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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS An enjoyable meal is rounded off by cups of coffee, espresso or cappuccino. This accounts for the continuing popularity of appliances for preparing hot beverages. In addition to coffee, tea makers are also the focus of attention. Automated coffee makers, capsule and espresso machines, traditional coffee filter machines and tea makers, either as standalone on built-in units, meet the needs of just about every customer, providing drinks in large or small quantities, or even a single cup of filter coffee. In the body care sector the range of small appliances continues to expand. For hair care, hair styling, depilation or shaving, oral or dental care, or for caring for the skin, an innovative device is available for every kind of application. There are now apps that can show a new beard style on a photo of the user, thereby enabling different looks to be tried out in advance and then implemented with advice from experts. Small networked appliances are available for monitoring body functions, offering new ideas and a whole range of applications. For example, scales can transmit the weight reading to a smartphone. Vacuum cleaners offer improved performance and reduced energy consumption, and not only because of the new EU energy label. And these improvements can be found on the large units as well as the portable handheld cleaners. These appliances are becoming even more compact, lighter and quieter. Automatic robot vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity and are certainly not a niche product any more. Full of the latest technology, KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Cordless means users can clean where they want when they want 2 Excellent autonomy – up to 50 minutes with one battery WANT A LIFT? 3 Detachable suction unit for even more mobility The Air Cordless Lift is one of two brand new cleaners being introduced by Vax at IFA 2015. The trend in household cleaning is increasingly towards wireless – but at the same time with full vacuuming power and good autonomy to boot. And no more searching for a nearby wall plug! Vax now offers a complete cleaning system including three cordless vacuum cleaners with removable LithiumLife batteries, which take around 3 hours to charge for autonomy of up to 50 minutes’ cleaning. Extra batteries can be kept on charge and they are interchangeable between the various cordless vacs by Vax! » HALL 3.1 / STAND 102 DIRT DEVIL REBEL – NOW EVEN BETTER WITH "TRIPLE A" KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Very low energy consumption 2 Excellent suction power 3 Modern design The first generation Dirt Devil Rebel already convinced consumers and test institutes with high performance at low energy consumption after the introduction of the EU of energy label. But the new generation Rebel models are even more efficient in every way. Equipped with “efficient floor care technologies” (EFCT), the new Dirt Devil gets “Triple A” status for energy efficiency, dust absorption on hard floors and filtration. Better suction with fewer watts… Is that possible? Yes, it is, because it’s not just the wattage of the motor that determines the suction, but the construction of the entire device. Engineers have improved the airflow management, nozzles and filtration with optimal coordination. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 102 42

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE TRENDS with new functions, sensors and automated systems, they are more powerful and more intelligent than ever before. What’s more: the smart version can even be operated using a smartphone. A wide range of units are also available to ensure the perfect climate within the home. Air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers create an oasis of wellbeing within one’s own four walls. And if required, they can be combined with customised lighting and an individual choice of scents. They enable a fine mist to be created, distributing the required amount of humidity and fragrance throughout the room. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 High power – Dyson claim it’s the most powerful of its kind on the market 2 Built-in HEPA filter Even bacteria and allergens less than 0.3 microns are removed from the air 3 Very long battery life – up to 20 minutes’ use. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Perfect irrigation thanks to sensors 2 Smart integration with home automation system 3 Remote control and monitoring thanks to app JUST ITCHIN’ TO GET CLEAN! We share our bed with them every night without knowing it: dust mites. For the human eye they’re imperceptible, and our mattresses offer ideal living conditions. And while the mites themselves are harmless to humans, their droppings can lead to allergies, asthma and eczema. This year at IFA, Dyson introduces the first-ever cordless v6 mattress vacuum cleaner, extending the v6 range – and specifically designed to remove dust mites and their waste from our mattresses. The built-in digital V6 engine guarantees deep cleaning: the suction power reaches deep below the mattress surface. Thanks to the moving nylon bristles, loose dirt, skin cells, dust mites and allergens can be sucked up directly. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 204 WELCOME TO THE SMART GARDEN Thanks to the ST6 Smart Home by Kärcher, irrigation of one’s garden is carried out as needed: sensors measure the humidity of the soil and transmit data to a “SensoTimer”. A motion detector also ensures that the garden party is “people free” before turning on the sprinklers. Thanks to a home base by Qivicon, roller shutters on windows facing the garden are automatically closed before the irrigation starts. The control of watering the garden continues even while on holidays. The new Kärcher app can be viewed at any time – giving important information and allowing adjustments. Going to market early 2016, the ST6 Smart Home is sure to be a “splash” at IFA 2015! » HALL 4.1 / STAND 213 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 43

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