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Trade Talk T’is The

Trade Talk T’is The Season Top 10 predictions for Christmas 2015 bestsellers in tech unveiled by Currys PC World Currys PC World has published a list of the products it expects to be the big hitters this coming Christmas. Included in its Top 10 are Sonos multi-room speakers and wearable device Jawbone UP – both multiroom audio and fitness wearables lead the pack in terms of the most sought after festive tech. Currys PC World 2015 Top Ten Christmas Predictions: 1. Sonos multi-room system 2. Samsung multi-room system (M3, M5, M7) 3. Jawbone UP 4. Fitbit Surge 5. Nutribullet Pro blender 6. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer( in Crystal Blue/Boysenberry) 7. Sony Bravia X8 Smart Ultra HD 4K 49” (with Android) LED TV 8. Samsung Smart Ultra HD 4K 48” Curved LED TV 9. Lenovo’s ‘next generation of’ Yoga ‘2 in 1’ convertible laptop 10. Ninja Nutri blender MUSIC TO MY EARS Audio purchases are expected to be a huge hit this Christmas with wireless multi-room speakers, in particular, leading the way. The rise of music streaming is changing the way that music is consumed in the home and making people take a closer look at what products they should be buying. Consumer appetite for smart devices that link up to multi-room speakers has meant that all leading brands now have their own version of this product. Platforms from Sonos and Samsung are firm favourites, with sales of Sonos up 80% year on year and many other brands also enhancing their systems to give customers an even better entertainment experience. Vimal Solanki, Category Manager for Home Audio at Currys PC World, comments: “The way people are listening to music at home is radically changing. The technology in people’s homes has become more connected so they’re looking for more versatile ways to enjoy music from their personal collections as well as the boom in streaming services. Multi-room music systems let people listen to the widest possible range of music where and whenever they want - they are the ultimate gift for music lovers. Entertaining in the home has never been easier or so much fun.” WEARABLE TECH Whether it’s the need for keeping track of personal fitness goals or simply down to aesthetics, smart watches and wearables have accelerated in popularity this year - sales on fitness gadgets are up at Currys PC World by a huge 900% year on year. Wearable gadgets including the Jawbone UP and Fitbit Surge allow consumers to track everything from their sleep patterns to their daily calorie intake, all the while looking slick and lightweight. They make ideal presents due to their compact size and affordability and are expected to be another big hit this coming Christmas. The way people are listening to music at home is radically changing. GADGET HUNGRY The trend for baking has risen to new heights over the past 12 months, and isn’t expected to slow what with a new series of Bake Off leading fans into Christmas. Last autumn, Currys PC World saw a yearon-year sales spike of 80% for baking tech, including kitchen machines and stand mixers. BLENDING IN The nation also remains obsessed with eating clean. Getting your five a day has never been easier via the wide range of juicing and blending products on the market today. Currys PC World reports a 90% yearon-year rise in the sales of high-speed blenders. The Nutribullet is still incredibly popular and its silver edition, exclusive to Currys PC World this year, is predicted to welcome strong customer demand this coming Christmas (other colours are red and black). The kitchen is fast becoming the room in the house that customers are spending the most money on. Sarah Butcher, Category Manager for SKA at Currys PC World, says: “The kitchen is fast becoming the room in the house that customers are spending the most money on. Products are expected to look good on the kitchen counter as well as being practical and versatile. Gifting someone you love with the latest high speed blender ticks both these boxes.” TVS AND ‘2 IN 1’S Other tech set to capture the imagination this Christmas is 4K Ultra HD TV. Samsung and Sony both have stylish and super-smart 4K offerings this year where © Currys PC World the picture quality has so much detail and depth that owners won’t ever want to leave their living rooms. In turn, their smart platforms allow for everything from 4K movie streaming to pin sharp catch-up services and smooth internet browsing. Elsewhere Lenovo’s ‘next generation’ of Yoga ‘2 in 1’ laptop is expected to be a favourite computing product in the coming months. ‘2 in 1’ computing continues to grow, the blend of full laptop power and full tablet fun at accessible prices, an irresistible combination for many users. 24

Trade Talk IFA TRADE NEWS BRIEFS MEDIA MARKT AND SATURN Visa or Mastercard – Yes we can! for the launch of cuttingedge payment systems – as both contactless credit card payments and mobile payments on smartphones will be introduced nationwide in autumn 2015. Regular international visitors to Berlin have long been aware of the fact that when buying technical consumer goods at Germany’s biggest electronics retailers, it was a case of “cash only”. This year, the tide is turning, as Media Markt and Saturn launch contactless and mobile payments for customers using NFC technology - and they can now use MasterCard and Visa credit cards at all the group’s German stores. The move paves the way “By starting credit card payments in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard, the two largest providers, we are laying the foundations at the POS for the gradual introduction of modern payment options based on mobile technologies. In particular, by implementing NFC-enabled POS terminals this year, we are paving the way for future payment systems,” declared Klaus- Guido Jungwirth, COO of Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH, who is also responsible for customer services. “We are delighted that Media Markt and Saturn, the two leading consumer electronics retailers in Germany, now accept Visa cards and will shortly also support contactless and mobile payments with Visa. This move will broaden the nationwide acceptance of Visa cards on the German market,” said Ulrich Keppler, Lead Acceptance for Visa in Central Europe. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 25

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