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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS and the conservation of resources, preparing healthy meals, easy-touse controls, time-saving and, of course, outstanding design. Intelligent home appliances with interconnected applications continue to gain in importance. A large number of versatile apps are now available, for such purposes as information, operation, the care of appliances, comfort, service, maintenance, remote diagnostics and energy efficiency. By interacting with tablet PCs or smartphones, intelligent home appliances can be controlled or enquiries be made about their operational status. With these systems individual appliances can communicate with one another, linking hotplates with an extractor unit, or operating various kitchen appliances by means of a single control panel. HOME APPLIANCES: IMPROVED AND INTELLIGENT Despite the improvements that have already been achieved, the economic use of electrical power, water and detergents is an ongoing topic, and significant, tangible progress is still being made. Among the outstanding features of the latest generation of washing machines are their intelligent detergent dispensing systems, special programmes for washing particular kinds of clothes and for removing dirt and stubborn stains, as well as various automatic programmes using sensors. Attention has also focused on reductions in noise levels. Outstanding energy efficiency levels have been achieved with dryers in particular. The latest generation of appliances has automated functions for cleaning the KEY SELLING POINTS 1 New kind of processor means A+++ minus 30% 2 Automatic notification of low detergent levels with direct order concept 3 Price – Miele announces a retail price around 1400 Euros, including the Wi-Fi module Miele’s Ingo Kaiser demonstrates new machine at IFA Media Briefing KEY SELLING POINTS WHEN THE MACHINE DOES THE SHOPPING Miele has come up with a very clever concept designed to take the headache out of ordering consumables for its latest range of washing machines. The high-end German white goods manufacturer announces the W1 PowerWash 2.0 “EditionConnect” machine – a smart upgrade of its earlier PowerWash series. The concept of Twin Dos and capsule dispensing already meant that the consumer only had to insert voluminous containers of bleach and detergent every month or so, and the machine dosed the product according to demand… But Miele rep Ingo Kaiser told IFA International that the latest version is Miele’s first “connected” machine - meaning not only remote control and diagnostics, but when the levels run low, the machine sends a prompt to the owner’s smartphone, with a direct link to the online store to order more product. Product release is due for Q4 2015. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 THE NEW OLD 1 Cool retro aspect 2 More efficient than ever 3 Frost free The retro collection by Gorenje may look old on the outside, but on the inside, you’ll now find IonGeneration high-efficiency cooling technology. For more than 10 years, Gorenje has been producing iconic retro classics with excellent energy efficiency. At the IFA in Berlin 2015, the company presents the new IonGeneration version of its retro range. Using IonAir MultiFlow 360° (NoFrostPlus) or IonAir DynamicCooling (FrostLess) as well as AdaptTech sensor-controlled temperature management with memory remain function, food stays fresher and crisper longer, thanks to optimum cooling conditions. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 39

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