ...IFA Celebrates 10 Years of Home Appliances IFA 2017 will be the 10th year that manufacturers of major and small domestic appliances have exhibited products at in Berlin. robotic vacuum cleaner market were driven mainly by China; in the electric kettles market, which grew 11% year-on-year, China accounted for 22.7% of sales, with sales worth 3 million. SDA global trends, Mr Jansen said, include trading up, innovation and new market segments, energy efficiency, connectivity and smart home and the growth of the internet as a sales channel. There is no doubt that we are living in a golden age for small, single-purpose appliances and the statistics back up my thoughts on this exciting category. Mr Jansen pointed out that around 10% of the current SDA market didn’t exist five years ago. He added: “It is another year of good growth and the important message here is that it is quite a healthy sustainable growth that we can track in the market – there is a lot of strong growth momentum, with positive results from all regions that we track.” CORDLESS VACUUMS DRIVING THE FLOORCARE MARKET One of the key drivers in the SDA market is that floorcare is getting more and more cordless. In the last year, there has been massive growth in the cordless rechargeable hand stick vacuum cleaner category. The rising appeal of cordless cleaners can be attributed mostly to their lightness and convenience. Being able to grab your vac from its wall mount and zip around without changing plug sockets is perfect for tight schedules, quick clean ups and the chore-averse. In the robotic vacuum cleaner market, for example, these were not available in China in 2014, but they have exploded since and now account for almost a third of the total vacuum market value in the country. The same goes for connected toothbrushes and bathroom scales, both of which allow users to track progress through related smartphone apps. At a time when other categories are either struggling or experiencing decline, the SDA offers retailers the perfect excuse to focus on all things ‘kitchen’. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF TV SHOWS The premium end of the market continues to grow as consumers are happy to spend money on products that offer true innovation and improve their quality of life in the home. The success of TV cooking shows such as The Great British Bake Off in the UK; Das Große Backen in Germany and Le Meilleur Pâtissier in France have driven sales of kitchen appliances total, not just major domestic appliances. In fact, you could argue that on TV shows, multiple SDAs are used, while just one or two ovens are used. Consumers are increasingly looking for professional level products for the home more than ever, thanks to the popularity of cooking and baking programmes. The SDA market is a fantastic way to build a long-lasting relationship with customers. SDAs are often positioned as a fantastic point of access to brands. There is no doubt that SDAs are an ideal way to accessorise a kitchen and complement your existing scheme – they sit pretty and compact on your worktop and provide an eye-catching focal point for visitors KEY SELLING POINTS App designed to be quick and convenient Easy to install and user friendly Data can be accessed on a PC or via the app BEURER NEW DESIGN FOR HEALTHMANAGER 2.0 APP Beurer will be presenting its connected HealthManager 2.0 at IFA 2017 that features a fresh new design and expanded features. The health app integrates the results from a range of Beurer connected health products and includes new categories such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, activity, sleep and a pulse meter. It also offers an even more attractive display and data management of the values transferred from the measuring device. The HealthManager 2.0 is therefore a vital interface for Germany’s number one producer of health and well-being products. The focus is on user friendliness, with the customisable dashboard giving the user an overview of all the categories at a glance. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 212 34

© Thomas Keller HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GO IN Berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Berlin After Dark Exploring the night in the city that never sleeps Berlin is a 24-hour city renowned for its diverse, and sometimes wild, nightlife, an endless panorama of bars, clubs and late night cafes and restaurants. According to Stuart Braun, a Berlin-based Australian writer and journalist whose book City of Exiles describes Berlin’s special allure for foreign artists like the late David Bowie, the city really switches on after dark. He begins by describing how Berlin’s nightlife has migrated east since west-end neighbourhoods thrived with clubs and cabarets. Stuart Braun Writer and journalist In the 1920s, Weimar-era Berlin was called the Babylon on the Spree due to its notorious nightlife, a scene immortalised in the film Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli. The city’s decadent clubs and bars were then centred in the upmarket boulevards of Schöneberg and Charlottenburg in the west, but today the upcoming districts of Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are where you’ll find streets buzzing long into the wee hours. In Neukölln, for instance, relatively cheap rents have attracted young and restless creatives from around the world, sparking a thriving bar, restaurant and gallery scene focused around Weserstrasse. What are some of your favourite bars in this area? Ankerklause is a unique Kreuzberg kneipe (bar) located on the bridge that spans the Landwehr Canal. Marinethemed, with faux fish tanks and a terrace that edges across the water, this late-night Berlin staple caters to a diverse crowd who also like to dance around the 60s juke box. On the other side of the bridge, Das Hotel is compact with lush atmospherics—from the lavish bouquets that fill out every candle lit recess, to the piano, which is often being played, and high, muslin-draped ceiling. The young artists who typically staff the bar typically speak German, English, French and Spanish, and dispense a fine, heady Hefeweizen (wheat beer) while DJs get people hopping on the creaking wood floors. Any other tips? If you can first make it for dinner at Max und Moritz on Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg, a gemütlich, or cosy, wood-lined tavern established in 1902 that serves local specialties including salty pickled pork foot and seasoned meatballs (vegetarian options also available), head after for a digestif among a row of lively, sophisticated bars on nearby Dresdener Strasse. At Würgeengel, the Bauhaus-esque décor is matched by sharply dressed waiters who serve top-shelf cocktails that fuel animated conversation late into the morning. IFA International • Monday 28 th August 2017 35

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