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News Stepping Back to

News Stepping Back to Leap Forward German electronics manufacturer Loewe plans for a big return in 2016 Loewe is back on track with three completely new TV lines… the first two were introduced at the end of last year and the third was just introduced in June this year. Thanks to this, the company has increased its share in the German UHD TV market from 2% to more than 8%. But Loewe will be absent from IFA this year. We asked the company’s head of PR, Dr Roland Raithel why… It has to do with timing – with regard to our development cycle this year. We have to develop new products for the next year, and with our development staff concentrating entirely on this. It was essential this year not to take away this manpower for the show… but we will be back in 2016! We are developing TVs in different sizes – starting from 32-inch released this August – to 85-inch, also introduced in August. We are introducing a 65-inch curved TV in Q4 this year, and the main products after this will be connected to the home network. We want to expand the Loewe TV into the home network and this is one of our main aims for the next year. At the moment we have multiroom sound and TV in our product range, because you can use the digital recorder integrated in the Loewe TV as a server for other Loewe TVs in the home – to send the videos from the hard disc recorder to your other rooms. But there is still some room for improvement. How important is the fact that Loewe is “Made in Germany”? The Made in Germany label is really important for us, because it underlines the quality of the TVs. We are developing the electronics, including the circuit board design and production in our factory. Se we are not only assembling here, but have quite a bit of vertical integration. The Made in Germany label is even more important in places like Asia. While our core markets have always been in German speaking countries and the rest of Western Europe, last year we started marketing again in China and we are very keen to build up this market - perhaps with special products made for the Chinese standards. This will be an important future market for us. Dr Roland Raithel Head of PR, Loewe We want to expand the Loewe TV into the home network and this is one of our main aims for the next year 14

News The “China Brands” Show Comes to IFA Strengthening Sino-Global industrial and commercial relation At IFA 2015, visitors can experience the best of China's Home Appliance Industry and the current and important market trends in Hall 29. You will learn more about the Chinese elite in Home appliances, discover innovative and creative products and learn more about the creative manufacturing process of Chinese Home Appliances. It’s also a chance to receive a Chinese traditional cultural gift for free. On 4 th September – at 12 mid-day, the opening ceremony of the China Brand Pavilion will feature interactive interpretation and will be retransmitted via Live Webcast. The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM). Organisers include the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C (TDB) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME). The opening ceremony is supported by key partners such as GfK and CHKD and media organisations ZOL and CBN. Key companies represented: Haier, Hisense, Gree, Midea, Changhong, TCL, Galanz, Chigo, Donlim, Xingx, Lexy, Ecovacs, Huayu, Yueli, Cuori, Kaibo AGENDA / 4 th Sept. 12:00-12:25: Registration 12:25-12:30: Introduction of VIP guests 12:30-12:40: Welcome Remarks by CCCME President 12:40-12:50: Greeting speech by Global Executive Director of IFA, Jens Heithecker 12:50-13:00: Greeting speech by Minister- Counsellor Wang Weidong (Chinese Embassy in Germany) 13:00-13:10: Greeting speech by GfK (General Manager) 13:10-13:20: Greeting speech by CEO from a leading company (TCL President Li Dongsheng) 13:20-13:25: Ribboncutting ceremony by VIP guests 13:25-14:00: Networking & Buffet (media interviews) Don’t miss also at the China Pavilion, the Global Media Conference of China Brands Show, China's Elite Brands Lectures and Seminars - with the top minds of the Chinese Industry, China's Smart Home Experience Zone, the Networking Conference between China and EU and the reception for European consumers and customers. » HALL 29 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 15

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