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Preview Edition - IFA International

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS UHD IS MASS MARKET – WITH OR WITHOUT CURVES Elegantly curved TV screens were already among the highlights of the show in 2014. This trend is continuing this year, with variations on this theme in the form of screens that can even change their silhouette. If required, they can assume a completely flat shape, or a curved one: by pressing the remote control, a motor is activated that gives the screen the required shape. The latest products from the leading manufacturers support the newest, highly efficient video compression standard HEVC (H.265), are equipped with HDMI ports for high UHD data rates, and comply with the copy-protection requirements for future UHD media. Major advances have also been made this year in the range of content that is available in UHD. The first online services are now releasing feature films on the internet in UHD. Equipment manufacturers and the film industry have formed a UHD Alliance in order to encourage the production of UHD content and to deal effectively with all the compatibility requirements from the studio to the screen. The Bluray Disc association is presenting the latest additions to the range at IFA, a disc that can store movies in UHD quality. The relevant playback units will also be on show at IFA. Meanwhile, a rapidly increasing number of SLR, compact travel cameras and even some action cams are already UHD-capable. Of particular interest: new, highly effective optical picture stabilizers help to make most of the quality potential of UHD. NEXT GENERATION UHD The latest top-of-the-range UHD television sets boast an expanded colour space. This is all made possible by the nanocrystals in the red and green colour filters of the LCD screens. OLED screens are picking up pace, and several different models will be on show KEY SELLING POINTS KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Excellent contrast and black levels Approaching that of OLED 2 High efficiency video Coding for more fluid images 3 Sleek, smart design 1 Colour Gamut OLED gives superior colour reproduction 2 Response Rate There is no lag time as OLED pixels go off and on so no motion blur 3 Design The thinness of OLED allows for exceptional design ideas HISENSE PRESENTS ULED 2.0 CURVED UHD TV With quantum-dot technology, 4K resolution and a 165 cm (65") large curved display, Hisense's new TV model LED65XT910X3DU (short-form 65XT910) offers cuttingedge technology in a very stylish design. The new TV by Hisense allows a particularly immersive viewing experience thanks to its panoramic effect giving improved depth of field. The sleek set is equipped also with ULED 2.0 (ultra-LED) display technology developed by Hisense allowing for extremely high contrast, with fluid, vivid images. Thanks to quantum-dot technology, ULED 2.0 displays now cover an even greater colour gamut than previous ULED screens. For extremely highcontrast high-dynamic-range images (HDR) local dimming is augmented by a special smart peaking process, which ensures that bright image details in dark images are particularly good. » HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 LG OLED TV 4K - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE With a keynote by LG Display’s CEO at IFA 2015, LG 4K OLED will be very much under the spotlight at this year’s show. OLED has been around for quite some time, and LG appears to have found the keys to tapping into the wealth of this technology which, while producing breathtaking images, is somewhat of a challenge when it comes to production techniques and wastage. While LG’s incredible OLED TVs are already selling in the market, stay tuned to this space for a whole world of new possibilities that will no doubt be announced at IFA 2015 … ideas that could well change the face of the display industry. » HALL 18 / STAND 101 32

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS at IFA, producing an even wider colour spectrum. Important in this space will be higher refresh rates, as one of the key issues with UHD TV was motion blur in fast moving images. To get around this, highly powerful processors are required. We now (thankfully) see some 100 Hz models arriving on the market. High Dynamic Range, or HDR for short, is also growing in popularity. This enables bright sections of the picture to glow spectacularly, apply deepest black to dark scenes, and between these extremes, to accurately reveal all the intervening shades. THE BATTLE OF THE OPERATING SYSTEMS This year more than ever, manufacturers are turning the spotlight onto the operating systems for their smart TVs. Increasingly some very efficient systems, already well established in the mobile world, are at work behind the screens to provide numerous easy-to-use functions. For example, two of the leading suppliers use Android to bring many apps to the television that were previously only available on smartphones and tablets. Android televisions can also make use of a powerful online voice recognition system capable of understanding even complex questions, for example about the state of the morning weather in one’s home region. The answer comes a few seconds later, together with graphics on the screen. Similar capabilities are also offered by operating systems such as Tizen, WebOS or Firefox OS. The use of established and widely used operating systems also makes it easier to interconnect televisions with tablets, smartphones and modern home appliances. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Improved colour reproduction 20% improvement on previous models 2 Accessibility No longer just top of the range – this new technology is now available to the masses 3 Design Excellent industrial design KEY SELLING POINTS 1 High connectivity 2 Good for pro or consumer use 3 Big screen for small price and high portability SAMSUNG ANNOUNCES VASTLY IMPROVED MID-MARKET UHD-TV Visitors to IFA 2015 will be among the first to get a glimpse of the Samsung UHD TV JU6850 – featuring the company’s 6-colour technology known as Nano Crystal S-UHD. Available in three screen sizes from 50-inches to 60-inches, despite being situated in the mid-price segment, the JU6850 boasts excellent image quality – with 20% larger colour space than conventional Samsung LED TVs. “With the UHD TV JU6850 we bring the Nano Crystal colour technology that until now was reserved for the TVs Samsung SUHD, into our popular series 6,” said Kai Hillebrandt, Vice President consumer electronics Samsung Electronics GmbH. “Thus, the buyer in the mid segment can experience noticeably improved image quality with impressive natural colours.” » CityCube HALL B / STAND 101 ZTE SPRO 2 COMES TO IFA ZTE, one of the world's top mobile phone manufacturers, brought to the IFA innovation media briefing (IMB) for the first time the award-winning smart projector Spro 2, a smart projector that brings together connectivity and mobility. ZTE claims that its Spro 2 is the world's first mobile all-in-one projector. It offers a fast 4G (LTE) wireless connection allowing up to eight users to access the device at the same time. Movies or photos on USB keys can be displayed on screens up to 120-inches. » HALL 25 / STAND 105 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 33

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