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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS FROM DATA STREAMING TO CLIMATE MONITORING – EVERYTHING IS CONTROLLED BY HOME NETWORKS CE devices that are part of a home network and communicate with household appliances, heating and lighting systems are yet another innovation that represents an increasingly important trend. Standards such as UPnP and DLNA make accessing media data easy. Network components can recognise each other automatically and can thus exchange digital content throughout a home network. More and more cameras and camcorders are capable of transferring their images via Wi-Fi to a home network. From there they can be uploaded to the internet or transmitted to a TV screen. The trend towards networked media access has also profoundly changed the world of hi-fi. Nowadays it is possible to set up a home network with fixed or wireless connections that incorporates most music components and surround systems and retrieves media from a single location via data streaming. Home network connected audio devices usually feature internet radio reception as well. Users can also access their home network while on the move, for example in order to retrieve stored information or to programme TV recordings. Communication between CE components and household appliances opens up a wealth of possibilities for future applications. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Developed in medical sector – so serious stuff… 2 No direct contact between the user and the device 3 Sleep specialists are able to consult the users app data to help advise them on better practices KEY SELLING POINTS 1 All new training concept 2 Brings together classic roll with high-tech massage 3 Fits perfectly with growing will of public to be fit and trim ADOPT A SLEEP EXPERT As health experts increasingly underline the importance of sleep, Beurer announces the SE 80 Sleep Expert – a sensor that tracks not only sleep time, but also heart rhythm and breathing frequency. Once the user slides the device under his or her mattress, they are able to receive professional quality data from this new ultra high performance device. Data transfer takes place via Bluetooth, and gives a highly detailed chart of how one has slept, including not only light and REM sleep patterns, but also heart and breathing rates. Compared to wrist-worn activity trackers, which only monitor movement, this latest device was developed in hospitals and clinics. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 212 TAKING ON A NEW ROLL The innovative PowerRoll Massager assists users to build up muscle and facilitate muscle recovery and regeneration thanks to deep-acting vibration. Thanks to a clearly laid out training plan, users can focus on four key areas: strength/stability, wakeup, activation/preparation and regeneration. They stimulate the myofascial tissues in particular - the deep muscles and their connective tissue sleeves - and promote circulation. The MEDISANA PowerRoll helps to prevent muscles from becoming tense in the first place and allows muscles to regenerate at a fast rate. » HALL 6.1 / STAND 116 36

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Top Trends in Home Appliances Sound in 3D, sensors for fitness and fun and breath-taking TV images – what you can expect to find at IFA 2015 Due to their diversity and outstanding performance levels, major appliances and small appliances are more in demand than ever before, because they are easier to use, take the effort out of housework and also save time. They also improve the quality of life, making it more comfortable and healthier, and promoting a feeling of wellbeing. Preparing meals and the experience of cooking and eating together with family and friends are popular lifestyle factors. Moreover large and small electrical appliances are setting new standards in energy efficiency, sustainability and the conservation of resources. With each new generation of appliances the manufacturers have improved the energy consumption. This meets with the approval of users because there is a strong awareness among consumers of the need to use water and energy carefully, and to protect the environment in general. Consequently, a new electrical appliance soon pays for itself on account of its reduced energy consumption. Key trends are being defined by connectivity and the smart home, sustainability, energy efficiency BLIVE BY BAUKNECHT - INTELLIGENTLY LINKED- UP, INTUITIVE With the launch of “BLive”, Bauknecht aims to make everyday things not only easy, but at the same time helps save time and money. With the BLive app, smartphone and tablet become the nerve centre for household appliances: washer, dryer, fridge / freezer and a dishwasher – all can be remotely controlled at any time from any location – they give feedback about their status, remember the preferences of the user and communicate with each other. » HALL 9 / STAND 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 For the first time, truly “smart” major appliances 2 Excellent feature sets 3 Intuitive and easy to use LAUNDRY CARE – THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT Washing and drying gets smart – now controlled with your mobile device thanks to the brand new WM6YH840 washing machine by Siemens. Laundry care becomes part of digital household management - and thus largely independent of time and place. The networking enabled controls of the Siemens iQ800 series can be controlled both from the home connect app on iOS - or Android smart devices with the Home Connect app, meaning optimized energy usage, automatic programme selection, management and control as well as simplicity of use. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Remote control via app is a first 2 Precise detergent dosage from holding tank means ease and economy of usage (A+++) 3 Intelligent programming takes away guesswork IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 37

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