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Conference & Events

Conference & Events Preview Taking YOU to the Next Level IFA+Summit announces high profile speakers IFA+ Summit 2014 - Mobility Following the successful launch of the international conference format IFA+Summit – the Next Level Of Thinking in 2014, the second edition is set to “rock the Messe” on 7 & 8 September in the CityCube. Once again this year, the event will discuss innovative ideas, plans and visions regarding transportation, health, Big Data, the home, design and new entertainment developments: DESIGN Design is often the main factor influencing a purchase. © Messe Berlin GmbH Participants include: • Prof. Frans Vogelaar: founder of the Amsterdam/ Berlin-based Hybrid Space Lab and professor of Hybrid Space/Media Space at Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne since 1998. Prof. Natasha Vita-More: professor at the University of Advancing Technology, examining the design of the human body and its technology. ENTERTAINMENT In a society dominated by Web 2.0 and social media, consumers assume the role of producers. In future, who will produce content, what will that content be and who will it be for? Participants include: • Prof. Jonathan Taplin: an American author, film producer, professor of New Media and director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab in Los Angeles. • Michael Kraus: managing director of Deezer. HOME Digitally networked devices will provide us with more comfort in the home and become increasingly efficient. How can they help us handle energy requirements and natural resources in a more efficient manner? Participants include: • Prof. James Barlow: Professor of Technology and Innovation Management (Healthcare) and associate director of research and evaluation for Imperial College Health Partners. • Prof. Fred Potter - CEO of Netatmo. • Ratna Sita: research analyst at Euromonitor International. BIG DATA How will Big Data influence society and business in the future? Participants include: • Ramon Reichert: Visiting Professor of Film and Media Sciences at the Institute of Theatre, Film and Media Sciences at the University of Vienna since 2009. • Dr. Amy Gershkoff: Chief data officer at US-based company Zynga. HEALTH Can prosthetics be controlled by brain signals? Can robots and intelligent machines be put to use in patient care? Participants include: • Max Little: a leading mathematician • Dr. Markus Müschenich: medical head of the management holding of VzE in Berlin since 2004. • Dr. Thomas Huebner: founder of Preventicus • David Schärf: founder and managing director of OneLife. me MOBILITY Rapid population growth, climate change, lack of living space and the ever-present threat of traffic gridlock are challenges that concepts such as Smart Cities and City 2.0 aim to confront. Participants include: Martin Börner: vice president of Samsung Electronics & head of IT & Mobile Communications. Bandar Antabi: vice president of Special Projects at Jawbone. 18

Vision Meets Industry Session 1 MOBILITY CityCube Berlin 7 Sept. 2015 2:00-3:40 pm Auto-Mobile The “moveable self” takes on new meaning Wearables, e-cars, the smart city – the context of mobility and connectivity is causing new creative business ideas to be spawned on a daily basis, and the breakneck pace of innovation is opening up new perspectives. Which of the developments emerging within the mobile megatrends have what it takes to become global growth engines? And what about safety issues? What does it all mean for our society? The “Mobility” session at the IFA+ Summit will address these and other pressing issues. Eva Buschkrei, Audi’s head of International Business Integration - Car IT will highlight trends and challenges in the evolution of connected cars and the future of cross-linked mobility. We asked her to tell us a little more about her role at Audi. Within the Audi Group I am responsible for the international roll out of Audi Connect, which provides innovative infotainment solutions and enables cars to communicate with each other as well as with other objects around them. What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry today? In the era of digitalization, change is the only constant. The connected car is standard nowadays. With the changing consumer behaviour and expectations, people demand advanced mobility. It is upon the automotive industry to deliver innovative technologies. Please tell us more about your presentation Connectivity is a game changer for the automotive industry. Automated updates and new technologies transform cars into “always-on” devices and connect them with the “Internet of things”. The catch phrase of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different plane in this respect and look at things in a different way? The Connected Car is not merely about the car itself, rather, is an everyday digital lifestyle. The adoption of cutting-edge technology allows us to enjoy the economic and social benefits arising from connectivity. The IFA+ Summit provides a great platform to share ideas and to connect with specialists from across the world. Eva Buschkrei Audi’s head of International Business Integration - Car IT Health Goes Electronic IFA+ Summit prescribes digital remedy Session 2 HEALTH CityCube Berlin 7 Sept. 2015 4:15-5:45 pm Dr. med. Markus Müschenich MPH Managing Partner & Founder, Flying Health The demands on healthcare and patient care are growing all the time. At the IFA+ Summit, Dr. med. Markus Müschenich MPH, Managing Partner and Founder, Flying Health will address the future of digital technologies in health care. We asked him to firstly tell us a little more about his current role and his organisation. I am Co-Founder and Managing Partner of FLYING HEALTH. FLYINGHEALTH is company builder and advisor for health startups in Germany focussing on concepts for real time health and digital therapy – software as a drug. We work with inventors to get their concepts off the ground, build sustainable companies and accelerate growth and value. Our goal is to preserve or improve human health. One such case is the Berlin-based Caterna Vision company, which has developed the first mobile medical app in Germany to be prescribed to patients by physicians and that has reimbursement in place from a health plan. I negotiated the contracts with doctors and the second biggest statutory health insurance organisation in Germany. What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry today? Inventing disruptive digital products/services and bringing them into reimbursement of the health care system. Please tell us more about your presentation at the IFA+ Summit. Digital Health will improve healthcare with the same value for each patient as the invention of X-ray, antibiotics, anaesthetic drugs and genome sequencing did in former times. Digital Health provides serious medical services from health information to diagnostics and digital therapy direct to the patient. It is a new distribution channel and matches to the economy on demand. Digital Health means global market health care. The “catch phrase” of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different plane in this respect and look at things in a different way? Health care professionals, health care industries and purchasing organisations that do not follow the new digital rules in health care will fail as other companies have recently in not facing up to disruptive change due to digitalisation. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 19

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