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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS condenser, which also contribute to a more economical use of energy. Further improvements to stability and smooth running have also been achieved. Moreover appliances are now available with standard dimensions that can cope with a ten kg load. Modern driers also make use of steam and scents to freshen and air the clothes. Intelligent models use error codes and a smartphone service to advise users. The new dishwashers operate faster and even more effectively, in some cases reducing operating times by more than 60 per cent compared with their predecessors. Automatic programmes, special air ducting systems, high pressure jets, a water wall or steam all help to improve and speed up the cleaning process, removing dried or burnt food residues without the need for prior soaking and scrubbing. And of course the required amounts of water and energy have been further reduced. Interconnected dishwashers can also be operated from any location by means of a smartphone. Keeping food fresher for longer is one of the main features of the new refrigerators and freezers, along with improved energy efficiency. As a result the latest appliances set new records for reduced energy consumption, and the side-by-side fridge-freezers also feature elegant styling. Some of these models are so flexible that the freezer can be transformed into a refrigerator at the press of a button. The latest generation of ovens are remarkable for their flexibility and speed, combining a number of functions in a single unit, such as conventional heating, hot air, a grill and steam cooking, as well as a microwave and induction. Sensors ensure perfect baking results every time, supported by numerous baking, roasting and KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Safety – Pots boiling over are a thing of the past 2 Convenience – set and forget 3 Perfection in cooking – get the meal “just right” thanks to temperature monitoring KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Allows preparation and cooking all in one machine; 2 Intuitive user interface; NEW BOSCH SERIES 8 INDUCTION HOB SETS NEW STANDARDS FOR TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED COOKING New from Bosch this year at IFA – series 8 sensor controlled cooking. Thanks to wireless PerfectFry and PerfectCook sensors – magnetically attached to the consumer’s existing pots or pans, gone are the days of milk boiling over or frying pans overheating. Thanks to permanent temperature measurement and control, overheating or burning is virtually impossible. Every dish is cooked at exactly the temperature required for perfect cooking… and all this in combination with an extended FlexInduction zone. With the PerfectFry sensor, the cook can choose between five temperature levels, from "very low" for sauces etc, to level 5 for potatoes or steak. A signal also indicates the perfect moment to put the meat in the pan so the steak is tender and juicy. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 101 3 Big and powerful. PREPARE AND COOK – IN THE SAME DEVICE! The Krups Prep&Cook is an extraordinary new kitchen appliance in which the user simply places his or her ingredients, and the rest is done by the machine! There are six different programmes for cooking, bread making and even desserts. The Prep&Cook comes with a very comprehensive recipe book and a complete set of tools. Maximum volume of 4.5 litres means big groups can be catered for. The interface works the same way as a smartphone app, further facilitating usage. » ENTRANCE SOUTH 101 40

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS slow cooking programmes with extensive databases. Many of the new models are interconnected and can be operated by means of an app. Hobs are also fitted with sensors to monitor the preselected temperature ranges and identify the levels in the pans. One advantage of this is to prevent overheating. Some of the more “intelligent” models can weigh the ingredients as well as monitoring the contents of a refrigerator. SMALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: FLEXIBLE AND INNOVATIVE AIDS, AND NOT JUST IN THE KITCHEN Of course, in addition to large appliances IFA also features small appliances. Each year the small electrical appliance sector demonstrates its innovative strengths with an impressive and wide range of new products for use in many different areas as well as the kitchen. “Food preparation” is another sector that is rapidly gaining in importance. A wide range of powerful tabletop mixers with differing capacities can be used, for example, for the rapid and careful preparation of popular and healthy smoothies. Food processors offer an increasing range of capabilities and are more powerful too. They can take on many tasks in the kitchen, from whipping cream to kneading dough, as well as stirring, macerating, grinding and mixing, and can also heat up food and cook it. Some of these appliances have a choice of over 100 programmes for food preparation. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 First “smart” ActiFry 2 Healthier cooking and living with fewer calories 3 Ease of use KEY SELLING POINTS 1 First induction tea maker 2 Ease of cleaning in dishwasher 3 Choice of temperature for precise brewing SMARTER ACTIFRY A brand new version of Tefal’s highly successful Actifry – the Smart XL – goes one step further when it comes to the preparation of healthier “air fried” foods. This is the first Air Fryer that has Bluetooth connectivity and a new, improved app called “My Actifry”. The app includes recipes, purchase tracking, fitness and nutrition coach, and even a step-by-step preparation assistant. The app also shows how to place the food inside the Actifry, which knows what recipe you’re cooking, and from this optimises the airflow and heating process – making it one of the most efficient cooking methods to date! » ENTRANCE SOUTH 101 FIRST DISHWASHER SAFE ELECTRIC KETTLE / TEA-MAKER Marketed in German markets as Petra and internationally under the Princess brand, this innovative new device combines the features of a kettle and tea maker all in one. Different teas such as black, green, white, or Oolong require specific temperatures to allow their unique flavours and aromas to develop during brewing. The Princess water and tea cooker has four different temperature settings (70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 100°C) to perfectly brew tea and keep it warm for 30 minutes. The high quality (Schott Duran) glass jug can be removed completely from the induction heating base allowing users to pour the tea or water more easily and also can be safely placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. » HALL 9 / STAND 106 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 41

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